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Interesting Links from September 2023

 Ask Chuck: How to have a frugal but beautiful wedding | Voice (


This Year’s Abortion Numbers Are a Wake-Up Call - The American Conservative

September 9


Making Amends (


The Curse of a Godly Wife | Tim Challies


Hate Speech Trial in Finland Evaluates Expressions of Christian Faith (


U.S. Missionary Group De-Banked - Juicy Ecumenism


9 Things You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel (


Deconversion is Apostasy – Aliens and Pilgrims (


Why are Pro-Life legislators REPEALING laws criminalizing abortion? » Abolish Abortion Texas (

September 11


Homosexual former Trump appointee Ric Grenell attacks DeSantis as 'homophobic' - LifeSite (


Ron Filipkowski on X: "Things go a bit off the rails at the SD Trump rally tonight as the pro-Trump interviewer talks to a man in line who then starts to pin a cross on his lapel while saying that Doug Burgum is going to beat Trump in the primary." / X (


Nike permanently closes iconic Portland store amid 'theft and safety issues' | The Post Millennial |

September 12


Was 9/11 The Beginning Of The End Of The American Empire? (


Full List of Capitol Rioters Jailed So Far and the Sentences They Are Serving (

September 13


5 things to know about GOP presidential candidate Doug Burgum | Politics News (


Apple’s Kowtowing To Chinese Communists Is Starting To Backfire (


At Sing! Global, a faithful pushback to the spread of megachurch praise music (

September 14


Disciples Suffer Massive Membership Drop Post-2019 - Juicy Ecumenism


Sen. Bill Cassidy Is The Left's Useful Idiot On Abortion (

September 15


The Deadly Ongoing Crisis for Christians in Nigeria - Juicy Ecumenism


Paula White Praises Deranged Moonies Cult Leader: ‘She Loves the Lord’ (


Tricky Dick and Don (

September 16


A Church Without God Is Dead On Arrival (


Ron DeSantis vows to restore 'full religious freedom' in the US | Politics News (

September 17


Trump, DeSantis take shots at one another at Pray Vote Stand | Politics News (


2024 GOP Candidates on Trans | National Review


NEW: Doug Burgum Asked What He'll Do If He Doesn't Make Second GOP Debate - YouTube

September 18


Christians in Iraq: What Are You Doing to Help? | National Review


What do seminaries do, in an age in which many believers are afraid of 'theology'? — GetReligion


Something as Flimsy as Stone | Tim Challies


Evangelist killed for leading Muslims to Christ in Uganda | World News (

September 19


China Cracks Down On Online Christian Content - Permission To Post Required (


The train is leaving the station | WORLD (


Rep. Bryan Steil hosts safety meeting for congressional lawmakers, staffers amid D.C. crime wave - Washington Times


The Strong Woman of Proverbs 31 — Beautiful Christian Life

September 20


Sinners in the hands of an angry goddess | WORLD (


Trump, abortion and the pro-life movement | Voice (


Beware of false believers | Voice (


September 21


Donald Trump, Covid Vaccine Conspiracy Theories, Continue to Hurt GOP in Elections | National Review


Pastor sues for $1.5M after he's defrocked for infidelity | Church & Ministries News (


Is Donald Trump retreating on abortion? | WORLD (


Sen. Tim Scott presented the Distinguished Christian Statesman Award (


ORU celebrates the 10th anniversary of President William M. Wilson (


You Just Have A Cold. Don’t Give Covidians Numbers By Testing (

September 22


What It Says That Abortions Increased After Roe Was Reversed (


Andrew Brunson Offers a View of Impending Persecution - Part 1 - Juicy Ecumenism

September 23


Pope Francis Re-Crucifies Christ on the UN's Globalist Cross - The Stream


Ask Chuck: How to prepare my teenagers for real life | Voice (

September 25


Don't Argue with Trump On Pro-Life Limits, Argue With Voters (


National Cathedral windows shift from themes of Confederacy to racial justice ( (for information purposes)


Andrew Brunson Offers a View of Impending Persecution - Part 2 - Juicy Ecumenism

September 26


The largest Hindu temple on American soil will soon open its doors ( (for information purposes)


Luther Seminary preacher tells us to repent of climate catastrophe, homophobia, anti-trans laws, sexism, and banning books - EXPOSING THE ELCA

September 30


Exclusive — North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum: Biden’s EV Push ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense,’ U.S. ‘Not Anywhere Close to Being Prepared’ (


The Presence of God is a Dangerous Place to Be for Sinners (


Doug Burgum Rips Fox/Univision Debate: The American People Lost Tonight (


Fact Check: Burgum Claims China Controls 85% of Rare-Earth Minerals (


Dana Perino Just Kept Hurting Doug Burgum’s Feelings at GOP Debate (


Wounds From a Friend: Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s critique of Lutheran antinomianism – Old Lutheran Synod


Subverting Protestantism - Chronicles (


EXCLUSIVE: GOP Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum Blasts Fox Business Debate Moderators: Why Did They Threaten to Shut off My Microphone When All I'm Trying to Do 'Is Answer the Questions That the Other Candidates Weren't?' - Tennessee Star

Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Interesting Links from August 2023

 What a prayer breakfast joke reveals | WORLD (


Doug Burgum says Texas' razor wire, buoy barrier 'is on' Biden (

August 2


Pastor beaten unconscious for preaching about Jesus at funeral | World News (


50 Largest Media Ministries in the US – MinistryWatch


Time to dig into World Religions 101: Does Vivek Ramaswamy's Hinduism shape his politics? — GetReligion


Does Zelensky Respect ‘Religious Liberty’ in Ukraine? - The Stream


Heresy of the Day: "Creation Care" - by Jeff (


Trump Campaign Compares New Indictment With Nazi, Soviet Tactics - The Stream

August 3


The faith leaders who helped preserve abortion access in Kansas | The Christian Century (for information purposes)


Cornel West Owes More Than Half a Million in Unpaid Taxes (


Caitlyn Jenner criticizes DeSantis’s response to Trump charges: ‘Shame’ on you | The Hill


‘Sex Really Is Binary’: Richard Dawkins Calls Out Transgender Ideology as ‘Distinctly Weird’ – Faithwire

August 4


A religious devotion to the left | WORLD (


Flamy Grant, CCM & the Gospel - Plugged In


Revolutionary State of Mind - The American Conservative


Rudy Giuliani Goes Personal on Mike Pence After Trump ‘Crackpot Lawyer’ Jab (

August 6


Port: Fargo television station Valley News Live falsely reports Donald Trump attack on Doug Burgum (


Governor Of Early Primary State Teases Endorsement Of Longshot GOP Presidential Hopeful | The Daily Caller


Delegates adopt multiple resolutions on church and culture (


DeSantis thinks media prefer Trump in GOP primary. Republicans do (

August 9


George Stephanopoulos Repeatedly Pesters Doug Burgum With Trump Questions During Interview | The Daily Wire


A second look at Doug Burgum? – HotAir


Republicans Dealt Huge Blow in Ohio Election (


Mainline Seminaries All-In on ‘Queering the Divine’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Ohio’s Issue 1: Pro-Lifers v. Democracy (

August 10


Doug Burgum Slams Joe Biden for Forcing Americans to Fund Abortion Tourism -


Russell Moore, David French, Host Event at Queer Church to Complain About How "Evangelicalism Lost Its Way" (


North Dakota Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum - The Hugh Hewitt Show


Environmentalist Protest Destroys The Environment At Standing Rock (


Ron DeSantis Kneels Before World Jewry – Altlutheraner

August 11


Trump & MAGA Supporters: Idolizing Politicians as Rock Stars Invites Dire Consequences | National Review


Evangelical Attacks on Hindu American Vivek Ramaswamy Show That in Politics 'Religious' Still Means ‘Christian’ - American Kahani


Controversial Christian group sues Quebec for $200K for cancelling rally at convention centre | CBC News


Donald Trump has gone off the deep end for real: He's a danger to humanity |


Finnish Grandmother Is Back In Court For Tweeting Bible Verses (


Biden Won In 2020 The Same Way Soviet Basketball Won In 1972 (


How the West plays up to Putin’s caricature - The Spectator World

August 12


Massachusetts denies Catholics the right to adopt | Washington Examiner


“Immediate disqualification”: Conservative legal scholars say Constitution bars Trump from office |


United Church Pastor is Keynote Speaker at Atheist and Agnostic Convention (

August 14


Päivi Räsänen Case: Finland Puts Free Speech on Trial | National Review


Muslim Hate for the Cross is Muslim Hate for the Gospel - The Stream


‘He’s going to be very surprised’: Georgia DA Fani Willis prepares to face off with Trump | Georgia | The Guardian

August 15


Foster Care Crisis - The Stream


Cop Tells Christian He's Trespassing on Public Property, Arrests Him for Preaching Gospel (


The Toxic Legacy of Megan Rapinoe - The Stream


Parliament of the World’s Religions hopes to harness faith to address world's ills ( (this is a bad, non-Christ honoring group – report for information purposes)

August 17


Oregonians Turning against Drug-Decriminalization amid Record Overdoses | National Review


Tim Keller remembered by thousands at St. Patrick's Cathedral | Church & Ministries News (


Chaos Was Donald Trump’s Plan All Along | National Review


Brian Houston acquitted by Australian court in sexual abuse cover-up case (


Andy Stanley’s Upcoming Family Conference Features TWO Gay-Married Speakers (


The Case For Casey DeSantis (

August 18


Dietrich Bonhoeffer: False Teacher, Traitor, Damned • Stone Choir (


Georgia Probe Into Trump Examines Chaplain's Role in Election Meddling | Sojourners


Two evangelical Christian leaders indicted along with Trump in Georgia – Baptist News Global


Why I Will No Longer Use the Slur 'Commanders' | National Review


Adolf Hitler, Christian ( Chris Rosebrough of “Fighting for the Faith” stated, “Don't be taken in by…delusional claims… that Hitler was a Christian. He wasn't. The best book (Hitler’s Religion) on the subject is written by Richard Weikart, and it thoroughly debunks the idea that Hitler was a pious believer in Jesus Christ.


Faith leaders call for repentance and spiritual reformation to address climate change ( (for information purposes)

August 19


PCUSA Pastor Says Jesus Would Have Been an ‘Abortion Doula’ + ‘Blessed Are Those End Their Pregnancies’ (


Biden's evolution on LGBTQ issues. The good, bad and sometimes ugly (


Vivek Ramaswamy Sued By Former Employees Claiming His Company Pressured Them Into Violating Securities Laws (

August 21


BREAKING: Residential School 'Mass Grave' turned out to be underground rocks, no bodies found (


Everyone Knows Why Joe Biden Used A Pseudonym: Corruption (

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Interesting Links from July 2023

 Courage Is The Only Path Out Of The Fake ‘Winsome’ Gospel (


How to Get Excommunicated in 2023 - Tablet Magazine (Ryan Dumperth commented, “Did not have Tablet Mag giving Ryan Turnipseed a more Christian treatment than his own church on my 2023 bingo card, but here we are.”)


Proposed Update for Martin Luther’s Small Catechism (more “Contemporary Applications”) | theology like a child ( (this is sarcastic, but not totally inaccurate compared to what some people say)


Sarah Sanders says she’s not removing kids’ sidewalk chalk cross | U.S. News (

July 2


Compilation of United Methodist False Teachings by Top Denominational Leaders - Juicy Ecumenism


Pastoral Meanderings: When despair has become fad. . .

July 4


The Canadian Government Says "Pride Season" Now Goes From June To September (


250 celebrities urge social media to censor anti-LGBT content | Entertainment News (


Actor Ashley Bratcher: Marriage Has Become ‘Disposable’ in Today’s ‘Hookup Culture’ – Faithwire


Minister’s Heretical ‘Sparkle Creed’ Sparks Controversy and Criticism - Charisma Magazine

July 5


LA Times: A trans-identified man 'is and was a man' | U.S. News (


Global Methodist, United Methodist Churches Split on Nicene Creed - Juicy Ecumenism

July 6


What We Miss When We Skip the Book of Nehemiah (


A Short Treatise on Slavery (

July 7


Anglican Church of Canada votes to drop Jewish conversion prayer | Church & Ministries News ( (wrong to do this)


A Mild Corrective in a World Gone Mad - The American Conservative

July 8


CBS Praises Newborn Girl Being Trafficked to Two Homosexual Men (


"Sparkle Creed" Is Dim & Dull - Juicy Ecumenism

July 10


Ron DeSantis defends video attacking Trump on LGBT issues | Politics News (


Leading Bible study platform ‘Logos’ leans into long, respected history with brand reposition (


Renfroe: Time for Methodists to Go Separate Ways - Juicy Ecumenism

July 12


13 Times Jesus Amazed His Hearers in 2 Words or Less | Crossway Articles


Supreme Court Strengthens Religious Workplace Accommodations in Sweeping 9-0 Decision - Juicy Ecumenism


Geneva College soccer coach fired after expressing support for LGBTQ people (


Pastoral Meanderings: Bless the beasts and the children. . .

July 13


Mayflower Church pastor urges lawmakers to put pressure on China | Politics News (


Pastoral Meanderings: Inclusive might mean rejecting Jesus. . .

July 15


‘The Chosen’ Director Says Jesus Transfiguration Not Important: ‘What Purpose Would it Serve our Story?’ (


Vivek Ramaswamy says censorship to blame for Jan. 6 protests | Politics News (


Marijuana firms top Oregon’s tally of delinquent taxpayers (search the full list) -


Leftists Are Lying To You About Tuberville And ‘White Nationalists’ (


'We Don't Want to Convert the Young People to Christ' - The American Conservative


Greg Locke Touts His ‘Humbleness’ and ‘Obedience’ by Partnering with…Benny Hinn? (

July 17


Lutheran Pastor Praises God as Promiscuous ‘Femme’ Who ‘Wiggles Her Wide Hips at You’ (


Portland Pride Parade marks another year of joy, freedom, defiance - (lead story in the Portlland Oregonian – for information purposes)


A Wrong Prophet Is Not a False Prophet, Right? | (


Location, Location, Location (


The harassment of Italian evangelical churches, Evangelical Focus


If Satan Took Up Marriage Counseling | Tim Challies

July 18


Joe Not Tuberville Brought The 'Culture War' To The Military (


How ALL United Methodist Bishops Fail the Discipline - Juicy Ecumenism

July 19


Florida pastor, son found guilty for Jan. 6 Capitol riot | U.S. News (


Asst Sec of Defense Says Military Should Provide Abortions So Women Can Fight Wars (


Riley Gaines says spiritual awakening is helping her fight battle | U.S. News (


A Jan. 6 Trump Indictment Would Include Very Serious Charges (


New Study Reveals Pastors Are Lonelier, More Isolated Than In Recent History – Faithwire


A nuanced look at Portland Archbishop Sample? Journalists aren't coming up with it — GetReligion

July 20


What about coerced pronouns? | WORLD (


Defending the Integrity of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act - Juicy Ecumenism


Jan. 6 Rioters Have Bad News for Donald Trump About Washington, D.C., Juries (


Penal Substitution Evidences the Godness of God |

July 21


The Literal Suicide Of The West - Canada To Help Mentally Ill Kill Themselves (


George Floyd Protesters: NYC to Pay $13.7 Million to Protesters over Alleged Police Misconduct | National Review


Report: Vikings 1st-round pick Jordan Addison cited for reckless driving, speeding 85 mph over limit (


Mike Pence's abortion stance stirs debate on prenatal diagnoses | Politics News (


Short Op-Ed: Should Christians Support Turning Point USA? (

July 23


An indefensible Department of Defense | WORLD (


Even Laura Ingraham Isn’t Sold On DeSantis’ Anti-Woke Crusades (


Meet the pastor running for president | Politics News (


July 24


United States of Abortion: A Grave History in Five Threads | Desiring God


The Left’s Elections ‘Fortification’ in 2024 - The American Conservative


Yes, the culture war is real, and Democrats started it - Washington Times


Former Anti-Abortion Group Chairman Fired After Child Sex-Abuse Charges (


Idaho Christians Secure $300,000 Settlement After Disputing City COVID Policy, Wrongful Arrest - Juicy Ecumenism

July 25


10 Things You Should Know about the Beatitudes | Crossway Articles


Today’s Southern United Methodism: Non-Celibate Gay Clergy, Weddings Already Here - Juicy Ecumenism

July 26


Retired pastor confesses to killing fellow pastor’s daughter | U.S. News (


'Sound of Freedom' Reveals Rising Power of Jesus in Hollywood (

July 28


The National Council of Churches’ collapse | WORLD (


Where We Stand in the EFCA: Denials and Affirmations — Evangelical Free Church of America


"Christian Nationalism" & Mocking Victims - Juicy Ecumenism


VP of Jermar Tisby’s Org: ‘Gender Normativity is Rooted in Transphobia’ (

July 29


Defending Good Men: A Review of The Toxic War on Masculinity - Juicy Ecumenism


Desiring to Rule over Him - The American Conservative


Issues with Sodomy, Etc: Wilken, Middendorf, and the End of Lutheran Radio – Old Lutherans


Representative Nancy Mace Foregoes Fornication To Attend Prayer Breakfast (


Most family breakdowns aren’t because couples divorce | Living News (


Historically challenged Kamala Harris gaslights a nation | Voice (

July 30


Nancy Mace jokes about sex with fiancé at prayer breakfast | Politics News (


Our View: Hate groups tear at the seams of our country (


Opinion | North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is a qualified presidential candidate - The Washington Post


When the sex workers vanish, no one cares: Steve Duin column -

July 31


It's time to believe Donald Trump |

Thursday, June 01, 2023

Interesting Links from June 2023



United Methodist Supplants Scripture with Critical Gender Theory - Juicy Ecumenism


Acts 29 and the Big Sort - American Reformer


Let’s Turn Pride Month into Prayer Month – Bible Study Nerd (


‘Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets’ Docuseries Exposes the TLC Stars’ Abuse (

June 2


The Timeline of Recriminations – Stone Choir (


Point of Grace talks new album, ‘foundational’ importance of Church | Baptist Press


Valedictorian speech based on the Gospel goes viral | Baptist Press


Church Of Uganda’s Response to Country Banning Homosexuality is Straight Fire (

June 3


Tribune editorial: If Burgum runs for president it may help ND (


Bad Fruit - The American Conservative


‘I’m a Pregnant Man’: Glamour Magazine Features Pregnant Trans Model Writing a Children’s Book Titled ‘The Miracle of Male Birth’ – Faithwire

June 4


Forum Editorial: Burgum for president? Voters should give him a chance to make his case - InForum | Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo news, weather and sports


Doug Burgum 'bet the farm' on a software firm. Now he's betting his business savvy leads to the White House. - InForum | Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo news, weather and sports


North Dakota governor in tears at split over face mask use in the US - YouTube (this video featuring Doug Burgum got a minor splash several years ago)


Lionized for his Jan. 6 antics, Jake Angeli finds his spiritual beliefs a harder sell ( (too bad this man seems to be so far off spiritually – he needs prayers)


Ex Dave Ramsey followers sue him for more than $150M | U.S. News (

June 5


Maine Voices: In praise of the unbeatable tradition of the clothesline (


Meloni declared a “family pride month” that will promote the traditional family (


Fox News’ Rachel Campos-Duffy: Why Save Earth When Afterlife Is Real? (


Conservative Princeton Scholar Launches Fidelity Month - Juicy Ecumenism

June 6


Amazon’s ‘Shiny Happy People’ Has Lessons to Teach, If We’re Willing to Listen (


‘The Guy’s Got Balls’: Meet The Little-Known Governor Who’s Expected To Jump Into The 2024 Presidential Race | The Daily Caller


Seattle's Quest Church leaves ECC as church affirms LGBTQ Christians ( (they took over the flagship building of the former Mars Hill Church)


Megyn Kelly Criticizes ‘Preferred Pronouns’ | National Review

June 7


Quest Church disaffiliates from Evangelical Covenant Church | Church & Ministries News (


Problems with Preferred Pronouns (


Christ’s 'Queer' Resurrection? - Juicy Ecumenism

June 9


'A Pioneer': Politicians, Christian Leaders Remember Pat Robertson as 'True Visionary' | CBN News


New Duggar Doc Uses Family Drama To Vilify Christians (


My Close Friend Pat Robertson Helped Save Freedom - The Stream


Pat Robertson: Icon of Post-Denominational America - Juicy Ecumenism


Welton Gaddy, former Southern Baptist who became a champion of liberal Christianity, dies (


Former President Donald Trump Indicted By Biden DOJ for 'Mishandling' Classified Documents - The Stream


Twice-Indicted Trump Still Has No Clue What the ‘Rule of Law’ Means (


June 10


The Trump Indictment Is Damning | National Review


'Airtight' Trump Indictment Bursting With Powerful Evidence: George Conway (


Why Trump’s ‘Witch Hunt’ Cries Ring Hollow in Face of DOJ Indictment | National Review

June 11


Russell P. Johnson | The Prophetic and the Pragmatic in Cornel West ( (for information purposes)


Donald Trump Indictment: Classified Docs Case Is Worse Than You Think | National Review


Trump reveals his thoughts on barrage of legal charges, investigations: 'In a sick way I sort of enjoy it' | Fox News


How Pat Robertson made white evangelicals Republican (


The Regime Has Gaslighted America Into Oblivion (


Trump Delivers Bonkers Post-Indictment Speech in Columbus Georgia (

June 12


Is Donald Trump Above the Law? - by Warren Throckmorton (


Rick Warren Apologizes To Women, Admits He Hasn’t Exegeted Scripture in 53 Years (


Storing up prayer for your children and grandchildren | Voice (

June 14


Ron DeSantis woos GOP Christian voters, stays tight-lipped on his own Catholic faith | AP News


Trump Deserves to Live Out His Life in Prison. Here's Why | Opinion (


If 'Banned' Books Are Harmless, Biden Should Read Them To Kids (


A case for caution on marijuana | WORLD (

June 15


Queering Jesus: How It's Going Mainstream at Progressive Churches and Top Divinity Schools | RealClearInvestigations


No, you don’t want a state church | WORLD (


Air Force Throws 'Pride' Parties While Our Readiness Crumbles (


Biden’s Reversal On LGBT Issues Proves He’s In It For The Money (


Re-Education Camp - The American Conservative


How Quebec is getting a freedom-of-speech lesson from a controversial Christian group | CBC News


Southern Baptists rid themselves of women pastors, their latest self-inflicted wound ( (Jonathan Merritt is a gay liberal).

June 16


Kids cartoon ‘We Baby Bears’ pushing trans pronouns, confusion | U.S. News (


Interfaith Alliance announces partnership with Religion News Service to distribute long-running religion and democracy podcast (RNS partners with mainline Protestant group – another indicator that suggests that RNS isn’t objective)

June 17


Trump repeatedly celebrated the inclusion of transgender women in his beauty pageant | CNN Politics


Former Barre distillery owner unmasked as neo-Nazi podcaster - VTDigger (distortion at best of what Dumperth is actually saying)


So. Baptist Convention makes official statement on dangers of AI | Voice (


The SBC in the Big Easy: What Happened? – Denny Burk


Trump repeatedly celebrated the inclusion of transgender women in his beauty pageant | CNN Politics (Trump’s record on this subject is actually not that great)


Meet the drag nuns caught up in the culture war over Pride events ( (for information purposes)


Joe Biden is 'Selfish' to be Running at His Age—Marianne Williamson (


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence cheered at Dodgers Pride Night (

June 18


The LGBT Agenda Has Become Canada's State Ideology (


Christianity Makes Weddings | Answers in Genesis


What Is a Woman? | Answers in Genesis


Lawsuit against David Platt’s megachurch revived by appeals court | Church & Ministries News (


LA Dodgers: Pride Night Featuring Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Protested | National Review


Who replaces Pat Robertson? | Voice (


IN-DEPTH: Veterans’ Outrage Grows as LBGT Observances Crowd Out Military Holidays (


Christian Reformed synod orders church to rescind deacon in same-sex marriage (


We Need Committed Dads To Quiet Our Cultural Chaos (


California Wants to Take 'Trans Children' From Their Parents - The American Conservative


Can We Admit Mainstreaming Juneteenth Has Been a Disaster? (

June 20


ELCA Pastor Announces He Will Preach Against Scripture - EXPOSING THE ELCA


The Satanic Temple Plans To Mimic Sean Feucht’s ‘Kingdom of the Capitol’ Tour+ Feucht Responds (


Horrific Video Shows Abortion Activist Brutally Assaulting Two Pro-Life Senior Citizens (


Josh Hawley Gets Holy Hell After Juneteenth Claim About Christianity And Slavery (

June 21


Mike Pence Says Loving Your Neighbor Means Protecting Their Right to a Sex Change if They're an Adult (


‘Like Disneyland’: Titanic Families Blast ‘Disgusting’ Submersible Tours of Wreckage (


Jen Hatmaker Org. Supports ‘Gender Affirming Care’ to Trans and Non-Binary Children, Ages 3-10 (


Loe v. Walz: Religious Liberty Triumphs in Minnesota - Juicy Ecumenism

June 22


I Use Non-Binary Pronouns in Class ( (for information purposes)


Secretary Austin Must Fully End The Military Vaccine Mandate Now (


Biden administration will not fight to bring back ‘transgender mandate’ | Baptist Press

June 23


Meet Doug Burgum, Republican Presidential Candidate | Council on Foreign Relations (


Commentary: Maine’s pro-abortion rights lawmakers are misguided (


Comments - Presbyterian Church Body Calls for Government Intervention to End Sex-change Procedures for Minors (


Israel and the Nations: The Bible, the Rabbis, and Jewish-Gentile Relations - Juicy Ecumenism


Jan. 6 rioter who electroshocked Michael Fanone shouts 'Trump won' after he's sentenced to 12½ years (

June 25


Teaching the Truth About Communism - The American Conservative


'A vital role:' Donald Trump endorses the idea of national abortion restrictions (

June 26


Muslims Torch and Slaughter Christian Students in Uganda - The Stream


Was Shakespeare a Christian Writer? - The Stream


When a German Lutheran Pastor Preaches that ‘God Is Queer’ - The Stream


Chinese Communists’ Latest Crackdown Forcing Registration on Religion App Sparks Persecution Fears – Faithwire


Unitarian Universalists elect first woman of color, openly queer president (

June 27


Men Exposing Themselves To Kids Proves 'Tolerance' Was A Sham (


Please Don't Banish Jesus from Alcoholics Anonymous - The Stream


Mr. President, You Have the Right — No, Duty — to Remain Silent ... When It Comes to 'Punching Down' - The Stream


No Dope - The American Conservative


Gavin Newsom: The Groomed Leftist Who Expects To Be President (

June 29


NBC News Covers For Activists' 'Coming For Your Children' Chant (


When the Sermon Fizzles Instead of Sizzles | Tim Challies


How Evangelical Leaders Have Co-opted "Loving Your Neighbor" to Distort the Gospel (


ELCA Church Recites Blasphemous ‘Sparkle Creed’ + ‘I believe in the non-binary God whose pronouns are plural’ (