Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Interesting Links from February 2022

 Pastoral Meanderings: It is hard to be holy. . .


The Lord's Prayer at HerChurch - Lutheran Coalition for Renewal (CORE) (


Catering To Left's Delusions Means Rape, Looting, And Torturing Children (

February 4


Opinion: Jerry Falwell Jr. is a Religious Lowlife (


A Secular Blasphemy Trial  - The American Conservative


Beth Moore is Concerned About John MacArthur's 'Spiritual Condition' - Protestia


Anti-Vax Priest Don Paolo Romeo, Who Claimed Vaccines Contain ‘Aborted Embryos,’ Dies of COVID (


In reportage on Russia and Ukraine, don't neglect the importance of two rival churches  — GetReligion


Pastoral Meanderings: Who is in therapy. . .


Evangelical Left Panel Condemns Anti-Abortion Movement - Juicy Ecumenism


National Council Of Churches Calls For Passage Of Voting Rights Bills | Black Star News


3 Myths Trans Folklorists Want You To Believe That Lia Thomas Smashes (


Liberation Theology, Queer Theology, and the Woke Church Movement (


Beijing Olympics: China's Human-Rights Record Sanitized | National Review

February 7


Pastor who inspired first American Sign Language Bible dies | Church & Ministries News (


The Real Jerry Falwell Jr. Stands Up | National Review


Peach PRC’s 'God Is a Freak' becomes exvangelical TikTok anthem (


Tim Keller Says Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBTQ Catholic Stephen Colbert is a Christian+ Lauds his 'Witness' - Protestia


In Afghanistan, believers in religious minorities have every reason to go underground — GetReligion

February 8


The judgments of God are everywhere | Opinion News (


A Time Of Judgment - The American Conservative

February 9


Changing the Lord's Prayer - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Air Force ordered to pay more than $230M in church shooting ( (excessive settlement amount?)

February 11


No-Knock Raids Like The One That Killed Amir Locke Are Un-American (


The Myths about Cohabitation and Late Marriage | Gene Veith (


Anglican Bishop: Don’t Get Comfortable as Court Revisits Roe - Juicy Ecumenism


Christian writers, preachers, and organizations that promoted Francis Collins should break their silence | Not the Bee


Seeking refuge in Taiwan | WORLD (


Beth Moore Blasts Pastor Over Viral Modesty Tweet + 'Bra' Comments - Protestia


Pastoral Meanderings: Respectable. . .


Review: 'MJ' Celebrates Michael Jackson, Ignores Sins | National Review

February 12


Abortions in Texas fell 60% in 1st month under new limits | AP News


The new unholy alliance: Xi’s China and Putin’s Russia | Opinion News (


Pastoral Meanderings: Old-fashioned but not out of date. . .


Former AME Zion Bishop Staccato Powell Accused of Bamboozling His Churches to the Brink (

February 14


New academic journal will challenge notion that religions hate queer and trans people ( (for information purposes)


Trump's Former Chief of Staff Implores the Church to Boldly Pray and Step Out in Faith — Charisma News  “Meadows says Trump's opponents continually malign him unjustly and he is misunderstood by a great segment of the population.”


What Is Remembered Most? | Answers in Genesis


Pastors beaten by radical Hindus who set fire to Bible in attack | World News (


Islamic extremists beat Christian apologist unconscious in Uganda | World News (


Christians protest Satanic Temple’s 3-day ‘SatanCon’ in Arizona | U.S. News (


United Methodism’s Iliff Seminary Embraces Paganism - Juicy Ecumenism


What About The Canadian Truckers? - The American Conservative


Abortion Activists’ $3.7 Billion Blowout  - The American Conservative


What Do Hitmen and Porn Watchers Have in Common? | Tim Challies


Chinese pastor blacklisted by Communist Party shares testimony | World News (

February 15


Author That Beth Moore Praises and David Platt and TGC Platforms Comes Out in Support of "Queer Theology" (


Biblical Inerrancy’s Long History as an Evangelical Activist for White Patriarchy | Religion Dispatches (for information purposes)


Testing requirements to enter Canada limit worship options in border towns - Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, East Grand Forks news, weather & sports


Trial of Räsänen and Pohjola completed: decision comes at the end of March, Evangelical Focus

February 16


Rex Murphy: Cubans deserve our support, but the left would rather embrace murderous dictators | National Post


Trial of Räsänen and Pohjola completed: decision comes at the end of March, Evangelical Focus


A Message for Young Women | Tim Challies


What Does ‘Deconstruction’ Even Mean? | Desiring God


Pope Francis Is Right: Having Pets Is Not Like Parenthood - Current (

February 18


14K support Finnish MP prosecuted for 'deeply held beliefs' | World News (


Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp’s Example of Boldly Acknowledging Christ - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries (


Hillsong: A Megachurch Exposed Release Date, Trailer on Discovery Plus - Variety


China’s Communist Government Is Reportedly Rewriting the Bible and Calling Jesus a ‘Sinner.’ But That’s Not All… – Faithwire


Churches need to reclaim the 'fear of God,' theologian says | Church & ministry News (


RCRC Clergy Argue Abortion 'A Blessing' Even Amid Grief - Juicy Ecumenism


Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship. Canadians Should Have Believed Him - The Stream

February 19


Free Speech and Free Press Under Assault as LGBT Legal Network Sues Baptist Pastor - The Stream


How A Trial In Finland Could Have Worldwide Effects On Persecution (


Southern Baptist Pastor Defends SBC Seminary Professors Who Are Sympathetic to Heretic, James Cone (


‘Very Frightening’: Christian Politician in Finland Isn’t Backing Down as She Faces Prison Time for Biblical View of Marriage – Faithwire


When you lose your salvation based on a technicality | The Cripplegate (not necessarily endorsing everything said here)

February 21


Sojourners founder Jim Wallis wants the religious to see voting rights as a Christian cause - The Washington Post


Losing Our Daughters: A Review of Irreversible Damage by Abigail Shrier – Applied Heart  “While many of Shrier’s conclusions align with conservative Christian beliefs, Shrier herself is neither a Christian nor a conservative, and has noted in interviews how surprised she was by the pushback her book received in Leftist circles (she’s the only one). Shrier also makes it a point to tell readers that her book’s concerns are limited to underage girls. Adults who choose a transgender lifestyle are, for her, a different story, and she appears to generally support these folks in their choice. My positive review should not be read as a wholesale endorsement of Shrier’s views.”


Gordon College Cancels Speaker After Students Protest ‘Misogynist’ Talk ( (intolerance from the left)


The Forgotten Reason to Seek Sexual Purity - The Stream

February 22


Decadence on display | WORLD (


Joni Eareckson Tada reflects on how God has used her story | Biographies News (


‘He Loved God and Jesus’: Sean Hannity Announces Passing of Liberal Commentator Bob Beckel – Faithwire

February 23


TGC Author Says Universalism, the Denial of the Exclusivity of Christ, Is Not Heresy ( (Gavin Ortlund has gone off the rails.  Sad.)


Methodist Church of Great Britain Promotes ‘Queer Theology’ - Juicy Ecumenism


TGC Contributor Argues Pro-LGBTQ Xtians and Universalists Are Still In the Faith - Protestia (Gavin Ortlund has gone off the rails.  Sad.)


'Jesus and John Wayne' Cover Endorsement is from Trans Exvangelical Activist - Protestia

February 25


The Transgender, Deconstructing, Exvangelical Endorser of “Jesus and John Wayne” – Denny Burk


Vacuous Prayers for Ukraine - Juicy Ecumenism


The Stoner Nation  - The American Conservative


RZIM Spent Nearly $1M Suing Ravi Zacharias Abuse Victim...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Moscow Patriarch Kirill, Ukrainian Orthodox leaders issue calls for peace (


CPAC panelists warn South Korea 'at risk' of becoming communist | Politics News (


John Kerry urges Putin to not let Ukraine invasion distract from combating climate change - Washington Times


Some Thoughts on the Invasion from a Concerned Non-Expert – Denny Burk


To Stay and Serve: Why We Didn’t Flee Ukraine (


NYC’s Eric Adams Under Fire for Three Appointees With Anti-LGBTQ Pasts - Bloomberg

February 26


Gary North Death, Gary North Passes Away -


Putin Warned Us - The American Conservative


Responding to: 'I’m a Christian, But I Don’t Want to Force My Religion on Others' - The Stream


Free Speech for Satanism? | Opinion (


Donald Trump’s Praise of Vladimir Putin Comes After Applauding Hussein, Kim (


Church's LGBTQ 'Transition Closet' Has Secretly Popped up in California Public Schools - Protestia

February 27


10 Seminaries from Post-Soviet States Issue a Joint Statement (


What I've learned from other denominations | Voice (


The gluttons - Los Angeles Times (


Rejection or welcome: Transgender Catholics encounter both | National News |


Clive Palmer, Billionaire Accused of Anti-Vax Misinfo, Now Reportedly Has COVID (


$284,500 Watch? $2,900 Jacket? $2,500 Shoes? Round-Up of Celebrity Pastors Pricey Fashion - Protestia


Franklin Graham sends disaster response teams to Europe; says he opposes war (

February 28


Chinese court jails Christian pastor for 8 years | World News (


DeSantis tells CPAC to 'put on full armor of God' | Politics News (


Mainline Churches Call for Equity over Equality in Reparations - Juicy Ecumenism


Pastoral Meanderings: The woke army. . .