Monday, February 01, 2021

Interesting Links from February 2021


Black Lives Matter movement nominated for Nobel peace prize | Nobel peace prize | The Guardian


Mostly Peace-ful Prize? BLM Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize by Socialist Norwegian MP | MRCTV


Before You Tweet Criticism: Six Considerations | Desiring God (for information purposes)


Trump's Reckless 'Stolen Election' Talk Is Why He Should Be Impeached (


One Of The Ugliest Sights In The World | Tim Challies

February 4


Finnish Lutherans Elect New Bishop - International Lutheran Council (


French Lutherans elect new president - International Lutheran Council (


California Is Only State with Complete Worship Ban - Liberty Counsel (


Twitter Locks Focus on the Family Account Over ‘Hateful’ Content – Faithwire

‘Whoever Is Ashamed of Me’: A Call to the Quietly Christian | Desiring God


What to Know About the Equality Act | Kenneth Craycraft | First Things


General Lee, America & Christianity - Juicy Ecumenism


Fr. James Martin faces backlash over Mary LGBT halo twitter pic - The Christian Post


Rev. John Moldstad | Obituary | Mankato Free Press

February 5


Have We Surrendered the Freedom To Think What We Think? | The Stream


There’s Never Jocularity in Prayer — Gottesdienst


Joe Biden’s Abortion Policies Are Grounds For Excommunication (

February 8


RT Kendall releases book tackling problem of Pharisee mentality - The Christian Post


Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail | The American Conservative


Does 'A Guy With a Guitar' Really Improve Church Worship? (


Why Section 230 Repeal is Not the Answer | The American Conservative

February 9


Why We Should Embrace Trials – Theology & Life (


California to revise indoor church guidelines after court ruling - The Christian Post


February 11 (for information purposes)


National Cathedral criticized for hosting Max Lucado - The Christian Post


Trump Trial: The Disgust Of It All | The American Conservative


Anglicans Advocate “Life-affirming Nonviolent Revolution” - Juicy Ecumenism


Tucker Carlson: What we still don't know about the Capitol riot | Fox News


Joe Biden’s Secret Superpower Is Just What America Needs (

February 12


Report: Ravi Zacharias was guilty of sexual misconduct. RZIM board apologizes. (


Ravi Zacharias tribute: Leaders honor the late defender of Christianity, ‘well done sir’  - The Christian Post


Ravi Zacharias memorial: Pence, Tebow celebrate Christian apologist's life and legacy | Fox News


Outrage Over Max Lucado Shows There Is No Room For Dissent In LGBT Church Politics (


After Max Lucado Apology, Is Justin Welby Welcome at National Cathedral? - Juicy Ecumenism


Ravi Zacharias and the Judgment of God (


Larry Flynt should be remembered as a 'scourge on society' - The Christian Post


Sen. Rand Paul to CBN News: ‘Democrats Guilty of Much More Than They’re Accusing Trump Of’ – Faithwire (for information purposes)


February 13

In the Wake of Ravi Zacharias’s Sexual Abuse of Women - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries (


Did Trump Refuse To Call Off Rioters? | The American Conservative


57 GOP State And Local Officials Were At The Capitol Insurrection | HuffPost


Max Lucado Apologizes to LGBTQ For Preaching Against Homosexuality, Harming Them (

February 15

This Black Teacher In Rural Alabama Inspired Generations (


How 'Lift Every Voice And Sing' Became A Song Of Hope For Generations (


Frederick C.K. Price, televangelist who built LA's FaithDome, dies from COVID-19 (


Did the January 6th Capitol riot involve Christian “heresy” or “apostasy”? | Richard Ostling (


Open letter to pastors: 3 counter-arguments for reopening Church - The Christian Post


Trump blasts Democrats after acquittal in 2nd impeachment trial - The Christian Post


'You Are One Step Away from Complete and Total Insanity' - The French Press (


Bill Gates says climate change is biggest challenge ever faced by humanity - CBS News (ridiculous) (as if this is not controlled by almighty God and that humans can do anything significant about it anyway) (we should practice good environmental practices as best we can, though)


500 churches sign up to welcome new arrivals from Hong Kong - The Christian Post


Why Christians Support Traditional Marriage | The Stream

February 16


Largest Christian Book Publisher Removes Ravi Zacharias Books From Print - Protestia


Three cheers for Jamie Herrera Beutler, an evangelical Christian and a GOP congresswoman who is doing the right thing | the way of improvement leads home


Mr. President, Your Allies Are Coming for Your Fellow Catholics | Opinion (


Michael Van Der Veen, Donald Trump's Defense Attorney, Finds 'TRAITOR' Scrawled on Home (


Pro-Trump Radio Host Eric Metaxas on Biden and Nazis - The Atlantic


Eric Swalwell says God is a woman while discussing Trump impeachment trial | Fox News


‘God Herself’: Eric Swalwell Suggests the Almighty is Female – Faithwire


Max Lucado apologizes for past sermon on homosexuality - The Christian Post


Why you should use hymnals to plan worship services - The Christian Post


Pro-Life but Anti-Morality. Sorry, GOP, but being anti-abortion is… | by Kimberly Ross | Feb, 2021 | Arc Digital

A Insider’s Outline of the Views of African United Methodists - Juicy Ecumenism


Dream of 3 faiths worshipping in one building meets reality in Berlin ( (for information purposes only)


Vandals Attack Home of Trump Defense Attorney - His Family and Business 'Under Siege' | CBN News


The petition against Max Lucado, why we must defend God's truth - The Christian Post

February 17


It Is Time to Take Our Focus Off of Trump | The Stream


Parler, the previously Nazi-adjacent app, is now hosted by Nazis (


Died: Carman, Christian Showman Who Topped Charts with Tri...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Thy Word Is Not a MagLite | Tim Challies


Anti-Trump evangelicals let pro-life movement down, activist says - The Christian Post

February 18


Rush Limbaugh, who paved way for conservative talk radio, dies - The Christian Post


Rush Limbaugh Dies, Pointing to His ‘Personal Relationship with Jesus Christ’ in the End – Faithwire


Rush Limbaugh & Christian Dittoheads (


Rush Limbaugh, who shaped conservative Christian politics on the radio, has died (


Trump Uses Rush Limbaugh’s Death to Whine About Election Loss on Fox News (


Radio host Rush Limbaugh dies - Media - WORLD (


Christian Musician Carman Passes Away After Surgery Complications - Protestia


Ravi Zacharias Scandal Shows Why Our Reputation is in the Toilet - Protestia


Rush Limbaugh Did His Best to Ruin America - Rolling Stone


Carl Mcintire’s Save America Campaign (


Principled People Should Cut All Ties With the Episcopal Church (

February 20


Biden looks to 'repentance,' 'renewal' during Lent - The Christian Post


News & Stories » Statement on the Findings of Ravi Zacharias Independent Investigation (


Let’s Briefly Praise Rush Limbaugh—Then Bury Him Forever - POLITICO


The Equality Act Accelerates Anti-Christian Bias (


Rush Limbaugh and the Right’s Generational Despair - The French Press (


In defense of Nikki Haley (


Long-Time Saddleback Church Apologist is Now Gay Apologist - Protestia


Pastoral Meanderings: Actions speak louder than words. . .

February 21

What Do We Make Of Ravi Zacharias? | Blog (page ) | Moody Church Media (


Ravi Zacharias’s Denomination Revokes Ordination...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today (uncertain whether Zacharias belonged to or attended a church)


What You Need to Know about the Arrest of Pastor James Coates - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


Let the church declare: Asian Lives Matter (


Inside Israel’s Unholy Alliance With Right-Wing Evangelicals (


The Christian Prophets Who Say Trump Is Coming Again - POLITICO


Florida governor says flags will be flown at half-staff for Rush Limbaugh - CBS News (why have no funeral arrangements yet been announced for Limbaugh?  His death was not unexpected.  What was his faith in God—or absence thereof-- truly like on a personal level?)

Friend, former employee of Limbaugh: "Rush gave his life to Christ a few years ago" | Disrn (if this is the case, glad – it’s the only thing that truly matters – faith in Christ and living for Him in response to His grace)

February 23


Why Evangelicalism Must Change or Die | by Joel Looper | Feb, 2021 | Arc Digital


The Real Story on The Capitol Breach? Don't Hold Your Breath | The Stream (for information purposes)


Lucado wrong to apologize for speaking God's truth: McFarland (


Twitter Locked Out Focus On The Family After It Said Boys And Girls Are Different (


Pastoral Meanderings: Watch what he does not what he says. . .

February 24


Anti-abortion protesters demonstrate outside an Iowa City clinic (


Are You a Fool According to the Bible? | The Stream


When Amazon Erased My Book | Ryan T. Anderson | First Things


Bill Hybels's Daughter Apologizes for Her 'Silence' After Misconduct Allegations - Protestia


63% of Biden voters reject that God is 'perfect and just' creator - The Christian Post


Columbus and the Culture War - Juicy Ecumenism %


Citing COVID-19, Canada cracks down on churches - Religious Liberty - WORLD (


63% of Biden voters reject that God is 'perfect and just' creator - The Christian Post


Kristopher Kinsinger: The arrest of Alberta pastor James Coates is a constitutional abnormality | National Post


Grace Semler Baldridge Is Bringing Queer Stories to Christian Music | Sojourners (for information purposes only)

Friday, January 01, 2021

Interesting Links from January 2021


Christian Journalist in China Sentenced to Prison for Reporting on Wuhan COVID Outbreak – Faithwire (for information purposes only)


January 3


Christians, If You’re Still Complaining About 2020, You’re Missing the Point – Faithwire


Proposed House Rules Strike Non-Inclusive Words ‘Father,’ ‘Son,’ ‘Sister’: McCarthy Responds. | The Daily Wire

January 5 (for information purposes)

January 6


The COVID Vaccines are Not “Morally Compromised” - Public Discourse (


Trip Lee warns against 'reality show righteousness' - The Christian Post


CNN’s Chris Cuomo Mocks Marco Rubio’s Christian Faith, Calls Him ‘Bible Boy’ – Faithwire


Excuse Me, Congressman Cleaver, Brahma Is Not the 'Monotheistic God' — Charisma News

January 7 (for information purposes)

January 9


Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed: Looks Promising - Why Trump Will Not Attend Biden's Inauguration (for information purposes)

January 14 (for information purposes only – this type of stupid stuff discredits biblical Christianity)


USCIRF chair: Biden will protect religious freedom like Trump - The Christian Post


Dr. Robert Jeffress: Capitol riots aftermath – to heal a badly divided nation we must do this | Fox News


Don’t Give Up, Saints: Encouragement from a Washington, D.C. Pastor | Acts 29


The Rise of Trump – the Fall of Evangelicalism      | The Roys Report (


Biden taps Delaware AME pastor to offer benediction at inauguration (


January 15


For some Christians, the Capitol riot doesn’t change the prophecy: Trump will be president - The Washington Post (way off base here in my opinion – a voting decision on this matter is not something that is spelled out in the Bible as a sin one way or the other)


On Washing Trump’s Feet–Or Kissing Him |

January 16


A Biblical Attack on the Capitol? | The University of Chicago Divinity School (


Statement - American Thinker


Trump Calls in Mark Lindell, MyPillow CEO, to Discuss Martial Law - Rolling Stone


California GOP official resigns after bragging about storming the US Capitol - TheBlaze


Proud Boys Intended To Kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi, FBI Witness Says (


Johnnie Moore optimistic after meeting with Biden team - The Christian Post


If we want the best, embrace a strong opposition – Building Jerusalem


Merrick Garland, Biden's attorney general pick, exemplifies service (

January 18 (for information purposes - the vast majority of informed individuals disagree with Dr. Dobson’s criticisms of the Supreme Court for not overturning the election results.   Three of the Supreme Court justices were appointed by Mr. Trump and six were appointed by Republicans.  Other analyses offered by Dr. Dobson are questiona)


Religious Freedom Under Assault in America in 2021? | Answers in Genesis


Opinion | Sue Gordon: Trump?s intelligence briefings should stop once he leaves office - The Washington Post


Sasse Statement on Rioters Attempting to Capture and Assassinate the Vice President - Press Releases - Senator Ben Sasse (


Big Tech Made the Right Call About Donald Trump | Time


Donald Trump Impeachment: Case for Conviction & Disqualification | National Review


The GOP Must Choose Between Conspiracy and Reality - The Atlantic

January 19


When Pragmatic Politics Goes Bad: An Apology to the Never-Trumpers - Public Discourse (


Should You Celebrate Civil-Rights Activist and Sex-Pervert Martin Luther King Jr. this MLK Day? - Protestia


Important synod convention news and update from Martin Luther College – WELS (Mike Lindell, who disseminated kooky views at the White House on Friday, is on the cover of Charisma.  Anyone who professes to be a Christian should challenge this.)


Praying for “Kings and all Those in Authority” | Musings of a Circuit Riding Parson (


Bed, Bath & Beyond Drops MyPillow, Says Mike Lindell | Todd Starnes


When Prayer Goes Wrong – The Lutheran Witness (

January 20 (Jen Hatmaker has expressed progressive views over the last few years and is not really an evangelical as traditionally defined).


Biden Names First Transgender Person to Serve in Federal Position – Faithwire (his birth name is Richard Levine).


The Patriotic Idolatry - Reformation 21


Trump Supporter Shocked Over Clemency of 'Crook' Who Stole His Life Savings in Ponzi Scheme (

January 22


‘Good Riddance!’: China’s State-Run Media Celebrates End of Trump Presidency – Faithwire


Exclusive: How Officials' Fear of Donald Trump Paralyzed Intelligence Agencies, Led to Capitol Riot (


How to Pray on Inauguration Day | EFCA (for information purposes – not necessarily full endorsement though of course we should pray within biblical guidelines


Biden Taps Transgender Health Official (


Breaking! Another Dumpster Fire Prayer at Joe Biden Inauguration 'To Your Glory, Majesty, Dominion... - Protestia


Joe Biden's Policies and QAnon Fallout Could See Proliferation of Militia Groups (


Mitch McConnell Says Joe Biden is Already Making Serious Errors as President (


William Barber warns against ‘simplistic calls for unity' - The Christian Post (way out there leftie dominated event – horrendous syncretism among many other concerns) (those who prophesied Trump’s reelection were WRONG.  And it is a serious spiritual issue to be wrong on that.  One needs to stick to things that are taught in the Bible.  It is a separate issue as to whether Biden is a good president advocating good policies.)

January 23


Transgender pastor from Colorado takes part in the Inaugural Prayer Ceremony (


White House advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci promises administration's repeal of Mexico City Policy (


President Biden, Speak to the March for Life | Opinion (


On the day of Biden’s inauguration, Trump evangelical John MacArthur tweets that the U.S. is officially “one nation in rebellion to God” | the way of improvement leads home (Katt Kerr is wrong.)


Biden dissolves Trump's 1776 commission - The Christian Post


Republicans Accuse Joe Biden of Putting Jobs at Risk with Climate Change Agenda ( (did he tell the truth about what he would do on this?)


Paula Stone Williams Risks All to Follow Calling of Transgender Identity Igniting New Purpose | KSFR (Williams is a dangerous false teacher.  Unbelievably sad how Williams is being promoted.  There is no joy or hope in this person’s story, as evidenced in the book “She’s My Dad.”)


Joe Biden's First Executive Order Mandates Boys Can Use Girls Restrooms, No Religious Exceptions (


Evangelical Leaders Rejoice in Communist Takeover of America (


Southern Baptist Pastor Defends Transgender Doctor as "Competent" and "Qualified" to Lead Nation (


Beth Moore Says God is Judging His People Because They "Sinned Grievously" By Supporting Trump (


List of False Prophets Who Prophesied Trump Would Win 2020 Election Keeps Growing (


Why did evangelicals go for Trump? - Because Trump was as cruel as the Bible - Frank Schaeffer - Official Blog ( (sad that the once conservative Frank Schaeffer blasts the Bible.  Although Trump and no sinful human is beyond criticism, Schaeffer’s remarks here don’t make sense.  The Bible did not support all of Mr. Trump’s communication methods or actions.  Nor does it support Mr. Biden’s.)

January 24


Biden Signs Divisive Transgender Executive Order (


Transgenderism - Our Position - Focus on the Family


'Worst-Ever Secretary of State' Declares China a Genocidal Regime | Opinion (


Inauguration Day: What’s Next for Christians? | Answers in Genesis

January 26

Agree with liberals, or you're racist, xenophobic and dangerous - Washington Times


KC Chiefs' Owner Clark Hunt Praises God as Team Heads to Super Bowl - Faith Plays Big Role in Chiefs Organization | CBN News


Francis Chan leaves Hong Kong after visa rejected - The Christian Post


Donald Trump Endorses 'Warrior' Sarah Sanders for Arkansas Governor (

January 30


It's time to stand up against the muzzling of America (


Supreme Court rejects church's challenge to COVID worship limits - The Christian Post


Joe Biden's Transgender Fictions | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


When We Failed to Count the Cost | Tim Challies


HuffPost blaming Christian curriculum for riots is slanderous - The Christian Post (for information purposes) particularly believe that John Nunes was perhaps their last and best hope of preventing this end to a history that is larger than life. Many of the players in Missouri's history matriculated from Bronxville -- people on both sides of the theological spectrum!” (interesting that a Roman Catholic college will be taking over CCNY.)


Carl Flentge Schalk Obituary - Melrose Park, IL | Chicago Tribune ( (for information purposes)


Twitter suspends Christian mag over Biden trans nominee tweet - The Christian Post

Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Interesting Links from December 2020



December 3


Biden makes 'sweeping promises' to LGBT activists - The Christian Post


Economics Legend Walter E. Williams Dies at 84 | Dan Bongino (He was frequently favorably quoted in Christian News.)

December 6


Physician Support for Ethical Vaccines – Christian Medical & Dental Associations ( (for information purposes) (maybe he’s right on the military reasons but it would be bad if Communist China took over Taiwan)

December 8


Fire destroys historic church that houses New York Liberty Bell - The Christian Post


Bill C-6: What the Criminal Ban on “Conversion Therapy” Means for Churches in Canada - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


The Crisis of Christian Celebrity - The French Press (

December 11


Biden’s Election is as Putrid, Shady, and Spurious as Persia’s Darius the Great! (


Pro-life groups denounce Biden’s HHS secretary pick - The Christian Post


'Churches should suspend services.' I respectfully dissent - The Christian Post (downright heretical theology is tolerated in the National Council of Churches, and has been for decades)


The sad irony of celebrity pastors | Spectator USA


John MacArthur: World 'perfectly suited' for Antichrist's arrival - The Christian Post

December 12


Hemingway: Governor Ralph Northam Has No Right To Dictate The Theology Of Virginia Residents (


Letter to the Church in Response to Governor Northam's Statements on Worship — Esgetology


Kathie Lee Gifford doesn’t follow man-made religious rules - The Christian Post

December 14


‘Biden Did You Know?’: Metaxas turns Christmas carol into conspiracy parody (


The Dangerous Idolatry of Christian Trumpism - The French Press (


'Proud Boys' burn Black Lives Matter signs at churches in Washington (


Beware Those Hasty & Severe in Judgment – Entrusted to the Dirt

December 16 (for information purposes) (not persuaded that this is good) (theologically liberal Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod pastor Matt Staneck supports this in my opinion ridiculous idea at ), which conservative LCMS pastor Phil Hale opposed at )  (Some people deny that there are theologically liberal pastors in the LCMS.) “Howard-Browne also says he has a peace about the outcome and confidence that Trump will be sworn in for a second term as U.S. president on Jan. 20.”


Franklin Graham Says Trump 'Will Go Down in History As One of the Great Presidents' (

December 17


My Top 10 Theology Stories of 2020 (


The New Moral Majority Endorses Warnock & Ossoff — New Moral Majority (not that there aren’t also problems on the political right but this list of endorsements includes many way out there lefties like Brian McLaren)

December 19


In VOA Nominee Fight, WaPo Insists Christians Cannot Hold Public Office (


Proud Boys Leader Admits Burning Church BLM Sign Following Washington Rally (


How to start your own blog in 2021 – Building Jerusalem


MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office - POLITICO


NAE Condemns Burnings at Black Churches - National Association of Evangelicals


A Note from JD Hall: Goodbye, 4,830 Facebook Friends - Protestia


Trump’s path to an electoral college victory isn’t narrow. It’s nonexistent. - The Washington Post (my friend Stu Rothenberg from 2016)

December 20

North Carolina governor establishes “Gender Expansive Parents’ Day” in recognition of LGBT parents | Disrn


Members of John MacArthur's Church Say They’re Being Pressured Not to Report New COVID Outbreak | The Roys Report (


How Postmodern Pseudo-Prophecy Dishonors God (

December 22


The Story Behind Handel’s Messiah - BreakPoint

December 23


Joni Eareckson Tada tests positive for COVID - The Christian Post


Hungary amends Constitution to uphold traditional marriage - The Christian Post


Raven 23 & President Trump: The Team Deserves Pardons | National Review


Ted Cruz Blocks Hong Kong Immigration Bill That Jeopardizes National Security |


Ted Cruz’s Terrible Case for Keeping out Hong Kong Refugees –

December 25


Major pro-life group gives Trump its ‘Person of the Year’ award - The Christian Post


Limbaugh slams Biden's 'darkest days' comment about coronavirus - The Christian Post

December 27


Why Hollywood Praises Elliot Page (and Blacklists Me) (


VA Governor: “You Don’t Need to Sit in the Pews for God to Hear Your Prayers” | Answers in Genesis

December 28 Scary.


Los Angeles Finally Agrees to Drop COVID Restrictions Against Churches – Faithwire


The Dangerous Love of Ease | Desiring God

December 29

A woke church is doomed to fail | The Spectator