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Interesting Links from December 2023


Berlin Balances Budgets while Washington Drowns in Debt - The American Conservative


Rosalynn Carter memorials, with coverage about faith, family and, yes, political fashions — GetReligion


Do We Really Have to Pray for Democrats? - The Stream


‘Jesus’ film producers plan release of new animated version in 2025 (


Pastoral Meanderings: Enshrining the right to murder. . .

December 2


Sam Collier, Hillsong’s first black lead pastor facing divorce | Church & Ministries News (


Can Two Walk Together Unless They Agree? | HuffPost Contributor (for information purposes)


A Little Gay Leaven Works Through the Whole Lump: James Merritt’s Grandchildren Celebrate Special “Guncle” Jonathon (


68 global bishops and Christian leaders call for ceasefire and peace (

December 4


Trinity Western grad 'attacked' for being Christian in job rejection | CBC News


'They're less tied to religion': Shift toward cremation causes shortfall in Saskatoon cemetery revenue | CBC News


Quebec to abolish ethics and religious culture course, to make way for '21st-century themes' | CBC News


Brandon monument celebrates rich cultural tapestry of southwestern Manitoba | CBC News (for information purposes)


Kyo Lee writes about being a queer Korean Canadian — now she's the youngest ever CBC Poetry Prize winner | CBC Books (for information purposes)


Once I no longer had breasts, my gender identity came into focus | CBC News (for information purposes)


FIRST PERSON — I wish I waited to tell my family about my pronouns | Article | Kids News ( (for information purposes)


We like our EV because it's green. But for escaping wildfires — maybe it's not the best option yet | CBC News (duh)

December 5


Funeral For Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Includes John Lennon’s Communist Anthem ‘Imagine’ (


Doug Burgum Suspends His Republican Presidential Campaign -


Evangelical Left Death? - Juicy Ecumenism


Answering Six Objections to the Virgin Birth (


'Duck Dynasty' couple talks financial struggles early in marriage | Podcast News (

December 6


Living Faithfully in Advent — Firebrand Magazine


Tribune editorial: ND better off after Burgum’s failed effort (

December 9


Hold on military promotions ends amid DoD abortion travel fight | Politics News (


It’s more awkward to reject the virgin birth - Building Jerusalem


What is happening at Philadelphia's historic 10th Presbyterian Church? (


Pastor of Philadelphia’s Historic Tenth Presbyterian Church Resigns – MinistryWatch


Was Eve the First Transgender Female? - The Stream

December 11


Pastoral Meanderings: U R awesome. . . says God!?


A Mary Christmas - The Stream

December 12


Satanic displays have no place in government buildings | WORLD (

December 13


Creation Waits in Eager Expectation | Christianity Today (for information purposes only – heaven and hell is an infinitely greater concern)


Influential PCA pastor resigns after 2014 arrest is made public | Church & Ministries News (

December 14


For South Korean Christians, Christmas Is a Ministry Quandary | Christianity Today


Why Trump Should Drop Out Now: A Conservative Republican Viewpoint (


How the 2024 Election Could Get Weird - Michael Warren - The Dispatch

Pastoral Meanderings: Church fathers. . .

December 16


Trump Co-Defendants Pen VERY Brief Apology Letters for Election Crimes (


Human Rights Advocates Urge Biden Administration To Blacklist Nigeria - Juicy Ecumenism


Dance company featured in Jill Biden’s Christmas video promotes ‘prison abolition,’ ‘defund the police’ groups (

December 18


How drugs turned Portland into a ‘demonic hellhole’ - The Spectator World


Righteous Anger Drove The Iowa Demon Decapitation (


The Devil’s 2023 Christmas Gift Guide - The American Conservative


32 Random Thoughts About the Local Church | Tim Challies

December 19


Data: Banning Therapy For LGBT People Increases Suicide Risks (


The Iowa Satan Tea Party - The Stream


Satanic Temple Mocks Religious Freedom | National Review


What Are Angels, and How Should Christians Think about Them? | Crossway Articles


Decapitating the Serpent | The Cripplegate

December 21


Fight the Christmas Letdown – Well-Watered Women (


Faithful Living in Advent - Juicy Ecumenism


America’s Wars on Civilians: Examples that Keep on Killing - The American Conservative


Former North Dakota prosecutor and lawyer to plead guilty to murdering ex-wife - InForum | Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo news, weather and sports

December 22


Young organists pull out all the stops to inspire interest in a 'complex' instrument (


How to find true contentment this Christmas | Voice (


Netflix Toddler Show Features Little Boy Dancing in Dress for Homosexual "Dads" (


What Messianic Prophecies Inspired Mary's Song and Her Courageous Faith? - The Stream

December 23


Man who toppled Iowa satanic display responds to critics | U.S. News (


Defending the Preborn at Christmas - The American Conservative

December 24


A 'Silent Night, Holy Night’ approach to anxiety | Voice (


The Sabbatical Series: Did Jesus Ever Label or Exclude Anyone? • The Alisa Childers Podcast (


A Prayer for a Christian Husband and Wife To Pray Together | Tim Challies


The Pope cannot overrule God | Voice (

December 25


The Second Civil War - The American Conservative


What Would Jesus Do? Not What the MAGA Right Is Doing. (


GOP Floats Tucker Carlson As Donald Trump’s 2024 Vice President Pick (

December 26


Revisiting Carl F.H. Henry’s The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, 75 Years On - Juicy Ecumenism


Extended Trailer Drops for David Platt Expose (

December 27


Abortion Activists Are Winning (


The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism - Juicy Ecumenism


Faith leaders, influencers who died in 2023: Preachers, protesters, writers, singers (


🏆 Weekend Plug-In Year In Review: The Best Religion Journalism Of 2023 🔌 (


Trump Claims Dem Congresswoman Debbie Dingell Wasn’t Nice Enough to Him About Her Husband’s Funeral (


This will be the saddest Christmas in Bethlehem - The Spectator World

December 28


New Christmas Movies No Longer Think Jesus Is The Reason For The Season (


Canada’s Suicidal Contradictions - The Stream


Why We Follow False Prophets: False Prophets are Masters of Disguise (

December 29


Hollow Christmas in Japan — EFCA Blog


Mike Johnson is a good father. The Left hates him for it | Voice (


FINAL-2023-Christian-Schools-White-Paper.pdf (


The Sources of American Estrangement - The American Conservative


13 emerging faith leaders who made their mark in 2023 (


Why Trump May Find Himself in Jail Sooner Than He Thinks (

December 30


No One Shared the Gospel with Me — Beautiful Christian Life


Donald Wildmon, American Family Association founder, dies at 85 | Politics News (


GetReligion will close on February 2, the 20th anniversary of this blog's birth — GetReligion


Contending with Forced Speech - Juicy Ecumenism


Christmas Massacres Challenge Secular Explanations of Nige...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


December 31


What does Pope Francis want LGBTQ Catholics to do? | Voice (


Evangelical Journalists and Progressive Media | National Review

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Interesting Links from November 2023

 Doug Burgum Knows You Don’t Know Him - The Atlantic

November 3

House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Debt Shows Why We Should Pay Congress More (

The Church Situation In Ukraine – Gab News

November 4


Mark Meadows hit with lawsuit from his book publisher over election claims (


The Texas Rangers Stood Up to Wokeness and Won the 2023 World Series – Standing for Freedom Center


You Want People To Think Better of You Than You Deserve – Aliens and Pilgrims (


MyPillow CEO and election denier Mike Lindell gets cold shoulder over ‘election security’ device (


November 5


F.L. ‘Bubba’ Copeland, Alabama mayor and pastor, kills himself (


Where are All the Real, Godly Men Today? - Christian News Headlines (


Every Ohio Pastor Should Urge His Flock To Vote No On Issue 1 (


Why Are Abortions Rising Post-Dobbs? | National Review

November 6


Britney Spears Gives Voice to Pain of Coerced Abortion | National Review


The Table of the Lord (


Do you have more knowledge than love? | Voice (


16 Evangelical Alliances Call for Gaza Ceasefire, Condemn ...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

November 7


First in the Nation 2024: Governor Doug Burgum - The Dartmouth Review (


Pastoral Meanderings: Who is offended. . .

November 8


Is passing the offering plate dead? 7 thoughts | Voice (


Pro-lifers’ needless defeat in Ohio shows the dangers of refusing to listen (


Theologian Warns ‘Biblical Illiteracy’ is Harming American Christians’ Understanding of Old Testament – Faithwire


After Ohio, How Your State Can Prepare For Abortion Radicals' Schemes (


Bad Church Advice on Hamas - Juicy Ecumenism


November 9


Pastoral Meanderings: Growing up in a small town. . .


Worst Election Since 2012 - The Stream


Trump Says He Would Consider Making Tucker Carlson His Vice President (


Mike Johnson’s Christian Nationalism—And Yours - The American Conservative


What the Bible actually teaches us about slavery | Voice (

November 10


Burgum: Why I'm still running - Jamestown Sun | News, weather, sports from Jamestown North Dakota


Denial of creation by Christian News – Altlutheraner


When it comes to Speaker Mike Johnson, some journalists have become unhinged — GetReligion

November 11


Are you a leaking Christian? | Voice (


Our Way of Pro-Life Is Fading | National Review


After ‘Roe’: The Pro-Life Movement’s Next 50 Years (


Was Sean Feucht’s Viral Story About His Guitar Thief Being Saved All a LIE? (

November 12


Doug Burgum: Caucuses give Iowa Republicans an important voice (


Bill Maher and Ted Cruz Stage Unexpected Mutual Love Fest In Fawning ‘Real Time’ Appearance (


Presbyterian “Pastrix” Claims God Lied to Adam and Eve | Answers in Genesis


Breaking News: Noah’s Ark Has Been Found (Or Has It?) | Answers in Genesis


The Mind of Mike Johnson | National Review


Donald Trump's Veterans Day Message Was Very Different to Joe Biden's (


Oregon Decriminalized Hard Drugs. It Isn’t Working. - WSJ

November 13


'The Mission' doc reignites debate over John Chau's tragic death | Entertainment News (


Lee Strobel, Greg Laurie, Kay Arthur honored with Pillar Awards | Church & Ministries News (


Mike Johnson Is Right: No-Fault Divorce Destroys Kids, Sex, And Society (

November 14


Archbishop of Canterbury Promotes Hinduism, Wishes Everyone a Happy Diwali (


Meet The Phony 'Christian' Group Trying To Take Down The House Speaker (


Mike Johnson’s Shady Finances Are Already Coming Back to Bite Him (


Tim Scott suspended presidential campaign, cites Romans 8:28 | Politics News (


VICTORY: Finnish Politician Who Faced Potential Jail Time For Sharing Biblical Views Cleared of All Charges – Faithwire

November 15


Finnish MP Päivi Räsänen acquitted of hate crime for Bible tweet | World News (


Appeal Likely After Christians Acquitted Of Bible 'Hate Crimes' (


Finnish Bishop and Member of Parliament acquitted in "Bible Trial" appeal - International Lutheran Council (


Are You a “Yeah, But…” Christian? | Tim Challies


Päivi Räsänen Case: Free Speech Prevails in Finland | National Review


Famed Atheist Does About-Face, Embraces Christianity: ‘The Only Credible Answer’ – Faithwire


30 Heads of Churches urgently call on President Biden for ceasefire (

November 16


‘Now is the moment’: Berkeley pastor elected as bishop ( (for information purposes)


Mike Johnson: ‘Depraved’ America Deserves God’s Wrath (


Astronaut Frank Borman's Apollo 8 Mission Was An American Genesis (


Relentless positivity replaced by ‘vermin’ and ‘scum’ in the modern GOP - POLITICO

November 17


Vatican Releases Interfaith Document Comparing Jesus to Buddha (


Can We Build a Trans-Affirming Evangelicalism? | Sojourners


The story of a 26-year-old evangelical Christian’s fatal trip to convert an ‘uncontacted’ tribe – The Irish Times


7 signs you are in a counterfeit church | Voice (

November 18


Art Simon, founder of Christian anti-hunger group Bread for the World, dies at 93 (


The Wrong Way to Criticize House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Faith (

November 20


Alexa PenaVega talks commitment to her ‘kingdom marriage' | Entertainment News (


5 years ago John Chau became a Gospel hero | Voice (


Pastoral Meanderings: It has come down to this. . .


TV Celebrity Javier Milei, ‘Donald Trump’ of Argentina, Wins Presidential Election (


A look inside Right Side Broadcasting Network - The Spectator World

November 21


Author Sounds Alarm as ‘Terrified’ Palestinian Christians Reportedly Fear Genocide, Murder at Hands of Islamic Extremists, Hamas – Faithwire


Carlton Pearson, megachurch pastor who denounced Hell, dies at 70 | Church & Ministries News (


Raging Heretic, Carlton Pearson, Busts Hell Wide Open at 70 After Long Battle With Cancer (


Bishop Carlton Pearson, Tulsa pastor declared heretic for views on hell, dies at 70 (


Transverse Markings: One Theologian's Notes: Rev. Arthur Simon+ (

November 22


Another male swimmer breaks women's records | Politics News (


Progressive Left Hates Thanksgiving | National Review


Thanksgiving: Celebrating the History & Traditions with Dave Stotts | Drive Thru History Special - YouTube

Monday, October 02, 2023

Interesting Links from October 2023

 Newsom is exporting California's insanity nationwide - Washington Times


Laphonza Butler's Non-California Residence Raises Questions (


Jesus Cares More About Saving You Than Saving America (

October 3


Wide is the way | WORLD (


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Can’t Save the GOP from Trump (

October 4


To Pastor Andy Stanley: Jesus drew circles and lines | Voice (


Go and sin no more | WORLD (


Former Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll Finds A Safe Space In Arizona (

October 6


Columbus was a White Christian Nationalist ( (for information purposes only)


Abortion and Pro-Life Politics: A Conversation, Part II (


‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Stuns Hollywood: With ‘The Blind’ Becoming Box Office Hit, Robertsons Reveal Film’s Real-Life Inspiration – Faithwire

October 7


Love compels us to drop the transgender terminology | Voice (


Pastoral Meanderings: How to appreciate your pastor. . .


Columbus Day celebrates an ongoing threat to American democracy ( (for information purposes only)


Nicaragua: Where religious persecution continues unabated | Voice (

October 10


‘Mobilized For War’: Hamas’ Deadly Terror Stuns World as Israel Fights Back Against ‘Brutality’ – Faithwire


What’s behind the Washington, DC murder spike? | Opinions | Al Jazeera


On Columbus Day - The American Conservative


What We Can Learn From The Great and Flawed Columbus (

October 11


I Left LA for Bismark North Dakota. I've Enjoyed It, but I Don't Plan to Stay. (

October 12


World Evangelical Alliance criticized for Vatican prayer vigil | World News (


How Andy Stanley unhitched himself from New Testament theology | Voice (


Christianity Today Staff Made Extensive Campaign Donations Between 2015 And 2022…All Went To Democrats | The Daily Wire


Screens of Satan - The American Conservative


Evangelical pastor John MacArthur in 1998: "When a ruler is given to lies, he will accumulate around him people who can tolerate lying." (


Evangelical Statement in Support of Israel - Juicy Ecumenism


Evangelical Statement in Support of Israel (

October 13


A Biblical Perspective on the Suicide Rates Among "Transgender" People (


The Wolf Is Out of the Closet: Mark and Avoid Andy Stanley | G3 Ministries


‘One of the most athletic people we have in this entire school’: Zorina Johnson blitzes a trail for Ida B. Wells girls on the gridiron - (lead story in the Portland Oregonian – hard for me to believe this is credible)



Pray for Peace (


Pastoral Meanderings: Jesus the therapist and social worker. . .

October 14


Israeli Rave Survivors Recount Hellish Escape from Hamas | National Review

October 17


Start Giving Before You Inherit (


Evangelicalism’s response to Andy Stanley will determine its future, analysts say | Baptist Life |


An Assessment of Andy Stanley’s Unconditional Conference (


Correspondent Lara Logan Blasts Pastors for Hiding their Faith | Truth Nigeria


Enemies in all directions | WORLD (

October 18


‘The Chosen’ convention brings thousands to Dallas, announces theater rollout for Season 4 (


David C Cook continues string of national bestsellers (

October 19


Derek Webb Attends Dove Awards in Drag - by Greg Smith (


Why Andy Stanley shouldn't use the label ‘LGBTQ children’ | Voice (


Gaggle of Queers and Queer Activists Crash the "Christian" Dove Awards (


Global Methodists Do Annual Conference Differently - Juicy Ecumenism


Is It Wrong to Have Sex Before Marriage? | Kevin DeYoung (

October 21


Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Andy Stanley’s ‘God-Forsaken Conference,’ LGBTQ Teaching (


Maui churches continue ministry amid slow recovery | Baptist Press


Bombed Gaza hospital formerly led by Southern Baptists | Baptist Press


Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Andy Stanley’s ‘God-Forsaken Conference,’ LGBTQ Teaching (


'Inciting Insurrection' - The Stream

October 23


Worship Round the World: Pressing On and Nearing the End | Tim Challies


Son of Hamas leader breaks silence on decision to denounce terror group: ‘They don’t care’ about Palestinians | Fox News


Kathryn Burgum, wife of Gov. Doug Burgum, opens up about mental health advocacy, struggle with addiction - ABC News
And there was a point in time where I just, I had faith that there is God, but I wasn't part of an organized religion. And I was out walking. I always get emotional when I tell this story, but I just said, ‘If there's anybody out there, I need help.’ And I've been sober since I uttered those words. 


Petition · An Open Letter from Palestinian Christians to Western Church Leaders and Theologians ·


A Reprehensible Statement From Palestinian Christians - The Stream

October 24


Televangelists Say Trump is Saved Because He’s Said the Sinner’s Prayer on FIVE Different Occasions and ‘I’m sure one of ’em stuck’ (


Gaza Hospital Confusion - Juicy Ecumenism


Pastoral Meanderings: Laws don't change minds. . . or hearts


October 25


The Saturday Night Massacre at 50 - The American Conservative


Pastoral Meanderings: It must be true. . .

October 26


Southern Baptist Mike Johnson elected speaker of U.S. House | Baptist Press


Mike Johnson, pedigreed evangelical, suggests his election as House speaker ordained by God (


‘Duck Dynasty’ Family’s Movie ‘The Blind’ Shatters Theatrical Record, Blows Past ‘The Chosen’: ‘We Knew How Special This Film Was’ – Faithwire

October 28


Media Decry Johnson’s LGBT Predictions As They All Come True (


Speaker Mike Johnson Thinks Creationist Museums Reveal Truths | HuffPost Latest News

October 30


A Crucified Ronald McDonald? An Exhibit of Humanity's Grand Theatre of Depravity (

Friday, September 08, 2023

Interesting Links from September 2023

 Ask Chuck: How to have a frugal but beautiful wedding | Voice (


This Year’s Abortion Numbers Are a Wake-Up Call - The American Conservative

September 9


Making Amends (


The Curse of a Godly Wife | Tim Challies


Hate Speech Trial in Finland Evaluates Expressions of Christian Faith (


U.S. Missionary Group De-Banked - Juicy Ecumenism


9 Things You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel (


Deconversion is Apostasy – Aliens and Pilgrims (


Why are Pro-Life legislators REPEALING laws criminalizing abortion? » Abolish Abortion Texas (

September 11


Homosexual former Trump appointee Ric Grenell attacks DeSantis as 'homophobic' - LifeSite (


Ron Filipkowski on X: "Things go a bit off the rails at the SD Trump rally tonight as the pro-Trump interviewer talks to a man in line who then starts to pin a cross on his lapel while saying that Doug Burgum is going to beat Trump in the primary." / X (


Nike permanently closes iconic Portland store amid 'theft and safety issues' | The Post Millennial |

September 12


Was 9/11 The Beginning Of The End Of The American Empire? (


Full List of Capitol Rioters Jailed So Far and the Sentences They Are Serving (

September 13


5 things to know about GOP presidential candidate Doug Burgum | Politics News (


Apple’s Kowtowing To Chinese Communists Is Starting To Backfire (


At Sing! Global, a faithful pushback to the spread of megachurch praise music (

September 14


Disciples Suffer Massive Membership Drop Post-2019 - Juicy Ecumenism


Sen. Bill Cassidy Is The Left's Useful Idiot On Abortion (

September 15


The Deadly Ongoing Crisis for Christians in Nigeria - Juicy Ecumenism


Paula White Praises Deranged Moonies Cult Leader: ‘She Loves the Lord’ (


Tricky Dick and Don (

September 16


A Church Without God Is Dead On Arrival (


Ron DeSantis vows to restore 'full religious freedom' in the US | Politics News (

September 17


Trump, DeSantis take shots at one another at Pray Vote Stand | Politics News (


2024 GOP Candidates on Trans | National Review


NEW: Doug Burgum Asked What He'll Do If He Doesn't Make Second GOP Debate - YouTube

September 18


Christians in Iraq: What Are You Doing to Help? | National Review


What do seminaries do, in an age in which many believers are afraid of 'theology'? — GetReligion


Something as Flimsy as Stone | Tim Challies


Evangelist killed for leading Muslims to Christ in Uganda | World News (

September 19


China Cracks Down On Online Christian Content - Permission To Post Required (


The train is leaving the station | WORLD (


Rep. Bryan Steil hosts safety meeting for congressional lawmakers, staffers amid D.C. crime wave - Washington Times


The Strong Woman of Proverbs 31 — Beautiful Christian Life

September 20


Sinners in the hands of an angry goddess | WORLD (


Trump, abortion and the pro-life movement | Voice (


Beware of false believers | Voice (


September 21


Donald Trump, Covid Vaccine Conspiracy Theories, Continue to Hurt GOP in Elections | National Review


Pastor sues for $1.5M after he's defrocked for infidelity | Church & Ministries News (


Is Donald Trump retreating on abortion? | WORLD (


Sen. Tim Scott presented the Distinguished Christian Statesman Award (


ORU celebrates the 10th anniversary of President William M. Wilson (


You Just Have A Cold. Don’t Give Covidians Numbers By Testing (

September 22


What It Says That Abortions Increased After Roe Was Reversed (


Andrew Brunson Offers a View of Impending Persecution - Part 1 - Juicy Ecumenism

September 23


Pope Francis Re-Crucifies Christ on the UN's Globalist Cross - The Stream


Ask Chuck: How to prepare my teenagers for real life | Voice (

September 25


Don't Argue with Trump On Pro-Life Limits, Argue With Voters (


National Cathedral windows shift from themes of Confederacy to racial justice ( (for information purposes)


Andrew Brunson Offers a View of Impending Persecution - Part 2 - Juicy Ecumenism

September 26


The largest Hindu temple on American soil will soon open its doors ( (for information purposes)


Luther Seminary preacher tells us to repent of climate catastrophe, homophobia, anti-trans laws, sexism, and banning books - EXPOSING THE ELCA

September 30


Exclusive — North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum: Biden’s EV Push ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense,’ U.S. ‘Not Anywhere Close to Being Prepared’ (


The Presence of God is a Dangerous Place to Be for Sinners (


Doug Burgum Rips Fox/Univision Debate: The American People Lost Tonight (


Fact Check: Burgum Claims China Controls 85% of Rare-Earth Minerals (


Dana Perino Just Kept Hurting Doug Burgum’s Feelings at GOP Debate (


Wounds From a Friend: Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s critique of Lutheran antinomianism – Old Lutheran Synod


Subverting Protestantism - Chronicles (


EXCLUSIVE: GOP Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum Blasts Fox Business Debate Moderators: Why Did They Threaten to Shut off My Microphone When All I'm Trying to Do 'Is Answer the Questions That the Other Candidates Weren't?' - Tennessee Star