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Interesting Links from December 2021


North Dakota man who attacked Republican US Senator's office with axe: ‘I am Antifa’ | The Post Millennial


Marcus Lamb, anti-COVID vaccine Christian broadcaster, dies at 64 (


Progressive church groups spread misinformation on Rittenhouse | U.S. News (


Appeals court lifts compelled speech order on Artur Pawlowski | World News (


Ten Reasons Why Nursing Homes Are Great Places to Minister - CCW - Christian Communicators Worldwide (


The Rev. Dr. William Barber II at BYU calls for a moral march on Washington - Deseret News (for information purposes)


Trump Tested Positive for COVID Before Biden Debate, Not After, Says Mark Meadows in New Book (


Appeals court lifts compelled speech order on Artur Pawlowski | World News (


Ten Reasons Why Nursing Homes Are Great Places to Minister - CCW - Christian Communicators Worldwide (


Biden Family Christmas Stocking Photo Leaves Out Hunter Biden’s 3-Year-Old Daughter, Born Out Of Wedlock | The Daily Wire

December 2


'The Chosen' Christmas special: Authentic Jesus begins with the birth (


Trump Tried to Kill Biden with COVID-19  - The Bulwark


America Without Abortion - The American Conservative


China's Attempt To Disappear Peng Shuai Fails Thanks To World Outcry (


Omicron COVID Variant Shows Time to End Restrictions | National Review


The End of Roe? - by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner (


Died: Marcus Lamb, Daystar Founder Who Believed TV Opened ...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


The United States Should Defend Taiwan | National Review

December 6


Will Poland Prevail for Life and Family? - Juicy Ecumenism


Keith Getty on dangers of modern worship movement, new album | Entertainment News (


Microsoft rebuked by shareholders over sexual harassment and why | Analysis News (


LGBTQ Concerns Prompt ELCA Lutheran Synod Move from Messiah University - Juicy Ecumenism


Final report on ILC-PCPCU conversations released - International Lutheran Council (


Engaging CT’s Piece on “Side B Christians” – Denny Burk


Is U.S. Christianity becoming two separate religions? | Richard Ostling (


America Hates You. Now Go Fight For Her - The American Conservative

December 7


RIP Bob Dole - The Stream


Pastor who appeared in drag on HBO's 'We're Here' forced to leave his church (


"The communion of the queer-making Spirit be with you all" says ELCA transgender pastor - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Pondering Drag Queen Theology - Juicy Ecumenism


Sexual Assault Accuser Calls Out Liberal Network as 'Predator Protecting Machine' — Charisma News


Anti-Vax Christian TV Mogul Marcus Lamb Laid to Rest as His Daystar Network Airs COVID Lies (

December 9


Canada's Conversion Therapy Ban (


Progressive theology and pornography violate biblical boundaries | Voice (


'Ve Haff Vays Of Making You Get Vaxxed' - The American Conservative


Haiti held hostage | WORLD (


Dan Bongino Rips Dan Crenshaw Who Rips Marjorie Taylor Greene Who Rips Nancy Mace in Craziest ‘Apprentice’ Yet (


UMC pastor relieved of duties after HBO drag queen performance | Church & Ministries News (

December 12


Josh Duggar Found Guilty in Child Sex Abuse Materials Case...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Josh Duggar found guilty of child porn possession | U.S. News (


Dave Ramsey's daughter Rachel Cruze shares Christmas budget tips | Living News (


We’re Not in Kansas Anymore: Reflections on the passage of Bill C-4 - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


‘Just Repackaged Misogyny’: Frank Schaeffer on ‘Real’ v. ‘Fake’ Family Values - Juicy Ecumenism (sad trajectory of the ultraliberal Frank Schaeffer)


The Democrats and Pundits Who Demanded 'Justice for Jussie!' | National Review


How ‘Progressive’ Can a Christian Get? | Desiring God


Pulpit panic: 1-in-2 mainline Protestant clerics looking for exits, survey reports - Washington Times


Former Concordia Portland campus sits in limbo as $300 million lawsuit advances - OPB


In Search of The Elusive Liberal Evangelicals – Religion in Public

December 13


A Fond Farewell to a Great Scientist and Friend: David Menton | Answers in Genesis


Feeding On Christ > Deconstructing Deconstructionism


Preaching in Drag at ELCA Churches Begins - EXPOSING THE ELCA


The Science of Adam | Kenneth Kemp | First Things (for information purposes)


Cynical Political Moves Are Not the Best Way to Overturn Roe v. Wade - Current (

December 14


SNL Nativity Includes 'Twerking' Baby Jesus, While Mary Swings on Stripper Pole and Joseph 'Pimp Walks' - Todd Starnes


You've heard of Handel's 'Messiah,' but do you know about Handel? | Voice (


Vigilantes—Do Men Have a Right to Take the Law into Their Own Hands? (


Religious Freedom Advocates Upset as State Department Omits Nigeria, Vietnam - Juicy Ecumenism


Paula White Partners with Demonic ‘Moonies Cult’, Praises Founder and Prays for ‘Unification’ - Protestia

December 17


Missouri School District to Pay $4 Million to Transgender Student over Bathroom, Locker Room Policy | National Review


Methodist Church Replaces Stained Glass of Founding Fathers With Lesbian Bishop (


Are Trans Non-Binary Clergy The Church's Future? - The American Conservative Are Trans Non-Binary Clergy The Church's Future? - The American Conservative


Mark Meadows should face charges for stonewalling Congress | Raleigh News & Observer (


At the other Mars Hill church, new co-pastors hope to build a faithful future (


‘Tear This Whole Thing Down’: United Church of Christ on Reforming or Abolishing Prisons - Juicy Ecumenism


Seminex in Print - Meet, Write, & Salutary: Conversation & Community for Lutheran Writers ( (they need to get beyond being spooked out by this group from almost 50 years ago and start living in the now)

December 19


Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan issues statement of advocacy and support for all people | WJMN -


Two-year Shutdown: Draconian Lockdown Measures Didn’t Work, So Why Do We Keep Trying Them? | National Review


Why Are Men So Cowardly? - The American Conservative


Linguistic Violence | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


All I Want for Christmas Is a Song that Mentions ... | Christianity Today


The End of Roe v. Wade Won't Change Much for Me - The Stream


Lutheran Church Holds Blasphemous Drag Queen Story Hour - Protestia


Think pieces: Why are evangelicals evolving on doctrines linked to LGBTQ issues? — GetReligion


Washington State Senator Doug Ericksen Dead at 52 After Battling COVID-19 (

December 21


Religious Left Mobilizes for War on the Gospel - Part 1 - Juicy Ecumenism


Open Doors USA applauds confirmation of Rashad Hussain as Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom ( (Mr. Hussain is a Muslim.)


What Josh Duggar trial means for family, TLC TV empire - Los Angeles Times (


What’s wrong with premarital sex and watching porn? | Living News (


Huge Yikes! Lutheran Church Hosts Drag Queen Prayer Time For Children | Not the Bee


Is Swedish startup's COVID-19 hand implant 'mark of the beast'? | World News (


Ex-SBC Beth Moore Joins Anglican Church - Protestia


Fervent prayers and a late-night escape in Haiti | WORLD (

December 22


Are Your Loved Ones Suffering in Hell? (


Christmas in Revelation | Opinion News (


“Christmas with The Chosen” breaks box office record | Baptist Press


Can The U.S. Military Still Protect Americans? (


Krampus Krashes Khristmas - The American Conservative

December 23


End the Covid-Zero Mentality | National Review


An Evangelical Icon Finds Salvation in West Hollywood (  (Religious progressive Rob Bell, who isn’t one, as defined by the words of Jesus, says, “F--- yeah!”, he’s a Christian.)


A Pandemic in Christendom | Answers in Genesis (William Lane Craig has gone of the rails but is supported by Christianity Today.  He has much support within the Evangelical Free Church of America as well.  Sad!)


Just Call Me Old-Fashioned (


The Religious Left Mobilizes for War on the Gospel - Part 2 - Juicy Ecumenism


US LGBTQ envoy promotes rights in world of 'mind-boggling' violence (

December 24


Liberty Counsel Exposes Biden's Abuse of Military Members — Charisma News


TV's 'Chosen' Director Dallas Jenkins Butchers Gospel: 'Mormons Believe it' - Protestia


California's abortion sanctuary plans decried by Christian groups (


Wary of omicron, churches shift Christmas services online (


Omicron Outbreak Disproves Media’s Red-State Narrative | National Review


Know the Ideal Church. Commit to a Real Church. - The Average Churchman


Christian Congressman Madison Cawthorn is getting a divorce | Politics News (

December 25


Welcoming 'Church Shoppers' in the Holiday Season (and Anytime) – The Lutheran Witness (


Bethlehem closed to foreign Christians again at Christmas | World News (


Plastic's War on the Incarnation - The American Conservative


Celebrating Christmas While Doubting Christ’s Existence - The Stream


Christmas isn't about Santa or his elves. It's about God. (

December 26


The Duggars might lose their show, but the toxic culture they promote persists - The Washington Post


Transgender man who gave birth slams docs who called him 'Mom' ( (Dr. Michael L. Brown commented on Twitter, “A quick reality check: the reason that nurses in a hospital referred to a ‘transgender man’ as ‘mom’ (after the ‘man’ had just given birth) is because only women can be mothers. No man has ever gotten pregnant or birthed a child. Fact.”  A ridiculous story and how sad that the mother is not happy about being one.


A Party Embraces Vulgarity (


Oregon father of four who told President Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ on Christmas Eve call said he meant it in jest -


Desmond Tutu's long history of fighting for lesbian and gay rights ( (he “would rather go to hell than to a homophobic heaven”)

December 27

The Gospel of Donald Trump Jr. - The Atlantic


APOLOGIA: Canada’s conversion therapy ban commits six secular sins (


Christmas Is a Season, Not Just a Day | National Review


About That Time Saint Nick Punched a Heretic – Faithwire


Desmond Tutu, archbishop, activist and apartheid foe, is dead at 90 (


Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Famed LGBTQ Ally, Dead at 90 - Protestia


Pro-Trump Group Liberty Center for God and Country Invented Voter Fraud Claims Months Before Election 2020 (

December 28


TGC's 'Best Movies of 2021' Include Abortion and Sex Propaganda, Children Smoking Pot, and R-Rated Blasphemy (


Twitter Bans Reformation Charlotte For Tweeting that Christ Will Destroy Islamic Idols


Men across America are getting vasectomies ‘as an act of love’ - The Washington Post (for information purposes)


Yes to Gay Identity, No to Gay Sex? The Concept Shaking the Foundations of the ACNA - Juicy Ecumenism (How solid, if at all, is the Anglican Church of North America?  Good question to ask and answer.)


Satanist TikTokker thanks progressive Christians | Voice (


I Was the Fastest Girl in Connecticut. But Transgender Athletes Made it an Unfair Fight. | Alliance Defending Freedom (


André Pratte: Quebec's radical rejection of Catholicism behind support for Bill 21 | National Post


Bishop Tutu, God & Democracy - Juicy Ecumenism


Antifa groups stepped away from street protests, not activism in 2021 (


Archbishop Desmond Tutu Endorses Hell Over 'A Homophobic Heaven' - Christian Newswire

December 30


Let's Pray for Brandon - The Stream (Brandan Robertson is indeed WAY off base.  He was critically mentioned years ago.  This article misspells the young liberal’s first name but otherwise is right on.  Brandan sadly and tragically has many supporters on the way out there left.)


‘He Rose From the Dead’: Justin Bieber’s ‘Christmas Wish’ Is a Gospel Message About Burial, Resurrection and Eternity – Faithwire (Good statement by the Biebs, who has been wildly inconsistent over the years.)


Not Satire: IRS Issues Guidance That Thieves and Looters Must Report Stolen Property as Income on Tax Return (  (The IRS also notes, “If you receive a bribe, include it in your income.”)


21 House Republicans Want to Pass a "Transgender Rights" Bill (


Inside the Heart of a Mother - The Stream


Frank Barker, founding pastor of Briarwood Presbyterian Church, is dead at 89 (


Tutu's advocacy for LGBTQ rights did not sway most of Africa (


Biologically Male Trans ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Praised for Becoming ‘Woman with the Highest Overall Earnings in the Show’s History’ – Faithwire


The Very Bad Interview with the Very Unlikable Transgender Swimmer, and Why You Should Watch It Anyway - The Stream

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Interesting Links from November 2021


A Party Embraces Vulgarity - by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner - Steady (


'Theology of Periods’: Author shares women’s silent struggles | Living News (


Indebted - Columbia Journalism Review (


Relevant Magazine Features Pro-choice ‘Unitarian Universalist’ On Why the 'Bible is an Idol' - Protestia


Blessing Biden | John Murdock | First Things


Twitter Locked My Account for Saying a Man is Not a Woman - The Stream


Scandalous Silence About China's Christians - The American Conservative


Diana Butler Bass Frets Youngkin 'Anglican Roots' and 'Literalist Faith' - Juicy Ecumenism


A Christian Cosmology ( (for information purposes)

November 6


Google Censors Emails Critical of Red China's Concentration Camps. NBA Prohibits Protest - The Stream


Washington Post Reports On Demonic Energy Behind Left's Culture War (


My Word | Domestic violence and choice – Times-Standard (for information purposes)


Does It Really Matter Whether Adam Was the First Man? (


They, Them, Godself? Human Pronouncements and Divine Pronouns - CBMW


Marilyn Manson at Kanye's Sunday Service divides Christians | Entertainment News (


‘Colin loved the church’: Powell recalled as Episcopalian at cathedral funeral (

November 10


The Courage, Creativity and Charm of GK Chesterton - The Stream


‘It Was Like Hell’: Some Claim Ties to ‘Satanism’ Following Deadly Mob at Astroworld Concert – Faithwire


While Losing Wars, U.S. Military Celebrates Pederast Harvey Milk (


Gay GOP Leader Attacks Reformation Charlotte, Calls Us "Fringe" For Rejecting "Gay Pride" Movement


Please Don’t Clown Around When It Comes to Abortion - The Stream

November 11


United Methodist pastor dives into HBO drag-queen culture, drawing joyful RNS applause — GetReligion


Lawmakers Demand U.S. Punish Finland For Criminalizing Christianity (


Azusa Pacific Proves Gender Insanity Has Also Invaded Christian Schools (


Trump’s GOP Has a New ‘Murderers’ Row’ of Accused Abusers (


The Holy Land Experience Never Made It to the Financial Pr...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

EWTN's Critics Misunderstand Catholic TV Network | National Review

November 13


Finnish bishop facing prosecution over Christian values | U.S. News (


Objective and Subjective Justification: How Shall We Be Judged? | The Daystar Journal (for information purposes)


Trump Defends Capitol Rioters’ ‘Hang Mike Pence’ Chants: ‘People Were Very Angry’ (


‘I Thank the Lord’: Magic Johnson Praises God for Decades of Health with HIV – Faithwire


'Depart Haiti now,’ State Department warns Americans of risks | World News (


What is a young man worth? | WORLD (

November 15


House Republicans condemn Finland's prosecution of Christian MP | Politics News (


North Dakota Bans Critical Race Theory in Schools (


‘Nonbinary’ ODU Professor Calls for ‘Destigmatizing’ Pedophilia – Faithwire


How Anti-Science Are Materialists? If They Saw Another Mt. Rushmore Floating in Space, They’d Attribute it to “Evolution” - The Stream


Cleveland priest gets life. Victims’ mother: ‘God is with us' - by JD Flynn - The Pillar (


Think piece that's tissue worthy: The Pillar goes inside one family's clergy sex-abuse hell — GetReligion


Annals Of Media Gaslighting: Gender Queer Edition - The American Conservative


LGBT influence in conservative and GOP circles is growing. Here’s why that’s deeply problematic - LifeSite (


'Let's go, Brandon' insults President Joe Biden in vulgar fashion (


CCM industry stays silent on LGBTQ inclusion as queer artists carve inroads (


Why 'Let’s go Brandon' has no place in a Christian’s life | Opinion News (


Opinion | A newly disclosed memo reveals Trump’s plot to turn the military into his personal goon squad - The Washington Post

November 18


Editorial: Republicans must stop defending an ex-president who defends death threats | Editorial |


The Kindness of Constructive Criticism: How Input from Others Can Rescue You from Reckless Words - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries (


Trump Endorses Mike Lindell’s ‘Very Good’ Idea of Melting Down Voting Machines to Build Prisons (


Democrats Like Me Are Furious With Our Party Pushing Gender Insanity (


‘The View’ Co-Hosts Attack Jedediah Bila Over Her Vaccination Status – Faithwire


Donald Trump Downplays 2024 Talk: 'We're Not Going To Have a Country in Three Years' (


Kim Jong-Un, Taliban & Nigeria Named Worst for Christians - Juicy Ecumenism


Trump’s Mutant GOP Freaks Assemble Into an Evil Voltron (

November 19


Totally "Not Marxist" Seminary Head Wants to Censor Film Critical of Southern Baptist Convention (


Greenway calls on Mid-America to cancel premiere of film containing ‘slander’ | Baptist Press


The Climate Change Cult Wants Us to Drink a Half-Trillion Dollars in Kool-Aid - The Stream


The Catechesis Problem | Gene Veith (


Good Teachers Don’t Preach Critical Race Theory - Current (


What are God's pronouns? How the church today is (or isn't) gendering God ( (for information purposes)


Warnock, Sewell discuss ‘sacred’ voting rights — and whether God is Black ( (for information purposes)


Rashad Hussain faces Senate committee on historic nomination ( (Biden appoints Muslim to promote international religious freedom)


Pop Christianity is on life support | Voice (

November 21


Gutenberg, meet Gruenewald. App builder's YouVersion puts Bible in half-billion phones. (


Capitol Riot: QAnon Shaman Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison | National Review


The Bad News: National Review Actually Still Exists. The Good News? It Doesn’t Matter - The Stream (for information purposes)


‘God Is Weeping’: Faith Leaders React to Rittenhouse Verdict | Sojourners (this unhinged reaction is offered for information purposes)


A Message From the Gay Community - The Stream


Megachurch pastor coerced girls, women to have sex with him | U.S. News (

November 23


Thanking the Dutch for Liberty & Thanksgiving - Juicy Ecumenism


Evan Neumann, the Jan. 6 Rioter on the Run in Belarus, Sucks Up to Moscow on RT (


Sean Feucht's Charity Raises Afghan Relief With No Plan For How To Use It (


Authorities in India impose ban on Christian gatherings, worship | World News (


Former SBC President Promotes 'Gospel Sermon' of Openly Sodomite Son - Protestia


Conversion Therapy Bans Strike at the Gospel - Juicy Ecumenism


Remembering Trans Deaths Rightly - The American Conservative

November 24


With Global Implications, Finland Puts Christians On Trial For Their Faith (


Lutherans in Spain welcome new bishop - International Lutheran Council (


STATEMENT: Promoting homosexual preachers is not loving, biblical, or Baptist - Conservative Baptist Network

November 27


Hoping for Roe’s reckoning | WORLD (


Call The #WaukeshaMassacre What It Is - The American Conservative


I was editor of Christianity Today. How did I end up as a Catholic? - Catholic Herald (for information purposes – VERY shallow)


Is God a pacifist? | The Resurgence (


Interfaith: The Musical celebrates our diversity and shared humanity (


Trump Should Steer Clear of New GOP Gay Pride Coalition - The Stream


Waukesha Car Attack: Progressive Bail Reform Failure | National Review


America Vulnerable to Space War | National Review

Friday, October 01, 2021

Interesting Links from October 2021


‘We’re Angry’: Medical Journal Apologizes for Referring to Biological Women with Trans-Inclusive Phrase – Faithwire


ESPN Host Calls Out Disney’s ‘Sick’ Vaccine Mandate – Faithwire


Unquestioned, Unqualified, Unlimited Pastoral Access | EFCA


How Making Christianity A 'Nice People Club' Is Destroying The Church (


After Zoom Church: Restoring the Real in Christian Worship - Public Discourse (


Inside the Church That Preaches ‘Wives Need to Be Led with a Firm Hand’ (


The Constitution under fire | Voice (


On day of remembrance, churches confront their role in Indigenous boarding schools (


This Star NFL Quarterback Stuns the Media Mob — Charisma News


Gay "Pastor" Says There Isn't a Single Verse That Condemns Homosexual Relationships (

October 3


Christians, it's time to add infrastructure to the pro-life agenda (


David Brooks on why we need to spend $ 4 trillion - Current (


'We're all interconnected': Pagan, Christian clergy urge interfaith understanding (


Gay "Pastor" Says There Isn't a Single Verse That Condemns Homosexual Relationships (


Victoria’s Conversion Practices Act is a genuine assault on religious freedom |


Doubts About William Lane Craig’s Creation Account | Peter J. Leithart | First Things


Pastoral Meanderings: The narrow gate. . .


Lutheran Pastor Sentenced for Distribution of Child Pornography | USAO-SDIL | Department of Justice (Tibbetts, 62, posted 10,213 messages on the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau Forum.)


Interfaith organization hosting thousands of spiritual activists online ( (for information purposes)


Nigerian pastor murdered by Muslim mob wielding machetes | World News (

October 6


Ibram X. Kendi MacArthur Grant: Ridiculous | National Review


Death of a post-theist shepherd: The unorthodox faith of Bishop John Shelby Spong — GetReligion


Trump Claims that 'Nobody Has Done More for Christianity' than Him - Protestia


'Fastest Growing Megachurch' that Became 'Gay-affirming' Goes from 8k members to 150 'New Agers' Meeting Online - Protestia


Transgender Bishops, Perversion and Apostasy: How Did We Get Here? — Charisma News


They Went to Bible College to Deepen Their Faith. Then They Were Assaulted—and Blamed for It. – Mother Jones


'The Jesus Music' stars reflect on highs, lows of Christian music | Entertainment News (


Is suicide OK for Christians? | Voice (


Domestic abuse has no room in Christ's Church | Voice (


Russell Moore Continues to Champion Pro-LGBTQ Pro-Abortion Activist as a Great "Christian" Leader (


William Lane Craig Explores the Headwaters of the... | Christianity Today (truly sad and tragic that Craig is doubling down on his false teaching)


Australia's COVID Police State Is Coming To A Country Near You (


Mytho-History in Genesis | William Lane Craig | First Things (Genesis is unadulterated truth)

October 7


Augustana Announces 2021 Alumni Achievement Award and Horizon Award Recipients | Augustana University (


Alarm Bells as Episcopal Church Decline Accelerates - Juicy Ecumenism


Trump could be blocked from running again, former White House ethics boss says | The Independent


Pastoral Meanderings: As Down Under Turns. . . (untenable to be members of both groups but the same situation has been the case for decades)


In 'The Jesus Music,' Erwin Brothers recount the glory and mess of Christian music (


Madison, Wis. Likely Has Herd Immunity But Still Demands Masks (


U-Chicago Demands New COVID Compliance: Mental Submission (


 October 8


Who Killed Mars Hill Church? There’s One Suspect Evangelicals Simply Aren’t Prepared to Interrogate | Religion Dispatches


Faithful Presence? - The American Conservative


Present, But How Faithfully? Francis Collins, Evangelicals, and Elite Institutions - American Reformer


The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire — In theaters on October 11 and 12 (


Profanity and the Gospel – The Fight of Faith (


Should History Make You Feel Bad? - Current (


Francis Collins Isn’t A National Treasure, He’s A National Disgrace (


An important church and state battle in Seattle | Voice (

October 11


Pete Buttigieg calls parenting twins the 'most demanding' job (


Pope Francis Welcomes Baby-Murderer, Nancy Pelosi, to the Vatican Without Mask (


Hillsong's Justin Bieber Now Sells Marijuana (


Leftists Heads Explode Because NC Lt. Governor Rightly Called LGBTQ Movement "Filth" - The Dissenter (


Why Columbus Day is Worth Defending and Celebrating - The Stream


Indigenous Peoples Day vs Columbus - Juicy Ecumenism


Republic of Letters, Republic of Books - Current (


Galli: Elite Evangelicalism's Slide - The American Conservative (Mr. Galli was a horrendously bad editor of Christianity Today.)


Motherhood and the Future - The Stream


Canadian City Prohibits Marriage Unless Bride and Groom are Fully Vaccinated - Protestia

October 12


"Christian" Rap Artists', Lecrae, Andy Mineo, New Hit Single is Sexually Degrading to Women (


Elite Evangelicalism’s Allergy to Complementarianism – Denny Burk


Large Canadian Town Withholds Marriage From Unvaccinated Population (


Was Alexander Hamilton a Christian? | Desiring God


SBC's Legal Counsel Resigns After Executive Committee Pressured into Waiving Attorney-Client Privilege (


Why I Am an Evangelical Even Though Evangelicals Say I’m Not | Kermit Zarley ( (he’s not really an Evangelical or a Christian)


Ibram Kendi: 'Radical Revolutionary' Jesus Came to Free People 'From the Clutches of … the American Empire' | CBN News


Columbus Wasn't a Saint, but Columbus-Haters Don't Really Hate Him. They Hate America - The Stream


Moving Beyond Hotel Bibles, Gideons in Canada Announce New...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

October 14


SBC legal teams resigns after vote on attorney-client privilege | Church & Ministries News (


The Failure of Evangelical Elites by Carl R. Trueman | Articles | First Things


Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Pays $150k In Crotch-Grab Claim Settlement (


Let's Talk about Jesus...: The Sad and Strange Saga of Ravi Zacharias (


Archbishop calls for “Rose and Rosary for Nancy” Campaign, Conversion of Abortion Advocates - Juicy Ecumenism


Menlo Church investigation finds no direct evidence or disclosures of sexual abuse (

October 15


Woketopia, here we come! | Opinion News (


Amish Survived COVID Better Than Most by Never Locking Down, Shuttering Churches – Faithwire


Rachel Held Evans’ Wholehearted Faith Lives On in New Book (


Trump Tells GOP: Back My Big Lie or I’ll Burn the Party Down (


Will Merrick Garland put Steve Bannon in jail? (


National Council of Churches elects all-female officers, approves NRSV update (


The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Vandalized (

October 19


Pete Buttigieg Should Not Be Taking Two Months off during a Crisis | National Review


For Christians, Dying From COVID (Or Anything Else) Is A Good Thing (


‘Enabling Religious Persecution’: Apple Obeys China’s Communist Regime, Quran and Bible Apps Removed – Faithwire


Pastoral Meanderings: Foreign policy. . .


Jill Biden celebrates ‘prayer partner’ who reinvigorated her faith (

October 21


The New Yorker torches Teen Challenge residential programs in vivid, one-sided report — GetReligion


Letter From the Director - October 2021 - Lutheran Coalition for Renewal (CORE) (


The First Post-National Country - The American Conservative


Climate crisis at forefront of agenda for Parliament of the World’s Religions (


Media, Dems Praise Rachel Levine, A Man, For 'Historic' Female Admiral Title (


Police Powerless In Portland As Antifa Destroy $500K More In Property (


If You Can't Tell A Man From A Woman, You're A Health Threat (


The defense of a little island’s liberty | WORLD (

October 23


UMC Bishop’s Spouse “Comes Out” as Transgendered United Methodist Minister - Juicy Ecumenism


Harsh Things Jesus Said | A Polemical List of Jesus' Most Harsh Words (


China Pulls Celtics Games from TV After Player Condemns ‘Brutal Dictator’ Xi Jinping – Faithwire


Why Pete Buttigieg ought to be a hero to the right - New York Daily News ( (for information purposes)


Lee Strobel makes compelling, rational case for Heaven | Church & ministry News (


DC Police Say Department Gave 'Abortion Ultimatum' Upon Pregnancy (


Putin Gets It. Why Don't We? - The American Conservative


Our Times are Marked by Lies - The Stream


Apple takes down Bible app in China to appease communist regime | World News (

October 25


Undermining Scripture Regarding Adam: An Initial Response to William Lane Craig | Answers in Genesis


I Agree to the Terms—of The Antichrist! — Charisma News


A Reason to Be Vaccinated: Freedom | Desiring God


Conservative radio host Dennis Prager tests positive for coronavirus - The Washington Post


Lesbian Presbyterian Pastor Blames God for Her Relentless Support of Child Sacrifice (


Greg Locke's Church Chants 'Let's Go Brandon' During Service - Protestia


Is this Church Service the Most Garish Thing You've Ever Seen? - Protestia

October 27


Why Taiwan matters | Voice (


Republicans Shouldn’t Vote? | Gene Veith (


Seminary Panel: Occupy Wall Street Legacy ‘Stained With Whiteness’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Mark Zuckerberg Let False Anti-Abortion Video Back On Facebook To Mollify GOP: Report | HuffPost Latest News (good that Mr. Zuckerberg let the video be published).


The New Side Hustle: Helping Anti-Vaxxers Get Religious Exemptions (


The Afterlife of Rachel Held Evans | The New Yorker (for information purposes)


Key player in Fortenberry indictment resigns as president of Christian group | Govt. & Politics |


The Blessed One - Current (


Liberation Theology Text Garners Enthusiastic Anglican Endorsement - Juicy Ecumenism


Anglican Global Leader Freaks Out After Ghana Anglicans Support Bill Jailing LGBTQ People - Protestia

October 29


Looking Toward the Possible End of the Abortion Regime - Part 1 - Juicy Ecumenism


Meet the Biden Nominee Who’s Sympathetic to Soviet-Era Socialism — and Wants the Fed to Pretty Much Take Over Private Banking - The Stream


Rachel Held Evans Releases Heretical Book Posthumously from Hell - Protestia


The Forgotten Pandemic - The Stream