Saturday, July 01, 2023

Interesting Links from July 2023

 Courage Is The Only Path Out Of The Fake ‘Winsome’ Gospel (


How to Get Excommunicated in 2023 - Tablet Magazine (Ryan Dumperth commented, “Did not have Tablet Mag giving Ryan Turnipseed a more Christian treatment than his own church on my 2023 bingo card, but here we are.”)


Proposed Update for Martin Luther’s Small Catechism (more “Contemporary Applications”) | theology like a child ( (this is sarcastic, but not totally inaccurate compared to what some people say)


Sarah Sanders says she’s not removing kids’ sidewalk chalk cross | U.S. News (

July 2


Compilation of United Methodist False Teachings by Top Denominational Leaders - Juicy Ecumenism


Pastoral Meanderings: When despair has become fad. . .

July 4


The Canadian Government Says "Pride Season" Now Goes From June To September (


250 celebrities urge social media to censor anti-LGBT content | Entertainment News (


Actor Ashley Bratcher: Marriage Has Become ‘Disposable’ in Today’s ‘Hookup Culture’ – Faithwire


Minister’s Heretical ‘Sparkle Creed’ Sparks Controversy and Criticism - Charisma Magazine

July 5


LA Times: A trans-identified man 'is and was a man' | U.S. News (


Global Methodist, United Methodist Churches Split on Nicene Creed - Juicy Ecumenism

July 6


What We Miss When We Skip the Book of Nehemiah (


A Short Treatise on Slavery (

July 7


Anglican Church of Canada votes to drop Jewish conversion prayer | Church & Ministries News ( (wrong to do this)


A Mild Corrective in a World Gone Mad - The American Conservative

July 8


CBS Praises Newborn Girl Being Trafficked to Two Homosexual Men (


"Sparkle Creed" Is Dim & Dull - Juicy Ecumenism

July 10


Ron DeSantis defends video attacking Trump on LGBT issues | Politics News (


Leading Bible study platform ‘Logos’ leans into long, respected history with brand reposition (


Renfroe: Time for Methodists to Go Separate Ways - Juicy Ecumenism

July 12


13 Times Jesus Amazed His Hearers in 2 Words or Less | Crossway Articles


Supreme Court Strengthens Religious Workplace Accommodations in Sweeping 9-0 Decision - Juicy Ecumenism


Geneva College soccer coach fired after expressing support for LGBTQ people (


Pastoral Meanderings: Bless the beasts and the children. . .

July 13


Mayflower Church pastor urges lawmakers to put pressure on China | Politics News (


Pastoral Meanderings: Inclusive might mean rejecting Jesus. . .

July 15


‘The Chosen’ Director Says Jesus Transfiguration Not Important: ‘What Purpose Would it Serve our Story?’ (


Vivek Ramaswamy says censorship to blame for Jan. 6 protests | Politics News (


Marijuana firms top Oregon’s tally of delinquent taxpayers (search the full list) -


Leftists Are Lying To You About Tuberville And ‘White Nationalists’ (


'We Don't Want to Convert the Young People to Christ' - The American Conservative


Greg Locke Touts His ‘Humbleness’ and ‘Obedience’ by Partnering with…Benny Hinn? (

July 17


Lutheran Pastor Praises God as Promiscuous ‘Femme’ Who ‘Wiggles Her Wide Hips at You’ (


Portland Pride Parade marks another year of joy, freedom, defiance - (lead story in the Portlland Oregonian – for information purposes)


A Wrong Prophet Is Not a False Prophet, Right? | (


Location, Location, Location (


The harassment of Italian evangelical churches, Evangelical Focus


If Satan Took Up Marriage Counseling | Tim Challies

July 18


Joe Not Tuberville Brought The 'Culture War' To The Military (


How ALL United Methodist Bishops Fail the Discipline - Juicy Ecumenism

July 19


Florida pastor, son found guilty for Jan. 6 Capitol riot | U.S. News (


Asst Sec of Defense Says Military Should Provide Abortions So Women Can Fight Wars (


Riley Gaines says spiritual awakening is helping her fight battle | U.S. News (


A Jan. 6 Trump Indictment Would Include Very Serious Charges (


New Study Reveals Pastors Are Lonelier, More Isolated Than In Recent History – Faithwire


A nuanced look at Portland Archbishop Sample? Journalists aren't coming up with it — GetReligion

July 20


What about coerced pronouns? | WORLD (


Defending the Integrity of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act - Juicy Ecumenism


Jan. 6 Rioters Have Bad News for Donald Trump About Washington, D.C., Juries (


Penal Substitution Evidences the Godness of God |

July 21


The Literal Suicide Of The West - Canada To Help Mentally Ill Kill Themselves (


George Floyd Protesters: NYC to Pay $13.7 Million to Protesters over Alleged Police Misconduct | National Review


Report: Vikings 1st-round pick Jordan Addison cited for reckless driving, speeding 85 mph over limit (


Mike Pence's abortion stance stirs debate on prenatal diagnoses | Politics News (


Short Op-Ed: Should Christians Support Turning Point USA? (

July 23


An indefensible Department of Defense | WORLD (


Even Laura Ingraham Isn’t Sold On DeSantis’ Anti-Woke Crusades (


Meet the pastor running for president | Politics News (


July 24


United States of Abortion: A Grave History in Five Threads | Desiring God


The Left’s Elections ‘Fortification’ in 2024 - The American Conservative


Yes, the culture war is real, and Democrats started it - Washington Times


Former Anti-Abortion Group Chairman Fired After Child Sex-Abuse Charges (


Idaho Christians Secure $300,000 Settlement After Disputing City COVID Policy, Wrongful Arrest - Juicy Ecumenism

July 25


10 Things You Should Know about the Beatitudes | Crossway Articles


Today’s Southern United Methodism: Non-Celibate Gay Clergy, Weddings Already Here - Juicy Ecumenism

July 26


Retired pastor confesses to killing fellow pastor’s daughter | U.S. News (


'Sound of Freedom' Reveals Rising Power of Jesus in Hollywood (

July 28


The National Council of Churches’ collapse | WORLD (


Where We Stand in the EFCA: Denials and Affirmations — Evangelical Free Church of America


"Christian Nationalism" & Mocking Victims - Juicy Ecumenism


VP of Jermar Tisby’s Org: ‘Gender Normativity is Rooted in Transphobia’ (

July 29


Defending Good Men: A Review of The Toxic War on Masculinity - Juicy Ecumenism


Desiring to Rule over Him - The American Conservative


Issues with Sodomy, Etc: Wilken, Middendorf, and the End of Lutheran Radio – Old Lutherans


Representative Nancy Mace Foregoes Fornication To Attend Prayer Breakfast (


Most family breakdowns aren’t because couples divorce | Living News (


Historically challenged Kamala Harris gaslights a nation | Voice (

July 30


Nancy Mace jokes about sex with fiancé at prayer breakfast | Politics News (


Our View: Hate groups tear at the seams of our country (


Opinion | North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum is a qualified presidential candidate - The Washington Post


When the sex workers vanish, no one cares: Steve Duin column -

July 31


It's time to believe Donald Trump |