Monday, May 01, 2023

Interesting Links from May 2023

 Rabbi Harold Kushner, who wrote bestselling works of practical theology, dies at 88 (


Jan. 6 convict embraces Trump at campaign event, calls for Pence’s execution | The Hill


Brittney Griner backs transgender participation in sports: ‘A crime' to 'separate someone for any reason’ (


Myth 18: Divorce is the unpardonable sin and 'God hates divorce' | Voice (


Let Him Do What Seems Good To Him | Tim Challies


Ten Diagnostic Questions for the Potential Ideologue : 9Marks


Schumer: The Equal Rights Amendment Would Protect Abortion - The American Conservative


Thousands of Christians Condemn GOP's 'Fascist' Silencing of Trans Lawmaker (



Where Christ Isn’t Being Treasured, He’s Being Used | Crossway Articles


PRAY: Cheers, ‘Hail Satan’ Chant Erupts as Woman Tears Bible Apart During ‘SatanCon’ – Faithwire


Presbyterian Church (USA) Membership Drops, Stated Clerk Departs Early - Juicy Ecumenism



9Marks Ministry Criticized for Comparing the Evils of Abortion to Climate Change (


Lutheran Seminary Chapel Sings Buddhist Worship Song About Being One With the Earth ( (what a lame song)


A Murder in CHAZ - The American Conservative


The Divine Call to Stand Firm in Biblical Conviction in a Corrupt and Compromising World (


Jews, Muslims, Sikhs get coronation role as king reaches out ( (sad and inappropriate that this is being done)


What it means to have a perfect resurrection body | Voice (



King Charles III’s coronation: 5 sacred songs to be performed | World News (


Reflections on the Satanic Conference in Boston - The Stream


We Need Less Beth Moore And More Jonathan Edwards (


Christians share Jesus with satanists at Boston SatanCon | U.S. News (


Alex Jones Says Rupert Murdoch's Ex-Fiancé Reason for Tucker Carlson's Exit (



‘The most valuable thing that this world affords’ — the Bible at the Coronation (


Video: Watch as Lutheran Racist Troll is Excommunicated from Denomination ( (God is ultimately still the final judge of all people – Martin Luther was excommunicated too)


Saved at ‘SatanCon?’ Sean Feucht Says ‘Darkness Is Scared of Light’ as Something Unexpected Happened at Massive Satanist Gathering – Faithwire


Next Level: The rise and fall of a New Hampshire megachurch | Connecticut Public (


Sean Feucht Claims 98 people Saved at SatanCon, Satanic Temple Responds ‘(Feucht) is Full of S***’ (


Why Does Progressive Christianity's 'Jesus' Sound So Much Like a 21st Century Liberal College Grad? - The Stream


White House to host its third-ever Vesak ceremony ( (for information purposes)


Colorado’s Forced Abortion Law - The American Conservative



No Country For Brave Men (


The last Christian king? (


Doctor-Assisted Suicide for Anorexia? - The Stream


Lean in to hear the echoes of history | WORLD (


Pursued by the trans mob with Liz Wheeler on campus - The Spectator World



King Charles III dedicated to service: 'I come to serve' | World News (


Public Doesn't Trust the Press for Good Reasons | National Review


Climate change is causing 'trouble in paradise' for the Pacific Island Nations ( (for information purposes)



NYC Catholic Church Facing Backlash For ‘God Is Trans’ Exhibit | The Daily Wire


Global South Anglicans make big effort to start cutting Canterbury ties that bind (Part I) — GetReligion


Pastoral Meanderings: The medicine that creates the affliction. . .


The Death of the Reader, and of Democracy - The American Conservative



Evangelical shares what it's like to work for Biden, why he left | Politics News ( (for information purposes)


Did you see what happened at the coronation? | WORLD (


Andy Stanley Praises Faith Deconstructers ‘Good for You. That’s Wise, Honest and Mature’ (



Will you praise God or curse Him for eternity? | Voice (


Will King Charles III follow in his mother's footsteps? | Voice (



Confronting those who sin against us – The Suburbs of Heaven (


Lauren Daigle Performs at New Orleans Festival With Open Bar, Drag Queens, Queers, and More (


The Hypersexualized Left Wants To Normalize Pedophilia (


DOJ Timed Political Arrest With Presser Showing Biden Corruption (



Mounting evidence shows living together before marriage increases likelihood of divorce (


A conversation with Margarette Ouji - Living Lutheran (theological liberal attended the now defunct Concordia College New York)



An alternative checklist for what to look for in a college - Washington Times


Honor the Emperor - The Stream


Fighting the Religious Fight - The American Conservative


Ensuring Fetal Demise - The American Conservative


Pope Francis: Dogs Are Poor Substitutes for Children - The American Conservative



Doug Burgum is mulling a run for president. Could he be a contender in a party that loves Trump? - InForum | Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo news, weather and sports


Former NBA Star Dwight Howard Apologizes To China After Calling Taiwan A Country | The Daily Wire


Laugh, Cry, Fight: That’s What Biblical Mothers Do - The Stream


Pastoral Meanderings: What does this day mean?


Children Are a Blessing (Even If You Don’t Feel That Way) | Crossway Articles



Rural Minnesota Lutheran church maintains an international congregation through online ministry ( (can’t really have an “international congregation” if it’s not in person)


Report: Vietnam Religious Freedom Violations Escalate - Juicy Ecumenism


John Brennan Should Be In Prison (


Josh Hawley Wants Men To Be Manly — Why Don't His Critics? (


Carl Henry’s Temptation (And Ours) | Christianity Today (for information purposes)



The Hitler of Legend - Chronicles (


Rick Warren Knows Exactly What He Is Doing – Denny Burk


Rick Warren Twists Spurgeon's Views to Justify His Support for Ordaining Women to the Pastorate (



John Brennan’s President… Remembering Comrade Gus Hall - The American Spectator | USA News and Politics


What's The Truth About Martin Luther King, Jr.? | Virgil Walker (


Declining Church Council Prematurely Celebrates 75th Anniversary - Juicy Ecumenism


'Superstar' Billy Graham, devout Christian pro-wrestler, dies | Entertainment News (



Kirk Cameron releases kids’ book, ‘Pride Comes Before the Fall' | Entertainment News (


Dr. Tim Keller Dies After Three-Year Battle With Pancreatic Cancer: ‘I’m Ready to See Jesus’ – Faithwire


The United Methodist Schism was a Long Time Coming - Juicy Ecumenism


Carl Lentz calls abuse allegations 'categorically false' in new Hillsong documentary (


Tim Keller, influential Evangelical pastor and author, dies at 72 | Church & Ministries News (


Let’s not forget stepmoms and stepdads in celebrating parenthood | Voice (



A Word about Spurgeon and Female Pastors – Denny Burk


Dr. Tim Keller Dies After Three-Year Battle With Pancreatic Cancer: ‘I’m Ready to See Jesus’ – Faithwire


Tim Keller Leaves A Profound Legacy Worthy Of High Praise And Fair Critique (



Why Boys Don’t Wrestle Girls: Lessons for Our Future Men | Desiring God



Canada Bill Would Banish Free Speech From LGBT 'Safety Zones' (


3 things Tim Keller taught me: All truth is God's truth | Voice (



Port: Are we sure North Dakota is open for business? (


Welcome to the Objective Room - The American Conservative


Sudan’s Churches: Targeted or Caught in Crossfire? - Juicy Ecumenism


Dodgers Promote Anti-Catholicism | National Review



Curtis J. Evans | Connection and Celebration at the World's Parliament of Religions (


Two Sexes, Created to Be Distinct | Kevin DeYoung (



Great Plains Presidential Dark Horse — Doug Burgum (


Church of Scotland loses over half its members since 2000: report | World News (


North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum considers a presidential bid (



Young people aren’t buying far-right religious beliefs ( (for information purposes)


A Resolution on Opposing Gender Transitions – Denny Burk


Why Are We Doing This Again? - The American Conservative