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Interesting Links from April 2024


Holi Saturday? CUW Employee Doubles Down (


Father Hollywood: Holi Saturday? CUW Employee Doubles Down


Father Hollywood: Holi Week?


Cartoon Network Goes All In On Trans ‘Day Of Visibility,’ Makes No Mention Of Easter | The Daily Wire

April 4


WILL Announces Settlement Involving Professor Suspended for Criticizing Woke Policies at Concordia University | Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (


South Carolina Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Staley Might Be Violating Her Players’ Religious Freedom ( (for information purposes)


Is Telegram a National Security Threat? | Opinion (


Marco Rubio: TikTok Parent Company Poses a National Security Threat | Opinion (


Catholics Are Debating the Celibate Priesthood Again ... and We Should, Too - The Stream


UConn Basketball Star Paige Bueckers: ‘I’m a Living Testimony’ of God’s Power (

April 5


FFRF files complaint over basketball coach's 'proselytizing' | Sports News (


Our Delicate Dance With Donald Trump (


April 6


Melania Trump is back, set to hold event for Log Cabin Republicans - POLITICO


Caitlin Clark: How The Catholic Star Captivated A Nation And Rewrote The NCAA Record Books (


UConn star Paige Bueckers says she's 'a living testimony' | Sports News (


April 7


How Martin Luther and Moses failed anger management 101 | Voice (


North Korea’s rejection of reunification seals Christians fate | Voice (


April 8


Vietnam’s New Religious Decree Further Burdens Local Churc...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Six months on – all eyes are on Gaza while children’s plight remains in the shadows | Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza | World Vision International (


Prominent Christian Author And Theologian Has Become Gay-Affirming: We Think We Know Why (

April 9


Trump draws criticism, praise from pro-lifers for abortion stance | Politics News (


Everything Wrong With Trump's 2024 Abortion And IVF Messaging (


Anti-Abortion Voters Should Have Dumped Trump When They Had the Chance (


Ex-psychic blasts Fox News for divination segment with astrologer | Entertainment News (

April 10


Ukrainian Christians facing torture at hands of Russian soldiers | World News (


Why the pro-life cause is a political liability to the GOP – Denny Burk


Trump fumbles badly on abortion | WORLD (


Kari Lake Blasts Abortion Ban She Once Was ‘Thrilled’ About (

April 11


Conservatives Turn on Tucker Carlson (


Pro-lifers put Trump in the White House. He can't betray them now (


Reconciling Christian Love and Hatred Toward Enemies of God (


4 Reasons Why the Bible Does Not Support Transgenderism | Clearly Reformed


Hannity Backs Trump’s Call to Reverse Arizona Abortion Ban (

April 12


Does Donald Trump want to make abortion gettable again? | Voice (


Tucker Carlson’s Shocking Interview with Palestinian Propaganda Pastor (


We’re all incrementalists now | WORLD (

April 13


An Episcopal seminary found a solution to its fiscal woes. Then 7 bishops intervened. ( (could be a good thing if this seminary closes)


Popular MAGA Arizona Senate Candidate, Kari Lake, Comes Out as Pro-Choice (


Why is Cornel West broke? (

April 14


TA NEA: Interview with Archbishop Elpidophoros (English Translation) - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America ( (for information purposes – recently publicized by Rod Dreher)


Pro-life society responds to GOARCH March for Life speech and tweets / OrthoChristian.Com (recently publicized by blogger Rod Dreher)


Uh-oh, the Greek Orthodox archbishop of America is a liberal ( (for information purposes – recently publicized by blogger/author Rod Dreher – sad that the archbishop is a liberal)


Pastoral Meanderings: Just as good. . .


Kari Lake: Worst of the Contemporary GOP | National Review

April 16


Beverly LaHaye, prominent Christian activist, dies at 94 | U.S. News (


Died: Beverly LaHaye, Pastor’s Wife Who Led Religious Righ...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Planning a Wedding? You Don't Have to Drain the Piggy Bank - The Stream


Scottie Scheffler dedicates second Masters win to God | Sports News (


How A Small Evangelical Seminary In Mississippi Is Growing And Defying The Odds (

Friday, March 01, 2024

Interesting Links from March 2024


How Jordan Peterson conflates Justification and Sanctification | Voice (


The Coming Clash Between Republicans vs. Hardliners On IVF - The American Conservative

March 2


Marijuana and the Movies | Peter Tonguette | First Things


Rev. Martin Luther King was "not a Christian at all," claims old white hate pastor - LGBTQ Nation (overlook the biased spin in this report)


Presbyterian Church (USA) Considers Forcing LGBTQ Affirmation - Juicy Ecumenism


‘How Great Thou Art’ gets new ending on 75th anniversary of famed English translation (


Church Leaders Accuse Nigerian Military Of Being Complicit In The Murder Of Christians (


Lauren Boebert Just Realized She Lives in a Glass House (


Report: Church Militant loses defamation suit (


Pastoral Meanderings: Theology does not help the bottom line. . . (Valpo has promoted liberal theology for decades – no real loss here – Valpo is a lukewarm institution that may finally fall apart)

March 4


In New Interview, ‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins Insists He Loves The Same Jesus as His Mormon ‘Brothers’ (

March 5


Trump's Mar-a-Lago hosts Log Cabin Republican's gay wedding | U.S. News (


Valley News - By the Way: Music drew me to the Episcopal Church (


Scenes from a celebration of the same-sex marriage law — at Mar-a-Lago - POLITICO (for information purposes)


Meet The Biden Official Making Six Figures To Travel The Globe Pushing Transgenderism | The Daily Wire


‘She Knew Jesus’: Laken Riley’s Grieving Mom Breaks Silence, Delivers Powerful Message Calling People to Christ – Faithwire


'The Chosen' director defends comments about Mormons and Jesus | Entertainment News (


An alleged affair, security cameras and a K-9: How police determined North Dakota house fire was a murder cover-up - ABC News (


John MacArthur vs Christian Nationalism - Juicy Ecumenism


Who Knew? Study Finds God's Design for Family Structure is Best Fit for Children After All (


Blaze News investigative writer Steve Baker says FBI wants him to self-surrender Friday in Dallas over his Jan. 6 reporting | Blaze Media (

March 6


As France Makes Abortion a Constitutional Right, Evangelic...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


France enshrines abortion as 'guaranteed freedom' in constitution | World News (


Laken Riley's mom gives Jesus 'glory' for sustaining her family | U.S. News (


Three Reasons Why the Exclusivity of the Gospel Causes Offense - Rooted Thinking : Rooted Thinking


John Piper on Profanity, Crude Joking, and Using the Word “Dang” | Crossway Articles


Port: The school choice bill isn't about religion; it's about empowering parents ( Annoying Fargo-based columnist/podcaster Rob Port is an atheist!

March 7


Corps chose not to publicize environmental damage by DAPL protesters, official testifies • North Dakota Monitor


16 AGs demand YouTube drop 'misleading' abortion notice | Politics News (


Department of Justice closes investigation into SBC Executive Committee's handling of abuse (


May God Deliver Us From Our Obsession with Numbers And Popularity (


Episcopal Chaplains Sought for ‘Identity-affirming Spiritual Care’ - Juicy Ecumenism


'60 Minutes' Wages Propaganda War On Moms For Liberty (


Abortion is constitutive of the nation? | WORLD (

March 8


Charismatic elders declare Mike Bickle ‘unfit’ for ministry | Church & Ministries News (


'In the name of the Mother, Daughter and Holy Spirit': Catholic women advocate change ( (for information purposes)


Christian Women Punished For Praying In Nicaraguan Prisons (

March 9


Why John MacArthur Is Wrong About MLK | Christianity Today (for information purposes)


'The righteous shall live by faith': Planting a Lutheran church in Rome (


How Not to Be a Grumpy Old Woman | GCD (

March 10


Pastoral Meanderings: The purpose of clothing. . .


How to Hold Onto Your Convictions Without Becoming Arrogant - The Stream


March 12


Five Timeless Observations from Francis Schaeffer that are Still True Today - Daily Citizen (


The ELCA's Queer Confirmation Curriculum - EXPOSING THE ELCA (for information purposes only)


God Uses Sinful People, But ... - The Stream


The Therapeutic Model Of Childrearing Is Destroying Kids' Lives (


An American’s Letter from the Hungarian Gulag - The American Conservative

March 13


Joe Rogan, Riley Gaines discuss Satan, Jesus' return and prophecy | Podcast News (


An Insubstantial Book for a Weighty Problem (


Pastoral Meanderings: A silent witness. . .


Port: Trump the flip-flopper (

March 14


3 reasons to ditch the Easter Bunny: Not a harmless tradition | Voice (


INTERVIEW: Pivot Points (


David 'Vichy' French Endorses Biden. Are We Seeing a Tragedy or a Farce? - The Stream


Detroit Pistons player says 'Jesus is coming back' | Sports News (


Rob Reiner, Heidi Przybyla and smearing of Christian nationalism | Voice (

March 15


American Bible Society to shutter $60 million Faith and Liberty Discovery Center ( (barely was aware this museum existed)


The Decline Of Valparaiso University A Tragedy For American Lutherans (


Persecution Watchdog’s Warning: Canadian Bill Could ‘Send Christians to Jail’ for Quoting Bible – Faithwire


'An Outsider in Every Way': Jemar Tisby's Reformed and Racial Journey - Juicy Ecumenism (for information purposes)

March 17


Maryland church teacher who assaulted girls deported twice | U.S. News (


West Point Changes Mission Statement, Removing Values 'Duty, Honor, Country' (


Why AI Can Never Replace The Need For Reading And Writing (


Youngkin sabotages his GOP future with same-sex marriage support | Voice (


Over 600 religious freedom violations in Cuba in 2023: report | World News (

March 19


5 Biblical Reasons Gaza Is Important (


North Dakota most supportive state of Christian nationalism, study finds - InForum | Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo news, weather and sports


Trump’s Jan. 6 ‘hostages’ remarks, explained (


Trump’s ‘Bloodbath’ Rant Is Disgusting in Any Context (


Tucker Carlson exhorts Texas audience to discern spiritual war | Politics News (


Truthful Thinking Is Greater Than Positive Thinking – Daniel Seabaugh


This November, Vote for a Balanced Budget - The American Conservative


Can Irish culture bring a new springtime to the faith? (

March 20


Hold Nigeria accountable for its failure to stop internal religious violence  | The Hill


As Freedoms Shrink in Hong Kong, One Christian Media Editor Explains Why He Stays... | Christianity Today


Kanye West says he has ‘issues with Jesus': 'I'm God' | Entertainment News ( (for information purposes – sad)


The Titanic Was the Safest Ship of Its Time – Entrusted to the Dirt


Trump Claims 2024 Election Will Be Rigged, Putting GOP Turnout at Risk - WSJ


Digital degradation | WORLD (

Medication abortion rates grew 10% over the last few years, report shows • North Dakota Monitor

March 21


Michael Ian Black: Trump Going Bankrupt (Again) Is an Opportunity to Reset America (


‘How Dare You!’—Mark Driscoll Shares the Story Behind His Most Controversial Sermon (


Kamala at the death camp | WORLD (


Pastoral Meanderings: An old word. . . but a good one

March 22


Michael Brown suggests Martin Luther eternally condemned | Podcast News (


William Lane Craig Says Abortion Doesn’t Harm Babies + Confers ‘A Great Good’ Upon Them (

March 23


The Vice President Visits an Abortion Clinic — And the People Yawn? - The Stream


Prominent Woke Ex-Southern Baptist Pastor and TGC Contributor Rebukes John MacArthur for MLK Comments (


West Point Diluted Its Mission By Removing 'Duty, Honor, Country' (

March 26


JourneyWise Network announces partnership with Museum of the Bible and its 'New Testament Experience' (


My grandfather Paul Tillich, the unbelieving theologian | Aeon Essays


Does God Care How You Cook Your Goat? | Tim Challies


It’s You. Hi. You’re the Problem. It’s You. | JD Greear Ministries


Albert Mohler Says the Pope Is Ignoring ‘The Words of Jesus’ in Comments on Hell (

March 28


The ‘foolish’ message every Christian believes | Voice (


The Utter Ridiculousness of ‘Trump Bibles’ (


Canada Following China's Path? Bank Accounts Linked To Obedience Scores (


Thousands baptized after watching Phil Robertson's story | Entertainment News (


140+ Global Christian Leaders Call for Permanent Gaza Ceasefire, Halt of Arms Sales to Israel (


Bob Casey’s Abortion Evolution | National Review


The Story of Jesus Christ Is a True Myth | Christianity Today (in my opinion, not helpful to use the word “myth” here, about the truth of Christ’s saving work)


'Gender Identity' Law Spells The End Of Religious Liberty In MN (

March 29


Over 2,000 pages of Stenehjem emails released • North Dakota Monitor


Yes, ‘Christ is King’ — that is bad news for antisemites | Voice (


Pastoral Meanderings: Put a cross on it. . .


What's So Good About Good Friday? - by Jeff - The Dissenter (


Religious Left Officials Wrong on Israel - Juicy Ecumenism


Easter Is The World's Most Historically Verified Holiday (


11 Reasons Why Two Parents are Better Than One (


Atonement (

March 30


We Were There When They Crucified the Lord | Hans Boersma | First Things


Jesus Christ Superscar: Why the Wounds of Christ Deserve Our Prayerful Devotion - The Stream


Christ is risen | WORLD (

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Interesting Links from February 2024


Street evangelist returns to church after being shot in head | Church & Ministries News (


Catholic U. fires professor who invited an 'abortion doula' | Education News (


Does Alistair Begg have a point about gay weddings? | Voice (


Disgraced Dem Senate Staffer Escapes Charges For Gay Sex Tape (


Washington D.C. Crime: Local Government Must Enforce Law, Punish Criminals | National Review

February 2


Farewell, after 20 years: Why we did what we did — GetReligion


Super Bowl LVIII Preview: Inside Sin City’s Christian Quarterback Dual (


We Need More Repellently Attractional Churches - Stephen McAlpine


The Gospel Is About Going to Heaven When You Die (


Why Male Athletes Should Not Compete with Females | National Review


‘Harvard of Christian Schools’ Fires Back After Fox News Column Claims It Has Become ‘Woke’ – Faithwire


Pastoral Meanderings: My moral fiber is sufficient. . .


Jesus and My OCD | Christianity Today

February 4


Are you eagerly anticipating Christ's return? | Voice (


A pastor's response to Alistair Begg's gay wedding advice | Voice (


Is Trump trying to lose? | The Hill


7 signs that your sinful nature controls you | Voice (


February 5

February 7


The Prophetic Voice You May Not Have Heard ( (for information purposes)


Rosaria Butterfield Rebukes The Gospel Coalition for Supporting Preston Sprinkle's Heretical Teachings (


Wheaton College Fires Back After Fox News Accuses Them of Being Woke, But Were They Right? (

February 8


10 Bible Verses about Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage (


Fond Farewell to John Lomperis - Juicy Ecumenism


Classical College Brings On 'Exiled' Pastor Who Prayed At Trucker Convoy (


Trump Is Undermining Conservatives' Anheuser-Busch Boycott (


Soldotna church to host LGBTQ story time for kids, after library drag show cancelled - Alaska Watchman


Pastoral Meanderings: A parody of ecumenism. . .

February 9


Super Bowl QB Brock Purdy reads this Bible passage every day | Sports News (


Worst Persecutors of the Church Named for 2023 - Juicy Ecumenism


Homosexual Son of Former SBC President Publishes Pro-Homosexual Children’s Book: “My Guncle and Me” (

February 11


The Leftist Kidnapping Of Anne Of Green Gables (


Worse Than Any Affliction: Why I Refuse to Grumble | Desiring God

February 12


Lesbian Methodist Bishop: Prioritize Reconciliation Over Redemption - Juicy Ecumenism


America's embrace of legalized gambling is a sporting proposition - Washington Times


Pastoral Meanderings: Christianity's gift -- the value of life. . .

February 13


Does Hell have various degrees of punishment? | Voice (


Learning from Methodist Hymnals, Elitists and Common People - Part III - Juicy Ecumenism


Greek Church Leads Hateful, Twisted Campaign Against Gay Marriage ( (ignore the biased rhetoric in this report – legalizing same-sex marriage in Greece is a bad thing)

February 14


The age of glorifying Greta Thunberg is over - The Spectator World “Thunberg is a leader, and an icon — for the immature and the idiotic.”


Pastors Who Won't Call Out False Teachers by Name are Most Likely False Teachers (


When Goodbye Is Forever | Tim Challies


Tucker Carlson Is Wrong About Moscow — And The United States (


"He Gets Us" Doesn't Get Jesus (

February 16


Greece becomes first Orthodox Christian country to legalize same-sex civil marriage (


When ‘He Gets Us’ Presents a Jesus Who is Too Much Like Us - The Stream


Five Marks of a False Convert - by Jeff - The Dissenter (


Lech Walesa & Transcendent Truth - Providence (

February 17


He Gets Us Takes a Big "L" in the Superbowl (


Is marijuana legal? Why feds are taking so long to change old rules. ( (for information purposes)


Not trans, but just gay or lesbian? | Voice (


Think You're Immune to Adultery? - CCEF

February 19


Pastoral Meanderings: Is your home a holy place?


MS Society Stands By Decision to Kick 90-Year-Old Volunteer Out for Not Understanding ‘Preferred Pronouns’ – Faithwire


In The Bible, Lincoln Found The Antidote To Slavery And Despair (


New Report Reveals That Persecution Against Christians In Iran Continues To Grow (

February 20


Even Believers Need to Be Warned: How Hell Motivates Holiness | Desiring God


PRAY: Ex-Muslim Couple in Uganda Reportedly Murdered After Converting to Christianity – Faithwire


Transgender Funeral At St. Patrick's Is An Attack On The Church (


Meathead, Meet John Q. Adams, 'Christian Nationalist' - The Stream

February 22


Pastors, don’t tie your reputation to a political leader | Voice (


Erasing Jesus from Israel - Juicy Ecumenism


Kansas City Parade Shooting: Christians Love The Chiefs, But Hate The Violence (


By the Way | What Happened to My Father’s Evangelicalism? - Good Faith Media


The Insurgency News Blast | Protestia | Substack


Crime skyrockets in the nation’s capital | WORLD (


Prayers for Children and Grandchildren - Lutherans For Life

February 24


Canadian Politicians Introduce Bill Removing Christianity, Bible as ‘Hate Speech’ Defense (


Pastoral Meanderings: A schizophrenic church. . .

February 27 removed from App Store in China | World News (


Transgender Basketball Player Injures 3 Female Players, Team Forfeits Game (


John MacArthur defends Michael Cassidy for toppling satanic altar | U.S. News (


Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Found Christianity Before His Death (


When your preconceived notions collide with Christ | Voice (

February 28


Slaves of white people, slaves of Christ | Voice (


Jimmy Lai and the Plight of Hong Kong Christians - Juicy Ecumenism


If GOPers Are Pro-Life, They'll Stop Dems' IVF Bill Condemning The Unborn (


Climate Cultists Will Do Anything To Save Earth, Except Stay Home (


Considering History: National Parks Help Us Grapple with Our Hardest Histories | The Saturday Evening Post

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X Marks the Spot

 X Marks the Spot


(Posted on my personal Facebook page on 12-30-23.)


It is customary at the end of the year that certain publications, bloggers, writers, pundits and other influencers announce their choices for books worth reading.  Even former United States President Barack Obama did this.


For any interested, through Goodreads, here is a link to books I read or at least skimmed through in 2023.  Similar links are available for other years.  I appreciate that Goodreads allows one to track these in a systematic way.  I like the Goodreads web site and app.  And it’s good to do some reading of good books and to even learn something from bad books.  Of course, one can’t and shouldn’t read everything (check Ecclesiastes 12:12 and the whole chapter) but one can try to make good decisions in what to read.


I posted reviews of many of these books here on my private Facebook page.  Some of the latest ones haven’t been publicly reviewed yet.


A change that I plan for 2024 is to start doing this on X (formerly known as Twitter).  Since I started doing these book reviews online in June 2021, there have been a lot of them – 378 pages worth of reviews as well as some commentaries.  Many of these older writings I now look to share on X.


I’ve never been satisfied that Facebook is the best fit for book reviews, at least of the type I do, but I did it anyway.  Facebook can be good for photo sharing and family and friend updates.  There have been more ads on Facebook than there used to be.  Also, there has long been a fake account under my name, and Facebook has done nothing about it despite numerous reports by me and by others.  I don’t like that Facebook management has failed to address that.  Having said that, I still plan to maintain my Facebook account and may cross post future book reviews on both Facebook and X.


He is far from perfect and can be a little flaky sometimes, it seems, but since Elon Musk bought X, it has been better in fostering free speech and in not suppressing significant viewpoints and discussions, which is a good thing.  In my view, X remains by far the major leader in the social media category that it is in, exceeding competitors like Threads, Gab, Post News, Mastodon, Truth Social,, and others.  I plan to purchase an X Premium account to allow me the freedom to publish long form messages.


I will also note again that I do share links (and occasional comments) on the blog/web site,  I intentionally try to keep that as bare bones and simple as possible.  There is a word search bar on the top left of the web sites.  Also, one may comment on the web pages at, though few so far have taken advantage of doing so.  I don’t delete comments except in rare cases.  Feel free to check out if you haven’t already.


For any interested, the link to my account at X is  As noted, I plan to start very actively using it beginning in 2024.  The theme Bible verse in my X profile is “The one who boasts must boast in the Lord. 2 Corinthians 10:17.”


Happy soon New Year!

Interesting Links from January 2024


Berlin Balances Budgets while Washington Drowns in Debt - The American Conservative


Darnella Frazier Filmed George Floyd's Murder. Read Her Anniversary Statement : NPR (for information purposes)


Mike DeWine Veto of Bill to Protect Children from Gender Surgeries Wrong | National Review


Dobbs & Abortion Controversy: A Plea to All People of Good Will | National Review

January 3


Pastoral Meanderings: Sadness. . .


The transgender revolutionaries want our children | WORLD (


January 4


Taking on the Revolutionary Program of Ibram X. Kendi – Denny Burk


Friends in High Places | Christianity Today


Moral seriousness and the post-Christian right | WORLD (

January 5


Preston Sprinkle Hosts Webinar on Why We Need More Homosexual and Queer "Christian Leaders" (


Sadie Robertson Huff kicks off Passion 2024 with powerful message | Church & Ministries News (

January 8


Why George Floyd wasn’t a martyr - The Spectator World


Biden, Did You Know? (Song Parody) ( (for information purposes)


Ex-psychic says Fox News pushed 'demonic agenda' with tarot cards | Entertainment News (


Parents, Discipline Your Little Children - Reformation 21


Dr. Carol M. Swain joins the Institute for Faith & Culture as a Senior Fellow   (


World Vision and Sexual Criteria in Religious Employment - Juicy Ecumenism


Judge dismisses Muslim couple's lawsuit against school where daughter converted to Christianity (

January 9


The Shootings Media Don’t Hype Are By Gender-Fluid Murderers (


Ashley Carter: Taylor Swift is not the role model you want your daughter to emulate (


Politicos Who Smeared Tuberville's Protest Are MIA On Austin's Absence (


Democrats Set The Stage In 2023 For An LGBT Onslaught In 2024 (


Lutheran Pastor Sides With The 5 Foolish Virgins AGAINST Jesus+ Has Harsh Words for the Groom and 5 Wise Virgins (

January 11


What the 'Hall of faith' teaches us about fear | Voice (


A Legitimate Justice System Would Jail 'Intifada' Vandals, Not Pro-Lifers (


The DeSantis vs. Haley Debate Didn’t Give Us a Single Human Moment (

January 12


Canceling William Penn | WORLD (


Purity of Arms  (


Did Fani Willis Hire Her Unqualified Lover To Prosecute Trump? (


Trump’s ‘Terrible’ Damage to the Pro-Life Cause - John McCormack - The Dispatch

January 15


Ten Reasons Why I Am Supporting Ron DeSantis Instead of Nikki Haley or Donald Trump (


North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum throws support behind former President Donald Trump | Fox News Video


Life Without Romans 8:28 | Tim Challies


State prosecutor appeals acquittal of Finnish MP Päivi Räsänen | World News (

January 16


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.'s Heresy, Denial of Christ's Deity and Physical Resurrection (


Should Christians Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.? (


Kyle Rittenhouse and the ConInc Carousel (


Nikki Haley Refuses to Say a Man Cannot Become a Woman During Campaign Event – Megyn Kelly


Refuting the Call for Unity in Compromise: The Importance of Upholding the Biblical Truth of the Flood Narrative (


Famous Author’s Claim Bible Is a ‘Work of Fiction’ Ignites Social Media Furor – Faithwire


Is Our View of Satan Too Small? | Biblical Preaching


Deacon calls for Immanuel Baptist Pastor Steven Smith to resign | Church & Ministries News (

January 17


What Did You Plan To Be Hated For? - by Rhys Laverty (


God Made a Dictator ( (for information purposes)


Why We Can’t Just Shrug Off the Fani Willis Scandal (


A new kind of “evangelical”? | WORLD (


The Roman Pope Embraces a Heretical Universalist View of Hell and Eternity (


Biden Administration Relentless Push for Abortion Continues | National Review

January 18


Christian group blasts eHarmony for ‘glorifying sin’ | Business News (


Religious Persecution & Human Freedom - Juicy Ecumenism


After 20 years, Terry Mattingly bids farewell to GetReligion (

January 19


Alistair Begg Caves to LGBTQ Movement, Suggests Christians Attend LGBTQ Wedding Ceremonies (


Pastor Alistair Begg Says Christians Should Attend Gay Weddings So They Don’t Come Across as ‘Judgmental, Critical’ (

January 20


Should I attend the same-sex “wedding” of a friend or family member? – Denny Burk


The Slaughter in Nigeria Continues - Juicy Ecumenism


FBI's Role In The Whitmer 'Kidnap Plot' Is Bigger Than You Think (

January 22


Beware the Devil’s Normal Schemes – Aliens and Pilgrims (


Don Wildmon: A Heaven-sent blessing for America | Voice (


Why isn’t Lenin as condemned as Hitler? - The Spectator World


India reclassified as ‘restricted nation’ by Voice of the Martyrs | World News (


Anglican Watch - More on the Susan Elzey/Liam Goligher debacle


Revealed: Citation for Liam Goligher Shows SEXUAL ACTIVITY as Cause for Arrest (

Trump/Burgum 2024? | The Hill

January 23


Alistair Begg, gay weddings, and love | Voice (

January 24


PCA petitions Biden protesting trans surgeries for minors | Church & Ministries News (


Speaker Mike Johnson: Biden's election 'must've been God's will' | Politics News (


‘I Did Kill My Son’: Women Share Powerful Testimonies of Forgiveness After Abortions at March for Life – Faithwire


Pastoral Meanderings: A big fine. . .


Ambassador Sam Brownback on the Lack of Concern for Religious Persecution Abroad - Juicy Ecumenism

January 25


Greek bill on marriage for LGBTQ couples tests Orthodox Church's historic influence (


Abortions Have Declined Since Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade | National Review


ERLC Endorses Pathetic Pro-Life Legislation While Snubbing Prominent Abolitionist Bill (


Bishop Gene Robinson on why "God called me out of the closet" - CBS News (provided for information purposes)


January 26


For NBA teams, religion can be unifying or divisive (


Fani Willis Fallout Proves The Fulton County Indictment Is Garbage (


American Family Radio Drops Alistair Begg Following Controversial Remarks About LGBTQ+ Weddings (


Can Christians Attend Gay Weddings? | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


Trump idolatry is a real thing. And it must stop | Voice (


Is ‘Gentle Parenting’ Biblical? (


Maine Gender-Affirming Care Bill Stifles Conventional Gender Views | National Review


Tucker Carlson wanted a fight with Team Trudeau. He got one. - POLITICO


The Price of a Soul | The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO

January 28


Why God never forces anyone to love Him | Voice (


Americans Spend More Weekend Time With Screens Than People (


Hollywood’s profanity problem | WORLD (


Evel Knievel - Faith Testimony at the Crystal Cathedral (

January 29


Will you receive Jesus or reject Him? | Voice (


Former Prez. of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards is Still Fighting for Abortion, Following Diagnosis of Incurable Brain Cancer (

January 30


Alistair Begg: 'I'm not ready to repent over' gay wedding advice | Church & Ministries News (


Rep. Ilhan Omar Is An Indictment Of Our Immigration System (


Pritzker the pot pusher - Washington Examiner