Monday, August 01, 2022

Interesting Links from August 2022

 Beyoncé invites church girls to celebrate their freedom ( (for information purposes)


Lutheran Theologian: Gun Laws, Death Penalty Evince ‘White Supremacy’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Pope Pitter-Patters Around Indigenous Pagans - Protestia


African Christians face martyrdom | WORLD (

August 2


Trump Sides with Russia Over Brittney Griner (


National Conservatism: A Statement Of Principles - The American Conservative


Against Public Atheism - The American Conservative


Their Party’s Call - The American Conservative


Pastoral Meanderings: Bronze Age Missourians. . .


This is sooooo New York Times? Cannibalism is hip, which raises zero religious questions — GetReligion


UMC Funded Seminary Offers ‘LGBTQ Studies Concentration’ - Juicy Ecumenism

August 5


Our president and my church: An evangelical Christian on the president’s damage to his faith community – New York Daily News ( (for information purposes)


Is Brittney Griner Worth It? - The American Conservative


Indiana Congresswoman and Staff Killed in Tragic Car Crash - The American Conservative


The Reign of Terror Begins: Russell Moore Promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today - Protestia

August 6


Foursquare Abuse Response Ignites Fight over Transparency...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


The evangelical left loses its prophet | WORLD (


Is Taiwan's Independence Worth War? - The American Conservative


Wisconsin megachurch pastor Stuart Briscoe, lifelong broadcast evangelist, dies at 91 (


The Gospel Coalition Says We should Affirm the Right of Homosexuals to Marry? - Protestia

August 7


Apologizing for the Gospel - The American Conservative


Who Deserves Death by Divine Judgment? - The Stream

Saturday, July 02, 2022

Interesting Links from July 2022


John Chau: A hero | Voice (


Pelosi, the Eucharist, and the American Catholic Divide - Juicy Ecumenism


Toronto Cops Look For Bearded 'Woman' - The American Conservative


The next 50 years | WORLD (


Patricia Heaton's crisis pregnancy center hires armed security | Entertainment News (


Finnish MP decries 'heavy hatred for Christian values' | Politics News (

July 3


Seattle police arrest street preacher for reading the Bible | U.S. News (


China’s remaking of Hong Kong | WORLD (

July 6


Hell? Seriously? - The Stream


David French is 'disquieted' about the death of Roe | Voice (


Canadian Armed Forces Considering Booting all Chaplains Who Teach Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life - Protestia

July 9


The Brew: NEA Proposes Changing 'Mother' to 'Birthing Parent' - The Stream


Platt calls on Christians to 'understand reasons' behind abortion | Church & Ministries News (


What would Martin Luther say to pro-abortion Lutheran pastors? | Voice (


Chasten Buttigieg Mocks Kavanaugh For Fleeing Restaurant Amid Protests — But The Joke Blows Up In His Face | The Daily Wire


Episcopal Seminary Dean Claims Religious Liberty ‘Weaponized’  - Juicy Ecumenism


Sarah Palin Responds to Russia's Alaska Threats—'Things We Can Do About It' (

July 12


Op-Ed: The Might of the SBC is Raging Against Megan Basham - Protestia


United Methodist Seminaries Promote Unitarian Universalism (


Faith leaders attend White House celebration of gun control law (

July 13


Man claims his contract was terminated for praising Roe reversal | U.S. News (


Law Professor Accuses Senator Hawley of "Transphobic" Questions | National Review


NPR Interviewees: ‘Anti-Democratic’ Christian Nationalists ‘Dominate’ Republican Party - Juicy Ecumenism


UCC Shows Mainline Protestantism’s Future: Unrelenting Decline - Juicy Ecumenism


FBI arrests youth pastor for involvement in Jan. 6 riot | Politics News (


Church of England says it has 'no official definition' of a woman | World News (

July 14


Transgender pastor makes history as he's ordained in Lutheran church (


Speaker at Park River Bible Camp backs out after backlash from surrounding communities - Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, East Grand Forks news, weather & sports


Continuing Challenges to Religious Freedom in Europe and America - Juicy Ecumenism


'No Restriction' on Abortion, Episcopalians Resolve at General Convention - Juicy Ecumenism


Did David Rape Bathsheba? And Why it Matters - The Stream

July 17


DeSantis: Men Can’t Get Pregnant | The Daily Wire


Abortion ruling cramps welcoming spirit at Wild Goose Festival (


Christ’s return will generate joy and sorrow | Voice (

July 19


Pastor JD Hall accused or embezzling over $10K, strangling family | Church & Ministries News (


Jordan Peterson’s Church Advice Is Mostly Right - Juicy Ecumenism


Setting Fathers Against Sons - The American Conservative

July 20


Government Email Scandals: The Dog Ate Their Accountability | National Review


Climate Change? Judgments on the Climate for the Works of Men (


Defenders Of Traditional Marriage Should Follow The Pro-Life Playbook (


NeverTrump's Latest Attempt To Dismiss Election Concerns Is Dishonest (

July 22


Republicans get on board the same-sex marriage train | WORLD (


Brittney Griner Could Have Avoided Jail By Following The Law (

July 23


SNL alum Jim Breuer talks about faith amid wife's cancer battle | Entertainment News (


The ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Deserves No Respect | National Review


House-Passed “Respect for Marriage Act” Isn’t About Marriage. It’s About Complying With Woke Ideology. | The Heritage Foundation


'Who?/Whom?' - Monkeypox Edition - The American Conservative


Pope Francis’ meeting with Canada’s indigenous to focus on elderly, environment (


Moral madness abounds | WORLD (


How Donald Trump Contaminated the Secret Service (

July 26


These Senators Defended Marriage in 2015. What’s Changed? - The Stream


'Transphobia' Is Good, and Should Be Official Government Policy - The Stream

July 27


Meet the pastors who shared the Gospel in a hotbed of witchcraft | Church & Ministries News (


Uh-oh, the Greek Orthodox archbishop of America is a liberal (


MAGA Pastor Sean Feucht Loves Trump, Jesus, and Raking in Millions - Rolling Stone


FiveThirtyEight Contradicts Its Own Claim That Pro-Life Movement Is Racist (


Worship Leader Sean Feucht's Non-Profit Ministry Brings in Millions of Dollars+ Net Income Increases by 31,000% - Protestia

July 28


Pastor Ted Haggard accused of inappropriate male touching | Church & Ministries News (


Outrage in Alberta after food company makes transphobic response to Pride donation request | National Post


North Korean Persecution of Christians Intensifies - Juicy Ecumenism


The Culture War Is a Myth - The American Conservative


Gaines: Lia Thomas causes 'extreme discomfort' in locker room | Politics News (

July 30


Why you should end your affair with unbelief | Voice (


Jesus is Not Ashamed of Subjects of Church Discipline : 9Marks


Television’s boundary-smashing pioneer turns 100 | WORLD (


I’m a Young Queer Conservative. The GOP Lied to Me. (

Thursday, June 02, 2022

Interesting Links from June 2022

 Canada's Communist Dictator, Justin Trudeau, Bans All Handguns in Canada (


Churches That Bless Gay Marriage Victimize Children (


Retired Mobile pastor falsely tied to SBC abuser list by local news outlet | Baptist Press


Put A Wiener On The Barbie - The American Conservative


Don't insist that LGBTQ people keep Pride events 'family friendly' (


Ignorance of America’s abortion extremism | WORLD (


What Will the Reversal of Roe v. Wade Really Mean? Five False Expectations | Daniel Williams (


Beth Moore Suggests Those Wary of a Liberal Takeover Don't Like Jesus, Only Power - Protestia


June 3


Gay teacher forced to quit after being outed by a blackmailer on Facebook - Iowa Capital Dispatch


Biden Puts Men In Women’s Prisons, Christians Out Of Law Enforcement (


Mennonite Church USA Caves on Marriage - Juicy Ecumenism


How “LGB” led to “T” | WORLD (


Anti-gay commencement speech at Ohio high school sparks public outrage (


The Benefit of Ancient Creeds for the Contemporary Church - The Gospel Coalition | India


Nothing To Be Ashamed Of: Penal Substitutionary Atonement In Honor-Shame Cultures - Reaching & Teaching International Ministries (


Are Cuss Words Sinful? - Kuza (


The Intermediate State of the Dead in Christ – Treasure in Earthen Vessel

June 4


Seattle Pacific University students plan to sue over LGBTQ exclusion (


Tucker Carlson: Pete Buttigieg is a disgrace and should resign | Fox News


Every Knee Shall Bend - The American Conservative

June 6


4 Questions about the Lord’s Supper | Crossway Articles


Ohio Lawmakers Urge Feds to Add Canada to Religious Freedom Watch List, Call COVID Mandates ‘Very Similar’ to Rules in ‘Communist-Controlled China’ – Faithwire


Hang Michael Avenatti Around the Media’s Neck Until Christ Returns in Glory - The Stream

June 9


‘I Put My Faith in God’: New Lakers Coach Immediately Praises the Lord Before Saying Anything Else During First Press Conference – Faithwire


Kamala Harris holds abortion roundtable with faith leaders | Politics News (


Presbyterian advocacy director part of White House reproductive rights meeting - The Presbyterian Outlook (


Pushing back on Biden’s transgender policies | WORLD (


Threat to Brett Kavanaugh: Take Security Seriously | National Review


Man arrested near Bret Kavanaugh’s home wanted to kill justice | Politics News (

June 10


When neutrality is a myth | WORLD (


Pushing back on Biden’s transgender policies | WORLD (


Why Should Pastors Avoid Online Quarrels? – The Contenders (

June 11


PCUSA ministry launches 'Queering the Bible' project | Church & Ministries News (


A Tale of Two ‘Incitements’ - The Stream


Jemar Tisby Asserts Orgy-Loving, Jesus-Denying, Serial-Adulturer is a 'Very Strong Christian' - Protestia

June 12


Weapons For Spiritual War In A Post-Truth World – Gab News


Victims of Communism Museum an Education on Evils of Communism | National Review


Newest DC Museum Dedicated to the Victims of Communism Opens June 13th in McPherson Square, the First of its Kind | Victims of Communism


Column One: CRT, Trumpism and doubt roil Biola University. Is this the future of evangelical Christianity? - Los Angeles Times ( (very biased commentary, as per usual from the LA Times)

June 14


Has anybody noticed that women are disappearing? | WORLD (


American Heritage Girls Celebrates What Makes Femininity Unique, Encourages Biblical Womanhood — Charisma News

June 16


Methodist Cleric on Bible: Not Reliable - Juicy Ecumenism


Fulton Sheen & Religious Broadcasting - Juicy Ecumenism


Christian Reformed Church codifies homosexual sex as sin in its declaration of faith (


Southern Baptists’ #MeToo Moment | The Daily Wire


Nowhere to hide: Los Angeles Times hit job focuses on one side of Biola University tensions — GetReligion

Southern Baptists denounce prosperity gospel as ‘false teaching’ | Church & Ministries News (

June 17


LCC declares fellowship with the Lutheran Church in Norway and Iceland - The Canadian Lutheran


Witches, Warlocks and the Supreme Court — Charisma News


Former SBC President James Merrit Says After Recent Convention, He's SURE there's No Drift - Protestia

June 20


As a “Cult Leader” Disgraced Pastor Mark Driscoll Does Not Rank | Religion Dispatches


'Jesus and John Wayne' Author Kristen Kobes Du Mez Comes Out Further as Gay-Affirming' - Protestia

June 22


With Overturn Of Roe, U.S. Will Have Looser Abortion Laws Than Europe (


Massachusetts Bishop Orders School to Stop Calling itself 'Catholic' in Flag Controversy - Juicy Ecumenism


The CRC’s valiant stand and Calvin’s moment of truth | WORLD (

June 23


Richard Rohr's The Universal Christ ( (ultraliberal former Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod professor Jeff Mallinson, who is now basically an atheist, endorses false teacher Richard Rohr)


Why Donald Trump Has Too Much Baggage — Charisma News


As Dobbs Decision Nears, Corporate Media Abortion Propaganda Machine Is Firing On All Cylinders (


Oops, This WaPo Reporter Wrote a Heart-Warming Pro-Life Story - The Stream


5 Reasons Why We Should Not Stop Using Male Pronouns for God - CBMW

June 24


Church Discipline: Guarding the Gospel - Rooted Thinking : Rooted Thinking


Supreme Court Backs Second Amendment | National Review


Supreme Court's religious school ruling signals 'dangerous road' for LGBTQ rights, advocates say (


Why are drag queens everywhere? | WORLD (

June 25


Opinion | Thank Donald Trump for the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade - The Washington Post


Bishop Eaton issues pastoral message on SCOTUS ruling regarding Roe v. Wade - ELCA


Supreme Court Ruling on Abortion — Evangelical Free Church of America (


As Pro-Lifers Cheer End of Roe, Democrats Lament SCOTUS Overturning ‘Right’ to Kill the Unborn: ‘One of the Darkest Days Our Country Has Ever Seen’ – Faithwire


Pro-Choice "Pastor" Vows to Continue to Fight for Abortion Rights (


Why Is Homophobia on the Rise? - The American Conservative


On Roe, Are Joe Manchin and Susan Collins Stupid Or Do They Just Think We Are? (


Roe v. Wade is History, and Faith and Pro-Life Leaders are Rejoicing — Charisma News

June 26


Tucker Carlson says corporations are helping their employees get an out-of-state abortion because those 'without families are much cheaper for the company' (


Statement on the Disqualification of JD Hall - Protestia


Brittney Griner Is a Rallying Cry for the LGBTQ+ Community to Fight for Cannabis Criminal Justice Reform ( (for information purposes)

June 28


JD Hall removed from church, media ministries due to ‘serious sin | Church & Ministries News (


Lawsuit against McLean Bible, David Platt dismissed (


Catholics React to Overturn of Roe - Juicy Ecumenism


Blue States and Red Abortion - The American Conservative


ELCA Stood Against Coach that Prays Supreme Court Case - EXPOSING THE ELCA

June 29


Cassidy Hutchinson Testimony against Trump Devastating | National Review


Mesa County Clerk Tina Peter Loses Race for Colorado Secretary of State (


Union Seminary Accuses Christians of ‘Weaponizing Scriptures’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Abortion & Methodist Split - Juicy Ecumenism

June 30


Facebook Designates Violent Pro-Abortion Group a Terrorist Organization - Juicy Ecumenism


In defiance of US bishops, Nancy Pelosi receives Communion at the Vatican (


German Franciscan Latest to Defy Vatican Teaching on sexuality - Juicy Ecumenism


Abortion Loving ELCA Pastor and Other ELCA Leaders - EXPOSING THE ELCA

Monday, May 02, 2022

Interesting Links From May 2022

 Jen Hatmaker Awakens Her Mind to The 'Mystery' of 'The Feminine Divine' - Protestia


Do this if a pastor tells you to repent of your 'whiteness' | Voice (


Pornography and Church Discipline | Desiring God

May 3


An Interview with Tom Ascol | Baptist Press


Criminal to Withhold Medication or Surgery for 'Trans' Kids According to ELCA Leader Who Wants to 'expose children as early as possible to all the possibilities of their beautiful becoming' - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Peanuts Mother's Day special declares 'some kids have two moms' | U.S. News ( (stuff like this Apple TV programming is part of why I recently switched from iPhone to Galaxy).


Rachel Levine's Spectacular Mendacity (Or Ignorance) | National Review


Five Rules for Living Faithfully in the Digital Age | Samuel D. James | First Things


Roe v. Wade Protesters Chant 'F*** Alito' Outside Supreme Court (

May 11


Jen Hatmaker voices support for abortion, derides opposition | U.S. News (


Abortion Hysteria of ELCA Pastors - EXPOSING THE ELCA


MSNBC Guest Promises Sex To SCOTUS Leaker, 'Joyfully' Aborting Baby (


Why Won't Biden Condemn Attacks On Churches, Justices' Homes? (


God is a mother, too, writes children's book author Teresa Kim Pecinovsky (


Religious Left Panics After Dobbs Leak - Juicy Ecumenism


Washington Post Finds Thriving Anti-Abortion Church and Moribund Mainline - Juicy Ecumenism


Karine Jean-Pierre to replace Jen Psaki, becoming first Black woman and openly gay White House press secretary (


Conservative Podcaster, Allie Beth Stuckey Destroys Gay Pastor in Abortion Debate (


White House’s Melissa Rogers affirms religious diversity as interfaith group expands (


Bishop Vashti McKenzie to lead National Council of Churches for next two years (


D.C.-area churches tackle leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade - The Washington Post

May 12


Why Mainstream Scholars often Differ with Evangelical Pastors on the Gospels - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


Why Doesn't Hong Kong's Tragic Loss Get As Much Attention As Ukraine? (


Jen Hatmaker’s Journey From Evangelical to Pro-Gay to Pro-Abortion - The Stream


Evangelical Lutheran Church short ‘at least 600’ pastors | Church & Ministries News (


May 13


More radical than Roe | WORLD (


Has Tucker Carlson created the most racist show in the history of cable news? : NPR

May 14


Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson shares abortion views (


Abortion: a Christian Nationalist ‘Smokescreen’? - Juicy Ecumenism


Three Middle School Students Criminally Charged For Not Using Proper Pronouns (


Luther Seminary's 'Reproductive Freedom' Article Warns Prolife Responses Will Be Deleted - The Liberal Lutheran Church Today (


‘Good, Good Mother?' Woke Church Rewrites Song To make God a Chick - Protestia

May 15


Why Pro-Lifers Support Laws to Punish Abortionists but Not Mothers – Denny Burk


Elijah Removed From Gospel Coalition 'Molech Debate' Following Dismal Performance At Mount Carmel - Protestia

May 17


Montana pastor J.D. Hall, Pulpit&Pen founder, charged with DUI, carrying weapon (


University Won't Hear Professor It Kicked Out After Criticizing Wokeness ( (for information)


Despite What Big Eva is Saying, The Most Guilty Party in an Abortion is the Mother (


After shooting, Buffalo bishop urges white pastors to speak out | U.S. News (


May 18


It's Not Progressive Christianity, It’s Accommodationist Christianity, and It Has Nothing of Christ In It - The Stream


Sojourners Praises Roe to ‘Ensure that Abortion is Kept Legal’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Head of ELCA Church Says Overturning Roe w. Wade 'Contradicts Church Teaching' - Protestia

May 20


A Day In The Culture War - The American Conservative (“Do you believe than men can become pregnant and have abortions?  Yes.”)


Abortion Politics: The Left Rediscovers Women | National Review


Happy Birthing Person’s Day? Seriously? - The Stream


Gavin Ortlund says if you like Tucker Carlson, you are white supremacist - Capstone Report

May 21


Craig Groeschel: doubt stems from disliking Jesus' exclusivity | Church & Ministries News (


National Review’s Publisher, Gayly Married? - The Stream


Under Biden, Trans Pronouns Make All Students 'Sexual Harassers' (


Quo Vadis, Mother Russia? - The American Conservative

May 22


Refusing to let the law tell lies | WORLD (


Dallas Jenkins clarifies his ‘Mormons are Christians’ comments | Entertainment News (

May 23


Harry Emerson Fosdick and the Spirit of American Liberalism | Kevin DeYoung (Fosdick was a false teacher)


How Compromised Preaching is Contributing to Our Cultural Rot - The Stream


The reckoning of the Lord | WORLD (


SBC Guidepost Report Calls For Establishment of Sex Abuse Bureaucracy - Protestia

May 24


Lee University develops a gender and sexuality policy - WDEF


Biden Admin Takes Steps Toward a Digital Dollar - The American Conservative

May 26


Roe v. Wade, SCOTUS, and the Sanctity of Life — EFCA Blog


Church of Scotland allows ministers to marry same-sex couples | World News (


Nancy Pelosi takes communion despite archbishop's ban | Politics News (

May 27


J.D. Hall, pastor and founder of Pulpit&Pen, admits fabricating story about trans activist ( (full disclosure: I have checked Hall’s web sites and have sometimes cited them, though by no means necessarily agreeing with everything.)


The “Example of Grove City College” Is Spreading ( (Jemar Tisby discusses the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod)


A Novel Interpretation of Matthew 25 - The American Conservative


Celebrated United Methodist Drag Queen Activist Denounces Bible - Juicy Ecumenism


Pelosi now barred from Communion in at least four dioceses (


A Response to The News of Jordan Hall's 'Fabricated' Story (And How it Affects Us) - Protestia

May 28


We Need to Talk About the Theology Behind the Abuse | Aimee Byrd


List of alleged, convicted sexual abusers released by SBC Executive Committee | Baptist Press


Things I Learned From My Friend, Pastor Ron Hodel | 1517


Former EC vice president counters Guidepost characterization of abusers list | Baptist Press


SBC presidential candidates, state leaders respond to Guidepost report | Baptist Press


Seattle Pacific University students stage sit-in over LGBTQ exclusion ( (Seattle Pacific University used to be at least relatively conservative – at least the leadership is sort of trying to hold the line.)


A life lived for justice: Rosemary Radford Ruether ( (she was way out there on the religious left—but at least had a decades long marriage—to a man---with children)

May 29


ELCA presiding bishop requests resignation of first transgender bishop (


10 times Nancy Pelosi supported abortion while citing her Catholic faith | Catholic News Agency

May 31


MeToo Politics: A Reckoning for MeToo | National Review


The Churches of Antarctica | Amusing Planet

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Interesting Links from April 2022

Biden admin. supports trans surgeries, puberty blockers for youth | Politics News (


Megan Basham Takes TGC Author Gavin Ortlund Behind The Woodshed For Advocating Climate Science - Protestia


April 2


Christian Conservatives, Here's Why You Cannot Put Your Trust in Fox News — Charisma News


War on Women - The American Conservative


Democrats: Party Of Child Mutilators & Kidnappers - The American Conservative


The Magic Kingdom Is Coming for Your Kids - The American Conservative


Why I Insist on Saying ‘LGBTQMYNAMEISLEGION’ and You Should Too - The Stream


Biden Doubles Down on Radical ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ for Kids - The Stream


Pastor Artur Pawlowski released from prison after 51 days | World News (


Pope begs forgiveness of Indigenous for Canada school abuses (

April 5


Pastoral Meanderings: Touching the leper. . .


What Is Transgenderism? (


The Left Unmasks Its Desire To Destroy The Nation With Sexual Chaos (


‘God is Queer,’ Duke Divinity Students Proclaim - Juicy Ecumenism


Ketanji Brown Jackson: Good for a Biden Pick? - The Stream


Who Should Clarence Thomas Slap? - The Stream

April 6


Colorado's Abortion Law Is the Most Radical in U.S. | National Review


Did the People of Hungary Reelect a Pro-Putin Hyper-Nationalist? - The Stream


ELCA church demands trans-identified bishop resign  | Church & Ministries News (


Whitewashing Ukraine’s Corruption - The American Conservative


Woke Church Fasting from 'Whiteness' During Lent - Protestia

April 7


Won't Get Fooled By Groomers Again? - The American Conservative


Pastoral Meanderings: An attack on women. . .

April 9


Psaki claims puberty blockers are 'best' for gender confused kids | Politics News (


Jen Psaki, Groomers' Spokeswoman - The American Conservative


REPORT: More than 18 Christian Universities Actively Promote Abortion Providers - The Ohio Star


Why Would Christianity Today Try Twisting the Bible to Fit Evolution? - The Stream


Yes, David French, Public Schools Are Absolutely 'Grooming' Children (


Why some Christians are upset with Dave Rubin's baby announcement | U.S. News (


Laura to Jake and back again | WORLD (

April 11


Päivi Räsänen to defend free speech again as Finland files appeal | World News (


Inaugural Tulsa Race Massacre Lectureship coming April 25 (


New Chinese Law Bans the Word 'Christ' on Social Media, Says it Causes 'Incitement' - Michael Foust (


Christian radio station broadcasts in exile | WORLD (

April 12


Doug Wilson Makes Peace with Woman at Center Of Sexual Abuse Allegations - Protestia


Evangelical Left Surrenders on Transgenderism - Juicy Ecumenism


Leaked Hillsong NYC report says sexual misconduct, abuse went beyond Carl Lentz (

April 13


I Hated Dresses. Thank God My Parents Didn't Deform Me For It (


Eastern European body votes to leave United Methodist Church | Church & Ministries News (


Biden Administration’s Proclamations on Transgenderism Threaten Religious Freedom - The Stream


What is going on at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School? - Current ( (are they still conservative and upholding their own doctrinal standards?)


Disney to air GLAAD ad defending gender transitions for kids | Politics News (

April 14


Facing Financial Challenges, TEDS Cuts Faculty Positions...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Embracing an LGBTQ Perspective On Holy Week - Lower Susquehanna Synod ( (for information purposes only – publicized by “Exposing the ELCA” – this is gross false doctrine)


The Trans Lobby Loves Ad Hominems - The American Conservative


Canadian church hosts assisted suicide for member with ALS | World News (

April 16


The Prosperity Gospel Loves God’s Gifts, But Ignores God Himself : 9Marks


Who will speak up for the “transgender” kid? – Denny Burk


Donald Trump and a Good Friday warning against far-right Christian nationalism ( (very judgmental commentary)


CRT, Sexuality, and Divisions: Conversations from Theology in the Raw Conference - Juicy Ecumenism (Preston Sprinkle is shaky in terms of what he stands for)


Episcopal Church mulls changes to Holy Week readings seen as antisemitic ( (we should not water down sections of the Bible perceived as challenging)


Conservatives are sexualizing kids and robbing LGBTQ youth of role models ( (ridiculous commentary that is about the opposite of reality)


University pays $400K to settle trans pronoun lawsuit | U.S. News (


JCN on Twitter: "National Association of Evangelicals president Walter Kim tells CNN he says he has "seen evidence" that "President Biden is a man of deep religious faith" - and recalls how in the past evangelicals were at the forefront of the fight for racial justice." / Twitter (NAE President says that he has “seen evidence” that “President Biden is a man of deep religious faith.”  Seriously?)


Virtue-Signaling Cultural Leftist, Russell Moore, Demands Christians Stop Fighting Culture Wars - The Dissenter (


Jesus's Resurrection Is Probably The Best-Documented Historical Event (


Chinese Arrests and the Power of Hope in a Resurrected King - Juicy Ecumenism

April 17


For Passover and Good Friday, NYT essayist writes about ‘killing’ ‘hateful God’ | Fox News


The mystical significance of Jesus’ resurrection | The Christian Century (mainline liberal Protestant magazine denies the literal resurrection – those who go with that are still in their sins)


Opinion | Let’s Pass Over God - The New York Times (


Substitutionary Atonement: Jesus Died for Us - The Stream


The Sorrow and Glory of Holy Week - The American Conservative

April 18


Steven Furtick Says Jesus' Death on the Cross Was Basically a Gimmick Because He is "Sneaky" - The Dissenter (


Texas Supreme Court allows alleged abuse case against Pressler to proceed | Baptist Press


Footage found of Putin singing "Blueberry Hill" at a children's charity fundraiser |


Trump Says Happy Easter to 'Radical Left Maniacs,' 'Racist' Letitia James (


XXX Church Founder Promotes Psychedelic Drugs and the Occult - Protestia


The story of us all | WORLD (


Easter message can change the darkest heart - Washington Times


Abortion: Some Christians challenge meaning of 'pro-life' - Los Angeles Times ( (very biased reporting)

April 19


The Resurrection in the Lutheran Confessions (


15 Important Bible Verses About Secret Sins (Scary Truths) (


Preston Sprinkle Promotes Annihilationism and Universalism as Orthodox Views on Hell - Protestia


A transqueer Latinx theologian writes about reaching 'A Path to Our Liberation' (


Biden omits God, Jesus in Easter Egg Roll speech | Politics News (

April 20


How Trump Spent Easter: 'He Is No Longer President, So He Doesn't Have to Go to Church' (


Alice Cooper shares thoughts on the devil, heaven, hell | Entertainment News ( (for a number of reasons, far from sold that 74 year old Vincent Furnier is where he should be spiritually, despite the fact that he has long received favorable articles such as this (his birth name is Vincent Furrnier, though he had his name legally changed to “Alice Cooper” many years ago)


Christians Diminishing and Denying the Resurrection - The Stream


Woke Pastrix Teaches Kids that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were Transgender Slaves - Protestia


Pat Robertson's Wife Has Passed Away - Protestia


Concordia students protest against racism, discrimination on campus - Oak Park (Concordia University Chicago has major problems – conservative administration is trying to do things but it may be a lost cause – unofficial Lutheran conservatives have lately talked up CUC but CUC in my opinion still doesn’t look that hot if one even only lightly scratch beneath the surface)

April 22


Guidepost investigation costs exceed $1.7 million as of February | Baptist Press


Hugh Hefner's Former Butler Publishes Memoir - InsideHook


Former VP Mike Pence Immediately Responds to Student Who Asks How He’d React if One of His Kids Came Out as Gay – Faithwire


Tears At Golgotha - The American Conservative (Prominent blogger and author Rod Dreher, an outspoken Eastern Orthodox Christian, announces divorce)


Canada’s first national indigenous Anglican archbishop resigns | Church & Ministries News (


Why Christians Should (and Shouldn’t) Care About Religious Freedom - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


MSNBC’s Matthew Dowd Says Jesus ‘Would Be Called a Groomer’ If He ‘Was Alive Today’ – Faithwire


Former Anglican Archbishop Says Becoming Transgender is "Sacred," Calls for Legislative Ban on Biblical Beliefs - The Dissenter (


White House Is Lying About Chemical Castration's Irreversible Damage (

April 23


A Calvin professor officiated a same-sex wedding. It likely cost him his job. (


New York Times 'Killing Gods' Op-Ed Gets Everything Wrong - The Stream


Politicized Presbyterian Church (USA) Falls Further - Juicy Ecumenism


The slow-moving rift in evangelical Christian higher education (

April 26


“TikTok Pastor” Says “Jesus isn’t the only way“ | Answers in Genesis


Gay Is Okay at Baylor after All – Denny Burk


April 30


It’s a bad idea, Baylor | WORLD (


‘The Chosen’: Creators squash rumor that Latter-day Saints produce show - Deseret News


Homosexual "Pastor" Says the Holy Spirit Told Him the Bible is Wrong About Homosexuality - The Dissenter (


No ‘Vanilla Sex’ Says Sojourners - Juicy Ecumenism


United Methodist Church to break up | (good to see the Global Methodist Church forming)


Former Idaho lawmaker found guilty of raping intern | AP News


All-female 'Jesus Christ Superstar' album bolsters show's groundbreaking legacy ( (“Superstar” doesn’t promote sound doctrine of Christ)


ELCA Lutherans mark 35th anniversary amid calls to expand beyond European roots ( (very ironic that the ELCA is among the most white denominations given how much they profess being anti-racist)