Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Interesting Links from August 2023

 What a prayer breakfast joke reveals | WORLD (wng.org)


Doug Burgum says Texas' razor wire, buoy barrier 'is on' Biden (desmoinesregister.com)

August 2


Pastor beaten unconscious for preaching about Jesus at funeral | World News (christianpost.com)


50 Largest Media Ministries in the US – MinistryWatch


Time to dig into World Religions 101: Does Vivek Ramaswamy's Hinduism shape his politics? — GetReligion


Does Zelensky Respect ‘Religious Liberty’ in Ukraine? - The Stream


Heresy of the Day: "Creation Care" - by Jeff (substack.com)


Trump Campaign Compares New Indictment With Nazi, Soviet Tactics - The Stream

August 3


The faith leaders who helped preserve abortion access in Kansas | The Christian Century (for information purposes)


Cornel West Owes More Than Half a Million in Unpaid Taxes (thedailybeast.com)


Caitlyn Jenner criticizes DeSantis’s response to Trump charges: ‘Shame’ on you | The Hill


‘Sex Really Is Binary’: Richard Dawkins Calls Out Transgender Ideology as ‘Distinctly Weird’ – Faithwire

August 4


A religious devotion to the left | WORLD (wng.org)


Flamy Grant, CCM & the Gospel - Plugged In


Revolutionary State of Mind - The American Conservative


Rudy Giuliani Goes Personal on Mike Pence After Trump ‘Crackpot Lawyer’ Jab (thedailybeast.com)

August 6


Port: Fargo television station Valley News Live falsely reports Donald Trump attack on Doug Burgum (inforum.com)


Governor Of Early Primary State Teases Endorsement Of Longshot GOP Presidential Hopeful | The Daily Caller


Delegates adopt multiple resolutions on church and culture (lcms.org)


DeSantis thinks media prefer Trump in GOP primary. Republicans do (usatoday.com)

August 9


George Stephanopoulos Repeatedly Pesters Doug Burgum With Trump Questions During Interview | The Daily Wire


A second look at Doug Burgum? – HotAir


Republicans Dealt Huge Blow in Ohio Election (newsweek.com)


Mainline Seminaries All-In on ‘Queering the Divine’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Ohio’s Issue 1: Pro-Lifers v. Democracy (currentpub.com)

August 10


Doug Burgum Slams Joe Biden for Forcing Americans to Fund Abortion Tourism - LifeNews.com


Russell Moore, David French, Host Event at Queer Church to Complain About How "Evangelicalism Lost Its Way" (substack.com)


North Dakota Governor and GOP Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum - The Hugh Hewitt Show


Environmentalist Protest Destroys The Environment At Standing Rock (thefederalist.com)


Ron DeSantis Kneels Before World Jewry – Altlutheraner

August 11


Trump & MAGA Supporters: Idolizing Politicians as Rock Stars Invites Dire Consequences | National Review


Evangelical Attacks on Hindu American Vivek Ramaswamy Show That in Politics 'Religious' Still Means ‘Christian’ - American Kahani


Controversial Christian group sues Quebec for $200K for cancelling rally at convention centre | CBC News


Donald Trump has gone off the deep end for real: He's a danger to humanity | Salon.com


Finnish Grandmother Is Back In Court For Tweeting Bible Verses (thefederalist.com)


Biden Won In 2020 The Same Way Soviet Basketball Won In 1972 (thefederalist.com)


How the West plays up to Putin’s caricature - The Spectator World

August 12


Massachusetts denies Catholics the right to adopt | Washington Examiner


“Immediate disqualification”: Conservative legal scholars say Constitution bars Trump from office | Salon.com


United Church Pastor is Keynote Speaker at Atheist and Agnostic Convention (substack.com)

August 14


Päivi Räsänen Case: Finland Puts Free Speech on Trial | National Review


Muslim Hate for the Cross is Muslim Hate for the Gospel - The Stream


‘He’s going to be very surprised’: Georgia DA Fani Willis prepares to face off with Trump | Georgia | The Guardian

August 15


Foster Care Crisis - The Stream


Cop Tells Christian He's Trespassing on Public Property, Arrests Him for Preaching Gospel (substack.com)


The Toxic Legacy of Megan Rapinoe - The Stream


Parliament of the World’s Religions hopes to harness faith to address world's ills (religionnews.com) (this is a bad, non-Christ honoring group – report for information purposes)

August 17


Oregonians Turning against Drug-Decriminalization amid Record Overdoses | National Review


Tim Keller remembered by thousands at St. Patrick's Cathedral | Church & Ministries News (christianpost.com)


Chaos Was Donald Trump’s Plan All Along | National Review


Brian Houston acquitted by Australian court in sexual abuse cover-up case (religionnews.com)


Andy Stanley’s Upcoming Family Conference Features TWO Gay-Married Speakers (substack.com)


The Case For Casey DeSantis (thefederalist.com)

August 18


Dietrich Bonhoeffer: False Teacher, Traitor, Damned • Stone Choir (spotify.com)


Georgia Probe Into Trump Examines Chaplain's Role in Election Meddling | Sojourners


Two evangelical Christian leaders indicted along with Trump in Georgia – Baptist News Global


Why I Will No Longer Use the Slur 'Commanders' | National Review


Adolf Hitler, Christian (coreyjmahler.com) Chris Rosebrough of “Fighting for the Faith” stated, “Don't be taken in by…delusional claims… that Hitler was a Christian. He wasn't. The best book (Hitler’s Religion) on the subject is written by Richard Weikart, and it thoroughly debunks the idea that Hitler was a pious believer in Jesus Christ.


Faith leaders call for repentance and spiritual reformation to address climate change (religionnews.com) (for information purposes)

August 19


PCUSA Pastor Says Jesus Would Have Been an ‘Abortion Doula’ + ‘Blessed Are Those End Their Pregnancies’ (substack.com)


Biden's evolution on LGBTQ issues. The good, bad and sometimes ugly (usatoday.com)


Vivek Ramaswamy Sued By Former Employees Claiming His Company Pressured Them Into Violating Securities Laws (forbes.com)

August 21


BREAKING: Residential School 'Mass Grave' turned out to be underground rocks, no bodies found (thecountersignal.com)


Everyone Knows Why Joe Biden Used A Pseudonym: Corruption (thefederalist.com)