Saturday, January 01, 2022

Interesting Links from January 2022

 Surburg's blog: Mark's thoughts: Jesus brings a sword, not peace


A Few Unfashionable Notes on Harmonizing the Infancy Narratives of Luke and Matthew - Juicy Ecumenism


Thirteen Cities Broke Homicide Records in 2021 | National Review


TGC Senior Editor's Favorite TV Show Contains Graphic Homosexual Sex Scene - Protestia


A providential escape | WORLD (


‘We Have’ Evangelicals ‘Who Practice The Most Un-Christian Ways’: MSNBC Contributor | The Daily Wire


The Truth of Abortion in Deep Blue Cities - The American Conservative


The fall of the ‘Evil Empire’ | Opinion News (

January 4


Hong Kong News Outlet Forced To Close Following Police Raid, Arrests (


Another Hong Kong news outlet to close amid crackdown on dissent : NPR


196. Roman Catholicism as a “Temptation” for Evangelical Theology - Vatican Files


Finnish Bishop and Politician Face Trial for LGBT Statemen...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


‘Blatant Heresy’: Catholic University Student Loses Points on Theology Test After Describing God Using Male Pronouns – Faithwire


"The Holy Family is queer" Says ELCA Pastor - EXPOSING THE ELCA (how sick!)


Relevant Magazine Contributor 'If You Don't Wear a COVID-19 Mask, You're Not a Christian' - Protestia

January 5


Bishop Gripped by ‘Fear’ as He and Christian Politician Face Hate Speech Trial for Stating Biblical Views on Homosexuality – Faithwire


For Christian Prophets Who Predicted Donald Trump's Reinstatement in 2021, No Apologies (


George Floyd's Great-Niece Arianna Delane Shot While Sleeping (


Covid Policy: Once-Taboo Ideas Becoming Mainstream | National Review


What January 6 Actually Means - The American Conservative


Wide Awoke in Corporate America? - Current (


Despite San Francisco Chronicle sermon, parents oppose teachers hiding LGBTQ evangelism — GetReligion


Charismatics are at war with each other over failed prophecies of Trump victory (


The Reasons the New Ultra-Progressive Methodist Demonomination is Failing are Hilarious - Protestia

January 6


Jan. 6, 2021, the ‘New Right’ and a republic at risk - Roll Call (I worked with my friend Stu at the Free Congress Foundation.  He has become more liberal over the years.)


Longtime U.S. House chaplain on Jan. 6, the dangers of ‘apocalyptic thinking’ and why there’s room for pro-choice in Catholicism - The Washington Post


Rejecting the January 6 Attack in Christ's Name | Opinion (


‘Give Us a King’: Lessons from the Capitol Sedition | Christianity Today


The Capitol Attack Signaled a Post-Christian Church, Not Merely a Post-Christian Culture | Christianity Today


The Revolutionary Joy of Desmond Tutu | The University of Chicago Divinity School (


Merry Christmas, from a Muslim | Nasser Hussain | First Things (for information purposes – Muslims are still off-base in official teaching/practice – disappointing but not surprising the FT would publish this)


Jan. 6: A timeline in prayers (


To Hell With January 6 - The American Conservative


Rev Lowell Erdahl Obituary | Star Tribune (death of a liberal Lutheran)


The Power of Belief in Conspiracy Theories | The University of Chicago Divinity School (


A Tragic Day in American History, But Not an Insurrection - The Stream


Capitol Riot: Anniversary of a Disgrace | National Review


Epiphany: an Overlooked but Important Day - BreakPoint


Ben Roethlisberger after final home game: 'Good Lord has blessed me' (


A Look Back: What Evangelical Leaders Said About Jan. 6 Attack (


COVID-Infected Radio Host Douglas Kuzma Dies After QAnon-Friendly Conference With Baseless Anthrax Rumors (


Does Tucker Carlson's Jan. 6 documentary hold up under scrutiny? (

January 7


Shame on the Ontario government | Voice (


Päivi Räsänen: Resolute for Christ in Finland (


Interfaith vigil in DC gathers for second year, part of citywide Jan. 6 observances ( (Luther Place is an extremely theologically liberal church)


North Dakota State Senator Says 'Rhetoric' After Capitol Riot Part of Resignation Decision (

January 8


Canada joins list of nations banning conversion therapy | Baptist Press


Lust Is a Public Health Crisis - The American Conservative


Pope Francis Is Queering The Catholic Church - The American Conservative (Father Enrique Rueda of the Free Congress  strongly opposed New Ways Ministry, in his book The Homosexual Network endorsed by Harold Lindsell.)


Reformed Church in America splits as conservative churches form new denomination (


Trumpworld Dumps on Ted Cruz After He Grovels to Tucker (

January 10


The Twisted, Trumpist Religion of Jan. 6th - The Bulwark


Jesus and John Wayne: A Fair Portrait of Evangelicalism? - CBMW


Former Youth Pastor Admits to Molesting Several Boys Over 5-Year Period, Gets 20 Years (


Justin Peters Torches the Babylon Bee's Pathetic "Gospel" Presentation to Elon Musk - Protestia (I’ve never been a fan of the Babylon Bee.)


Trump boasted that the crowd for his speech on Jan. 6 was so big it was a 'sacred number,' and only a 'tiny percent' stormed the Capitol (


Francis Against the Dog Moms - The American Conservative


7 Things the Prophets Might Say To Us | Biblical Preaching


How ‘Conversion Therapy’ Bans Are Akin to Apostasy Laws (

January 13


Mike Lindell Started a New Election ‘Hub,’ and It’s Run by Two Jan. 6 Capitol Riot Attendees (


A conspiracy against truth | WORLD (


A Lutheran bishop faces prosecution for teaching traditional Christian doctrine – Acton Institute PowerBlog


Rashad Hussain confirmed as first Muslim US religious freedom ambassador (


Drag Queen Story Hour For Children Comes To Church (


MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Just Made His Most Bonkers Claim Yet (


Mike Huckabee Says America Is 'Rejecting the Standard of God and His Word' — Charisma News

January 15


Trumpism Now Only Trump's Grievances | National Review


‘God Didn’t Create You to Be That Way’: Promise Keepers Leader Denounces Pornography Use – Faithwire


Ineffective Liberal United Methodist Anti-Racism - Juicy Ecumenism


Religious Freedom at Home—But Not Abroad - Current (


Pastoral Meanderings: This kind of pope even Luther could like. . .


Evangelizing the world for LGBTQIA+ activism | WORLD (


Joe Biden Was Supposed to Be the Anti-Trump, but He’s Just as Divisive (


Tucker Carlson Defends Thomas Caldwell, Rioter Facing Sedition Charges, as a ‘Thoroughly Loyal American’ (


Pregnant People Are Still Not Getting Vaccinated Against Covid | WIRED (do they REALLY have to use the phrase “pregnant people”?)


Babylon Bee Pushes Back and Laughs at Critics of Their Gospel Presentation to Elon Musk - Protestia


Transgender hormone therapy: Early start helps mental health for kids ( (USA Today used to be relatively moderate but has often been radically liberal lately)


Dr. Odd | National Review


New Jersey governor signs bill allowing abortion up until birth | Politics News (

January 16


Rite of Home Blessing — Gottesdienst (we definitely believe in home blessing – my wife and I did so ourselves)


Big Ben's Redemption - Current (


Democrats: The party of Jim COVID | Voice (


Novak Djokovic Vaccination Controversy: Play by the Rules | National Review


Pastoral Meanderings: The redemption of suffering. . .


Let Freedom ring | WORLD (

January 18


Christian MP says prosecution over biblical beliefs a ‘privilege’ | World News (


Transgender Issue: Republicans Should Not Underestimate | National Review


4,000 North American Pastors Unite Against Canada’s New LGBTQ Conversion Therapy Law, Warn It Will ‘Criminalize Christianity’ – Faithwire


Chamath Tells An Ugly Truth - The American Conservative

January 20


Beware Liberal NRSVue Bible Translation Update - Juicy Ecumenism


You Just Can’t Have It All | Tim Challies


Why Missouri Will Never Move From the Fence | St. Antony’s Cave (


Czech Folk Singer Hana Horka Got COVID-19 on Purpose—Now She’s Dead (


Christian groups react to bisexual 8-y-o on ‘Law & Order: SVU' | Entertainment News (

January 21


A Promising Commandment - Michigan District, LCMS


Sabre of Boldness to Paivi Räsänen — Gottesdienst (well deserved honor)

January 24


The American Press Corps Helped Kill Democracy - The Stream


CBS sitcom suggests Bible is silent about lesbianism | Entertainment News (


FIRST-PERSON: Swimmer Lia Thomas and the conflict at the heart of the transgender movement | Baptist Press


Bengals kicker no stranger to big stage | Baptist Press


G3 Ministries


Your Right To Vote Doesn’t Include A Right To Vote From Your Couch (


Dr. Mildred Jefferson: Hero of the Pro-Life Movement - The Stream


Complementarianism as a Second Order Doctrine – Denny Burk


Liveblog (stopped): Trial against Christian MP Pävi Räsänen will resume in February (

January 25


The 2021 North Central Jurisdictional Conference: Ten Takeaways - Juicy Ecumenism


Foggy Narratives - The American Conservative


School board punishes teacher who spoke out against trans books | World News (

January 27


Finnish Government Puts Christianity On Trial, Calls Bible 'Hate Speech' (


Guy Crashes "Drag Church," Shows Us Blasphemous Translation of Lord's Prayer and Other Literature (


Sierra Pacific Synod - ELCA - Posts | Facebook (ELCA-LCMS working together in California to share a pastor)


How the Capitol attacks helped spread Christian nationalism in the extreme right (


Jim Winkler departs National Council of Churches after two terms as chief ( (NCC is not a good group)


Former AME Zion bishop Staccato Powell charged with fraud in $14 million scheme (


Michigan settlement lets faith agencies deny LGBT adoptions (


White Nationalist Pastor “Super Lutheran”: Blake Louis Kilbourne of Dickinson, North Dakota – Anonymous Comrades Collective (


Dickinson church launches investigation into assertion pastor espoused racists and anti-Semitic views - InForum | Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo news, weather and sports (Christianity Today alerted us to this situation)

January 29


Does the Future Belong to the Left? - The American Conservative


'Transwoman' Child Molester Is Going To Girls' Juvy - The American Conservative


In Defense Of Dickinson Lutheran Church And Pastor Blake Kilbourne | Dickinson58601 (for information purposes)


Liberals Rail AGAINST Vaccine Access for African United Methodist Delegates - Juicy Ecumenism

January 30


Trump’s Cheerleaders Forget How Weak He Was With Putin (


Robert LaMay, Anti-Vax Washington State Trooper Who Railed at Jay Inslee, Dies After COVID Battle (


I Will Stop Crying Out When the Transanity Stops - The Stream


Skillet’s John Cooper: Christ Has ‘Dominion’ Over Fear (


Historic city churches find new life as neighborhood centers (

January 31


Tyndale, Museum of the Bible Agree (


For the Church | Cannabis is in the Bible: Debunking an Interpretative Myth (


Pastoral Meanderings: Why be so fussy. . .


Trump praised South Dakota's attorney general, who is facing impeachment after killing a man with his car (