Saturday, June 01, 2024

Interesting Links from June 2024


The Power Of Appealing To Heaven – Gab News


Mike Pence's Unexpected Encore | National Review


'The Chosen' cuts ties with Angel Studios, claims contract breach | Entertainment News (

June 2


Fauci & Covid: Six-Foot Distancing Came from Nothing, Can't Recall Evidence for Child Masking | National Review


Pastor Mark Driscoll wants Jesus to return before Election Day | Church & Ministries News (


Distributor of '2000 Mules' election conspiracy film pulls film from all platforms : NPR

June 3


Wyoming Catholic College Students Surrender Their Cellphones For Four Years | Your Wyoming News Source (


How Can You Mumble? | Tim Challies

June 4


Warren Balogh: 20th Anniversary Speech – Occidental Dissent


What does the Bible say about complaining? |


What Does the Bible Say About Complaining? (


'Saved'? 'Converted'? In Evangelical media, them's fightin' words | Voice (


Satan, the ‘Prince of the Air’ — What Does That Mean? | Desiring God


U.S. Gov. Spending Millions in Tax Dollars to Promote Homosexuality in Third World Countries (

June 5


Behind The Scenes - Christian Revival Could Transform Iran (


Is America Becoming An Anti-Christ Nation? (


NYC pastor compares Alvin Bragg to Thurgood Marshall | Politics News (


75-Year-Old Diabetic Woman in Wheelchair Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Praying at Abortion Clinic (


If Churches Are Pro-Marriage, They Will Discipline Its Destroyers (


Pastoral Meanderings: Taking down the family. . .

June 6


Ibram X. Kendi: Lies and Fall | National Review


Trump’s COVID Response Was Worse Than We Remember (


America's Corrupt Political Class Should Be Prosecuted, Not Trump (


Salem Media Pulls Election Conspiracy Film ‘2000 Mules’ from All Platforms (


10 Questions a Christian Man Should Ask Himself Before Making a Marriage Proposal — Beautiful Christian Life


Fighting the "Respectable" Sins of Gossip and Slander (


There's Nothing Loving About Dolly Parton's False Gospel (


The Size Of Planned Parenthood's Global Murder Campaign Will Shock You (


It’s Time To Finally Free Palestine ... From Hamas! (

June 7


What should a Christian father be like according to the Bible? (


‘Love is Love?’ 3 reasons to rethink the mantra | Voice (


The Way You Walk | Tim Challies


Holy Haggling: Learn to Pray like Abraham (


Most radical Living Lutheran article to date: ELCA bisexual pastor wants overthrow of “cis-gender patriarchy” and capitalism - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Pastoral Meanderings: False mercy. . .


‘All You Have To Do Is Vote’: Hillary Clinton Compares Trump To Hitler In ‘Vile’ D-Day Post (


Sorry, people. Love is not proud | Voice (


June is for judgment — pray for our country | Voice (

June 8


The Fullness of Life: Remembering Jürgen Moltmann - Martin Marty Center (Moltmann was a universalist.  That contradicts the words of Jesus Christ.)


Evangelicals Don’t Love Donald Trump Enough | Christianity Today


Gay Man Elected Bishop of the ELCA's New England Synod - EXPOSING THE ELCA


What I Learned When I Almost Died in the 2020 Riots - The American Conservative

Voddie Baucham warns widespread immorality evidence of judgment | Church & Ministries News (

June 10


The passing of a theologian | WORLD (


The Generous Genius of Jürgen Moltmann | Christianity Today (Christianity Today gushes over late literal theologian, who has been generously promoted on the Mockingbird web site)


Young Man, Don’t Even Make that First Sports Bet | Tim Challies


June 11


3, 2, 1 . . . Blast Off! A Creationist Goes to Space | Answers in Genesis


Ben Shapiro And John MacArthur Discuss Church, Jesus, And A Return To Biblical Morality (


David French Can't Resist Firing On Former Allies (


What exactly is progressive justification? | Voice (


Don’t be too easy to join – nuakh


Church Discipline in the Digital Age (


Boston Celtics guard Jrue Holiday follows faith and family to NBA Finals success (


Ignoring the costs of transgenderism | WORLD (

June 14


Pastor Tony Evans’ ‘sin’ confession stuns Christian community | Church & Ministries News (


ILC World Seminaries Conference opens in Argentina - International Lutheran Council (


5 Expenses Parents Should Stop Covering for Their Adult Children (


A necessary book during a tumultuous time for the LGBTQIA+ community - Living Lutheran (for information purposes only)


PCA Will Investigate ‘Jesus Calling’ Book...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Tony Evans’ Ministry Cancels Cruise Following Disclosure of ‘Sin’ (

June 15


Nashville shooter's diary has anti-Christian, pro-LGBT entries | U.S. News (


Ministry axes Tony Evans’ Mexican Riviera cruise | Church & Ministries News (


3 Reasons Why Your Small Group Is Not a Church | Crossway Articles


Congrats To The Dads Who Are Better Fathers Than The Bidens (


The Bidens Shouldn't Be In Government, They Should Be In Counseling (

June 16


Am I Doing This Right? Lessons On Fatherhood From Great Dads (


Father Hunger Fuels The Persistence Of Father’s Day (

June 18


Wedding dilemma for many couples: Should God be invited to the marriage celebration? | Fox News

Pastoral Meanderings: To love pure and chaste. . .

June 19


What would the SBC be today without Paul Pressler? (


Reflections on Fallen Church Leaders - Juicy Ecumenism

June 20


Celtics coach wears shirt thanking God after team wins NBA title | Sports News (


What would the SBC be today without Paul Pressler? (


Richard Smallwood, ‘Total Praise’ composer, to receive Juneteeth tribute in D.C. (


Head Coach Joe Mazzulla’s Faith Helped Guide The Boston Celtics To An NBA Title (


Radical Lunatic Leftist Congresswoman Claims She Heals People the Way Jesus Did (


Kamala Harris Encourages Children to Become Cross-dressing Prostitutes (


'Pride' Parades Are Just Massive Humiliation Rituals (

June 21


When Christian Groups Subvert Religious Liberty of Christians (


Why did Sarah Young in 'Jesus Calling' put words in Jesus' mouth? | Voice (

June 24


If They Want To Vote, Women Should Be Subject To The Draft (


How Did the Church Become So Complacent, Celebrating Drag Queens in the Pulpit? (


Judgment Begins in the House of God - The Stream


The Most Dangerous Thing a Christian Can Do | Tim Challies


How To Criticize Your Pastor — The Bee Hive


The End of Roe: Two Years Later (


Dobbs Decision: Unborn Personhood Left to Democratic Selection | National Review


A test of America’s moral condition | WORLD (