Monday, July 01, 2024

Interesting Links from July 2024

 Trump Commitment to Pro-Life Cause Superficial | National Review


Media Finally Admit Biden Poses Grave Danger To Country (


The Bill That Could Kill Free Speech in Canada - The Stream


Thousands of faith leaders, union members, activists rally for poor (


Are the Dakotas the Future of the Republican Party? - POLITICO

July 2


Doug Burgum Is a Neocon - The American Conservative


1 In 5 Auto Accident Deaths Now Involves Marijuana Use (


Why The 'Biden Stumbled But Trump Lied' Narrative Is A Myth (

July 3


Transgender runner Nikki Hiltz is headed to the Paris Olympics - Yahoo Sports


Chip Roy files resolution urging VP Harris to remove Biden | Politics (


Nazarene Seminary Platforms LGBTQ-Affirming Faculty - Juicy Ecumenism


Jesus Calling and the PCA - Reformation 21


Why Do We Believe So Many Lies about Heaven? - Eternal Perspective Ministries (


Ancestor Worship in the Church | Between Two Cultures

July 4


With Abortions and Rainbows for All | John Murdock | First Things


Missionary & 5 Family Members Killed in Wisconsin House Fire (


Inside Biden's Parish - Juicy Ecumenism

July 5


The "Revolution" and Romans 13 — Gottesdienst


Are other people bigger sinners than you? (


Should a Christian Get Cremated? - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


3 Ways Feminism Laid The Groundwork For Transgenderism (

July 6


Joe Biden's 'Lord Almighty' Interview Fails to Calm Panicked Democrats - Newsweek


Doug Burgum’s Rebranding: ‘He’s Playing the Game Now’ - POLITICO


Joe Biden Says Only God Will Make Him Go in ABC Interview as Dems Sharpen the Axe (

July 8


President Biden Has a Cold - The American Conservative


I Cried Out to the Name Demons Fear Most | Christianity Today


Boys Aren't Reading As Much As Girls, And That's A Major Problem (

July 9


I Couldn't Find A Single 'Christian Nationalist' Policy In Project 2025 (


GOP’s ‘Pro-Life’ Platform Does Nothing To Protect Unborn Babies (


The Washington insiders helping Sean Feucht spread Christian nationalism in Congress ( (Sean is a much better guy than this article indicates)


What’s Your Creed? - Remembrance of Former Days (


In Quitting Church, Americans Gave Up More Than They’d Bargained For (


Trump proposes GOP platform that softens stance on abortion | Politics (


Sponsors of recreational marijuana measure submit signatures for verification • North Dakota Monitor

July 10


Cognitive Decline and Common Faults | Tim Challies


How the GOP Became Pro-Choice (


Oak Ridge Boys Tenor Joe Bonsall, a Self-Proclaimed ‘Light for Christ,’ Dies – Faithwire


GOP Can Learn Abortion Lesson from Methodist Infighting  - The American Conservative


‘I Was a Child’: Robert Morris Accuser Shares Her Story, Faith Journey – Faithwire


Barron Trump Gets Standing Ovation at Rally Appearance in Florida (


Michael Ian Black: Trump’s Veep Candidates Are All Impressively, Predictably Terrible (


The veepstakes and the sanctity of life | WORLD (

July 12


ENCORE: Ten Reasons Why the Bible is the Greatest of the Great Books - Christ Over All


Treat Her Like Your Sister — Courtney Reissig


Why I don’t get into mudslinging battles with destructive critics (


The priority of defending life | WORLD (


Doug Burgum is Trump's best VP choice to cement a historic legacy (


Prominent ‘queer affirming’ theologian facing trial by Church of the Nazarene (


Saying Goodbye to my Grandma - by Sean Feucht (

Saturday, June 01, 2024

Interesting Links from June 2024


The Power Of Appealing To Heaven – Gab News


Mike Pence's Unexpected Encore | National Review


'The Chosen' cuts ties with Angel Studios, claims contract breach | Entertainment News (

June 2


Fauci & Covid: Six-Foot Distancing Came from Nothing, Can't Recall Evidence for Child Masking | National Review


Pastor Mark Driscoll wants Jesus to return before Election Day | Church & Ministries News (


Distributor of '2000 Mules' election conspiracy film pulls film from all platforms : NPR

June 3


Wyoming Catholic College Students Surrender Their Cellphones For Four Years | Your Wyoming News Source (


How Can You Mumble? | Tim Challies

June 4


Warren Balogh: 20th Anniversary Speech – Occidental Dissent


What does the Bible say about complaining? |


What Does the Bible Say About Complaining? (


'Saved'? 'Converted'? In Evangelical media, them's fightin' words | Voice (


Satan, the ‘Prince of the Air’ — What Does That Mean? | Desiring God


U.S. Gov. Spending Millions in Tax Dollars to Promote Homosexuality in Third World Countries (

June 5


Behind The Scenes - Christian Revival Could Transform Iran (


Is America Becoming An Anti-Christ Nation? (


NYC pastor compares Alvin Bragg to Thurgood Marshall | Politics News (


75-Year-Old Diabetic Woman in Wheelchair Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Praying at Abortion Clinic (


If Churches Are Pro-Marriage, They Will Discipline Its Destroyers (


Pastoral Meanderings: Taking down the family. . .

June 6


Ibram X. Kendi: Lies and Fall | National Review


Trump’s COVID Response Was Worse Than We Remember (


America's Corrupt Political Class Should Be Prosecuted, Not Trump (


Salem Media Pulls Election Conspiracy Film ‘2000 Mules’ from All Platforms (


10 Questions a Christian Man Should Ask Himself Before Making a Marriage Proposal — Beautiful Christian Life


Fighting the "Respectable" Sins of Gossip and Slander (


There's Nothing Loving About Dolly Parton's False Gospel (


The Size Of Planned Parenthood's Global Murder Campaign Will Shock You (


It’s Time To Finally Free Palestine ... From Hamas! (

June 7


What should a Christian father be like according to the Bible? (


‘Love is Love?’ 3 reasons to rethink the mantra | Voice (


The Way You Walk | Tim Challies


Holy Haggling: Learn to Pray like Abraham (


Most radical Living Lutheran article to date: ELCA bisexual pastor wants overthrow of “cis-gender patriarchy” and capitalism - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Pastoral Meanderings: False mercy. . .


‘All You Have To Do Is Vote’: Hillary Clinton Compares Trump To Hitler In ‘Vile’ D-Day Post (


Sorry, people. Love is not proud | Voice (


June is for judgment — pray for our country | Voice (

June 8


The Fullness of Life: Remembering Jürgen Moltmann - Martin Marty Center (Moltmann was a universalist.  That contradicts the words of Jesus Christ.)


Evangelicals Don’t Love Donald Trump Enough | Christianity Today


Gay Man Elected Bishop of the ELCA's New England Synod - EXPOSING THE ELCA


What I Learned When I Almost Died in the 2020 Riots - The American Conservative

Voddie Baucham warns widespread immorality evidence of judgment | Church & Ministries News (

June 10


The passing of a theologian | WORLD (


The Generous Genius of Jürgen Moltmann | Christianity Today (Christianity Today gushes over late literal theologian, who has been generously promoted on the Mockingbird web site)


Young Man, Don’t Even Make that First Sports Bet | Tim Challies


June 11


3, 2, 1 . . . Blast Off! A Creationist Goes to Space | Answers in Genesis


Ben Shapiro And John MacArthur Discuss Church, Jesus, And A Return To Biblical Morality (


David French Can't Resist Firing On Former Allies (


What exactly is progressive justification? | Voice (


Don’t be too easy to join – nuakh


Church Discipline in the Digital Age (


Boston Celtics guard Jrue Holiday follows faith and family to NBA Finals success (


Ignoring the costs of transgenderism | WORLD (

June 14


Pastor Tony Evans’ ‘sin’ confession stuns Christian community | Church & Ministries News (


ILC World Seminaries Conference opens in Argentina - International Lutheran Council (


5 Expenses Parents Should Stop Covering for Their Adult Children (


A necessary book during a tumultuous time for the LGBTQIA+ community - Living Lutheran (for information purposes only)


PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Tony Evans’ Ministry Cancels Cruise Following Disclosure of ‘Sin’ (

June 15


Nashville shooter's diary has anti-Christian, pro-LGBT entries | U.S. News (


Ministry axes Tony Evans’ Mexican Riviera cruise | Church & Ministries News (


3 Reasons Why Your Small Group Is Not a Church | Crossway Articles


Congrats To The Dads Who Are Better Fathers Than The Bidens (


The Bidens Shouldn't Be In Government, They Should Be In Counseling (

June 16


Am I Doing This Right? Lessons On Fatherhood From Great Dads (


Father Hunger Fuels The Persistence Of Father’s Day (

June 18


Wedding dilemma for many couples: Should God be invited to the marriage celebration? | Fox News

Pastoral Meanderings: To love pure and chaste. . .

June 19


What would the SBC be today without Paul Pressler? (


Reflections on Fallen Church Leaders - Juicy Ecumenism

June 20


Celtics coach wears shirt thanking God after team wins NBA title | Sports News (


What would the SBC be today without Paul Pressler? (


Richard Smallwood, ‘Total Praise’ composer, to receive Juneteeth tribute in D.C. (


Head Coach Joe Mazzulla’s Faith Helped Guide The Boston Celtics To An NBA Title (


Radical Lunatic Leftist Congresswoman Claims She Heals People the Way Jesus Did (


Kamala Harris Encourages Children to Become Cross-dressing Prostitutes (


'Pride' Parades Are Just Massive Humiliation Rituals (

June 21


When Christian Groups Subvert Religious Liberty of Christians (


Why did Sarah Young in 'Jesus Calling' put words in Jesus' mouth? | Voice (

June 24


If They Want To Vote, Women Should Be Subject To The Draft (


How Did the Church Become So Complacent, Celebrating Drag Queens in the Pulpit? (


Judgment Begins in the House of God - The Stream


The Most Dangerous Thing a Christian Can Do | Tim Challies


How To Criticize Your Pastor — The Bee Hive


The End of Roe: Two Years Later (


Dobbs Decision: Unborn Personhood Left to Democratic Selection | National Review


A test of America’s moral condition | WORLD (

June 25


Celebrating The Day of Life – Gab News


Pastoral Meanderings: AI and the Church


You Have No Idea How Soviet We Really Are - The American Conservative

June 28


Local Christian Businesses Throw Joyous Block Party To Commemorate Fall of Roe v. Wade (


Wall Street Journal backs North Dakota Gov. Burgum as Donald Trump's VP (


NC City Mayor Releases Public Proclamation Celebrating the Overturning of Roe v. Wade (


The Presbyterian Church in America Moves Forward - Juicy Ecumenism


Biblically Honoring Your Parents: Part 1 - SOLA Network


Policy is character, too | WORLD (

June 30


Alex Rosen says work brings him 'face to face with evil' | U.S. News (


Trump Should Say ‘Yes’ to ‘Just Say No’ - The American Conservative


Michigan Pot Is Growing Like a Weed - The American Conservative


The making of Doug Burgum: From North Dakota to Trump's possible VP (

Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Interesting Links from May 2024


The Methodist sexual revolution | WORLD (


How can you be loved yet also under God's wrath? | Voice (


More than 16,000 hear the gospel at Christian event in Mexico as border crisis continutes (


Here’s the Speech Trump Should Give at Barron’s Graduation (


Church Shopping, Hopping, and Should It Be Stopping? | The Cripplegate


President Truman Advocated Reading The Bible — Not Profiting From It (


United Methodist conference begins to drop contentious rules restricting LGBTQ clergy (


Nigerian Pastor’s Murder Sparks Sobering Response to Horrific Christian Persecution: ‘We Can No Longer Bear This’ – Faithwire


Homosexuals Sing and Dance Hallelujah as UMC Passes Petition to Remove Non-Affirming Clergy (

May 2


John MacArthur says there is no such thing as mental illness | Church & Ministries News (


Fewer Americans Are Reading The Bible: Why It Matters (


75 Christian leaders urge president, Congress, churches to act on racism, poverty ( (for information purposes)


Rescuing North Koreans: An Evening With Pastor Seungeun Kim - Juicy Ecumenism


UMC General Conference Leaders Warn Attendees To Avoid “Exclusively Male Language for God” (


Marijuana's Reclassification Is Wrong | Opinion (


Sociologist’s Advice to Young Americans: Get Married - Juicy Ecumenism

May 3


Houses Passes Antisemitism Bill Making it Illegal to Quote Scripture (


The House Passes H.R. 6090: A Threat to the Christian Faith and an Affront to Free Speech – Gab News


Global Methodist Church reacts to UMC's LGBT votes | Church & Ministries News (


Why is the US turning a blind eye to Nigeria’s genocide? | Voice (


It’s Time For Young People To Take Sweat Equity Literally (


To Be Happy, Women Must Do The Opposite Of What Culture Says (


Against Brokenness Theology - American Reformer


USCIRF Report Calls Out Azerbaijan Violations - Juicy Ecumenism


Liberal Church Groups Cheer Gaza Campus Protests - Juicy Ecumenism


I Don’t Believe American Students Suddenly Care Deeply about the Palestinians - The Stream


United Methodists Sing an “all faiths lead to God” Hymn at the 2024 General Conference (

May 4


The Deadly Cost of Lesbianism and Feminism | Articles | The Line of Fire | Your voice for Moral Sanity and Spiritual Clarity | The Line of Fire


African Methodists: 'General Conference Did Not Listen to Us' - Juicy Ecumenism


Callously Breaking Covenant: Reflections on UMC General Conference  - Juicy Ecumenism


Did the House of Representatives Just Outlaw Quoting Parts of the New Testament? | Articles | The Line of Fire | Your voice for Moral Sanity and Spiritual Clarity | The Line of Fire


Conservative Methodists, Unite | Christianity Today


Every State Facing Deceptive Abortion Ballot Measures This Year (


Five Ways to Pray for America - The Stream


UMC passes historic changes for our LGBTQ+ family ( (for information purposes)


With a final flourish, United Methodist conference eliminates all anti-LGBTQ policies ( (for information purposes)

May 6


Pastoral Meanderings: Its Easter!


Caught on Live Stream, Man Attempts to Murder Pastor During Worship Service, But Gun Jams (


The Emergence Of A Different Kind Of Clergy In Ireland (


Randy Frazee on difference between joy and 'toxic positity' | Living News (


A response to Dr. John MacArthur’s statement on mental health — faithandmedicinefoundation


Imperative of Wesleyanism in America Today - Juicy Ecumenism

May 7


Pastoral Meanderings: What "God bless you" can also mean. . .


Is it antisemitic to say Jews killed Jesus? | Voice (


The Antisemitism Awareness Act is a big problem | WORLD (


Well, that didn’t take long | WORLD (

May 8


The despicable habit of taking the Lord’s name in vain | Voice (


Did the Jews Kill Jesus? | Clearly Reformed


India Is Becoming More Hostile to Christians - The American Conservative


Man claims God told him to shoot pastor | U.S. News (

May 10


Witch "Pastor" Complains that Nurses Try to Save Babies Who Survive Botched Second-Trimester Abortions (


Pastoral Meanderings: It was a banner day in the ELCA. . .


The Trinity Forum and the National Association Of Evangelicals (NAE) Platforms PRIDE-Celebrating ‘Pastor’ (


Union Theological Seminary votes to divest from companies profiting from Gaza war (


Prominent Progressive "Pastor" Says That Jesus Endorsed Pederasty (


Biden Sides With Satan | The Daily Wire

May 11


PCA Invites Polarizer David French To Lecture On Getting Along (


Canada's ‘Mass Graves’ Of Indigenous Children Was A Hoax (


"Family Friendly" Drag Clown "Pastor" Compares Himself to Peter While Complaining The Church Has Harmed Queer People (

May 16


Theological compromise and spiritual catastrophe on display (


Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a Gospeler. His New Book Shows How You Can Be One, Too - The Stream


June 2024: Part II "Pride," Really? - The Dissenter (


Trump Needs An Unusually Likable Running Mate Like Doug Burgum (


We need more sermons against laziness | WORLD (

May 17


Over 100K demand Kansas City Chiefs release Catholic kicker | Sports News (


NFL’s Attack On Harrison Butker Is Rank Anti-Christian Bigotry (


We've Been Duped Into Trading Womanhood For The Workplace (

May 18


Will God orchestrate the construction of another temple? | Voice (


Abortion-Funding Charities Sponsor Vatican’s Climate Change Summit, Underway Now - The Stream

May 20


Deacon at Jimmy Carter’s church says attendance has staggered | Church & Ministries News ( (for information purposes)


Jane Fonda ‘Cannot Believe There Is a Jane Fonda Day.’ Millions of Americans Can’t Either | National Review


Stop Swiping, Start Serving | Tim Challies

May 21


The Counterfeit Christ of the United Methodist Church (


'60 Minutes' Pope Francis Interview Fractures Liberal Fantasies on Marriage | National Review


Pope draws accusations of heresy for saying humans are 'good' | World News (

May 22


Ex-psychic blasts Fox News host Jesse Watters for hosting witch | Entertainment News (


Pastoral pope shines through in CBS News' interview ( (for information purposes)


California Lutheran University Announces Leadership Transition – Cal Lutheran News (Dr. John Nunes is a liberal Missouri Synod Lutheran.  Concordia College New York unceremoniously collapsed under his


There's Nothing Pro-Life About Ted Cruz And Katie Britt's IVF Bill (


Beth Moore Joining ‘Volf’ in Sheep’s Clothing for Painters, Prophets, Poets Conference (


“I Am Not So Convicted” Karen Swallow Prior Doubles Down on Attending Heretical Festival (


The Butcher of Iran is dead | WORLD (

May 23


Is the pope Catholic? | WORLD (


5 Notable 2024 Commencement Addresses That Featured Faith (


Not My DIY Project: How a Wife Entrusts Her Husband to God | Desiring God

May 24


Union Seminary Hires Sikh as Professor of Religion (


Ted Cruz blasts nominee for letting male rapist in women's prison | Politics News (


The Methodist surrender | WORLD (

May 25


Lesbian "Pastor" Reinstated by United Methodist Church After Being Defrocked in 2004 (


‘Such a Tragedy’: Donald Trump Responds After GOP Rep’s Daughter, Son-in-Law Were Killed on Mission in Haiti – Faithwire


On the Pleasures of Outrage - by Jim Madden (


Pastoral Meanderings: My battle with silence. . .

May 26


Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed: What Next?! Archbishop Elizabeth Eaton Glories in the United Methodist Split, So Similar to the ELCA's Collapse (


Why Piers Morgan doesn't need 'Catholic guilt' | Voice (

May 29


To Harrison Butker: Shouldn't men's highest calling be a father? | Voice (


Three Words for Christian Parents – Great and Noble Tasks


Save the World, Have a Baby - by Anne Kennedy (


The Great Dechurching Will Hurt Poor People (


‘We Do Not Want Nakedness In Our Culture’: First Lady Of Nigeria Slams Scantily-Clad Celebs Following Meghan Markle Visit | The Daily Wire


Jenna Ellis Strikes Deal That Suspends Law License for 3 Years in Colorado (

May 30


Trump’s Muddled Abortion Statements Fog Church’s Clear View - Juicy Ecumenism


One Million United Methodists Exit in One Day - Juicy Ecumenism


Record High Abortion Numbers in Scotland Demonstrate Failure of the Pro-Life Movement's Incrementalist Strategy (


Died: Sam Butcher, Artist Who Created Precious Moments...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Deranged Trump Prosecutor, Fani Willis, Gets Her Holy Oil Makeover in Atlanta Pastor Gregory Sutton’s Political Circus (

Monday, April 01, 2024

Interesting Links from April 2024


Holi Saturday? CUW Employee Doubles Down (


Father Hollywood: Holi Saturday? CUW Employee Doubles Down


Father Hollywood: Holi Week?


Cartoon Network Goes All In On Trans ‘Day Of Visibility,’ Makes No Mention Of Easter | The Daily Wire

April 4


WILL Announces Settlement Involving Professor Suspended for Criticizing Woke Policies at Concordia University | Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (


South Carolina Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Staley Might Be Violating Her Players’ Religious Freedom ( (for information purposes)


Is Telegram a National Security Threat? | Opinion (


Marco Rubio: TikTok Parent Company Poses a National Security Threat | Opinion (


Catholics Are Debating the Celibate Priesthood Again ... and We Should, Too - The Stream


UConn Basketball Star Paige Bueckers: ‘I’m a Living Testimony’ of God’s Power (

April 5


FFRF files complaint over basketball coach's 'proselytizing' | Sports News (


Our Delicate Dance With Donald Trump (


April 6


Melania Trump is back, set to hold event for Log Cabin Republicans - POLITICO


Caitlin Clark: How The Catholic Star Captivated A Nation And Rewrote The NCAA Record Books (


UConn star Paige Bueckers says she's 'a living testimony' | Sports News (


April 7


How Martin Luther and Moses failed anger management 101 | Voice (


North Korea’s rejection of reunification seals Christians fate | Voice (


April 8


Vietnam’s New Religious Decree Further Burdens Local Churc...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Six months on – all eyes are on Gaza while children’s plight remains in the shadows | Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza | World Vision International (


Prominent Christian Author And Theologian Has Become Gay-Affirming: We Think We Know Why (

April 9


Trump draws criticism, praise from pro-lifers for abortion stance | Politics News (


Everything Wrong With Trump's 2024 Abortion And IVF Messaging (


Anti-Abortion Voters Should Have Dumped Trump When They Had the Chance (


Ex-psychic blasts Fox News for divination segment with astrologer | Entertainment News (

April 10


Ukrainian Christians facing torture at hands of Russian soldiers | World News (


Why the pro-life cause is a political liability to the GOP – Denny Burk


Trump fumbles badly on abortion | WORLD (


Kari Lake Blasts Abortion Ban She Once Was ‘Thrilled’ About (

April 11


Conservatives Turn on Tucker Carlson (


Pro-lifers put Trump in the White House. He can't betray them now (


Reconciling Christian Love and Hatred Toward Enemies of God (


4 Reasons Why the Bible Does Not Support Transgenderism | Clearly Reformed


Hannity Backs Trump’s Call to Reverse Arizona Abortion Ban (

April 12


Does Donald Trump want to make abortion gettable again? | Voice (


Tucker Carlson’s Shocking Interview with Palestinian Propaganda Pastor (


We’re all incrementalists now | WORLD (

April 13


An Episcopal seminary found a solution to its fiscal woes. Then 7 bishops intervened. ( (could be a good thing if this seminary closes)


Popular MAGA Arizona Senate Candidate, Kari Lake, Comes Out as Pro-Choice (


Why is Cornel West broke? (

April 14


TA NEA: Interview with Archbishop Elpidophoros (English Translation) - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America ( (for information purposes – recently publicized by Rod Dreher)


Pro-life society responds to GOARCH March for Life speech and tweets / OrthoChristian.Com (recently publicized by blogger Rod Dreher)


Uh-oh, the Greek Orthodox archbishop of America is a liberal ( (for information purposes – recently publicized by blogger/author Rod Dreher – sad that the archbishop is a liberal)


Pastoral Meanderings: Just as good. . .


Kari Lake: Worst of the Contemporary GOP | National Review

April 16


Beverly LaHaye, prominent Christian activist, dies at 94 | U.S. News (


Died: Beverly LaHaye, Pastor’s Wife Who Led Religious Righ...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Planning a Wedding? You Don't Have to Drain the Piggy Bank - The Stream


Scottie Scheffler dedicates second Masters win to God | Sports News (


How A Small Evangelical Seminary In Mississippi Is Growing And Defying The Odds (

April 21


Alex Magala says he has no children , wasn't saved 10 years ago | Church & Ministries News (


Pastoral Meanderings: But you won't what?

April 22


Christian Music Artist ‘Mandisa’ Passes Away at 47 (

April 23


Why this pro-lifer is not celebrating the Roe v. Wade reversal | Voice (


Satan Hates Your Pastor - by Mitch Chase (


The CIA’s Man in Constantinople - The American Conservative


Melania Trump Quietly Emerges From the Shadows—at a Sparse Event for Log Cabin Republicans (

April 24


James River Church Paying Money to Promote Lie-Filled Sermon about Driscoll and Sword-Swallower (


The Absolute Looniest Trump Trial Takes on Fox News So Far (


Finnish Bible Trial: Supreme Court will hear appeal against MP and Bishop - International Lutheran Council (

April 25


Why Americans are losing their religion (


Methodists attempt to stay united by agreeing to disagree | WORLD (


National Organization for Women's unintentional self-satire | Voice (


Charlotte Megachurch Pastor Blasts Trump Bible, Christian Nationalists - RELEVANT (

April 26


Tucker Carlson criticized for 'pro-Hamas' Munther Isaac interview | U.S. News (


The Gospel of 'Blessed Assurance' According to Johann Sebastian Bach - The Stream


"LGBTQ Conservatives" Need to Stop Calling Themselves "Conservatives" (


Biden’s New Title IX Rule is the Beginning of the End for Free Speech - The American Conservative


Abortion Tourism Is the Next Frontier  - The American Conservative


The Tailspin of American Boys and Men | The Heritage Foundation

April 27


Taylor Swift's new album mocks God, Christians, critics say | Entertainment News (


NC pastor calls Trump's 'God Bless the USA' Bible 'blasphemous' | Politics News (


National Council of Claunches launches effort to mobilize voters | Church & Ministries News (

April 30


ELCA Creates a Year-Long "Queer Confirmation" Curriculum for Homosexual Youth (