Monday, July 01, 2024

Interesting Links from July 2024

 Trump Commitment to Pro-Life Cause Superficial | National Review


Media Finally Admit Biden Poses Grave Danger To Country (


The Bill That Could Kill Free Speech in Canada - The Stream


Thousands of faith leaders, union members, activists rally for poor (


Are the Dakotas the Future of the Republican Party? - POLITICO

July 2


Doug Burgum Is a Neocon - The American Conservative


1 In 5 Auto Accident Deaths Now Involves Marijuana Use (


Why The 'Biden Stumbled But Trump Lied' Narrative Is A Myth (

July 3


Transgender runner Nikki Hiltz is headed to the Paris Olympics - Yahoo Sports


Chip Roy files resolution urging VP Harris to remove Biden | Politics (


Nazarene Seminary Platforms LGBTQ-Affirming Faculty - Juicy Ecumenism


Jesus Calling and the PCA - Reformation 21


Why Do We Believe So Many Lies about Heaven? - Eternal Perspective Ministries (


Ancestor Worship in the Church | Between Two Cultures

July 4


With Abortions and Rainbows for All | John Murdock | First Things


Missionary & 5 Family Members Killed in Wisconsin House Fire (


Inside Biden's Parish - Juicy Ecumenism

July 5


The "Revolution" and Romans 13 — Gottesdienst


Are other people bigger sinners than you? (


Should a Christian Get Cremated? - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


3 Ways Feminism Laid The Groundwork For Transgenderism (

July 6


Joe Biden's 'Lord Almighty' Interview Fails to Calm Panicked Democrats - Newsweek


Doug Burgum’s Rebranding: ‘He’s Playing the Game Now’ - POLITICO


Joe Biden Says Only God Will Make Him Go in ABC Interview as Dems Sharpen the Axe (

July 8


President Biden Has a Cold - The American Conservative


I Cried Out to the Name Demons Fear Most | Christianity Today


Boys Aren't Reading As Much As Girls, And That's A Major Problem (

July 9


I Couldn't Find A Single 'Christian Nationalist' Policy In Project 2025 (


GOP’s ‘Pro-Life’ Platform Does Nothing To Protect Unborn Babies (


The Washington insiders helping Sean Feucht spread Christian nationalism in Congress ( (Sean is a much better guy than this article indicates)


What’s Your Creed? - Remembrance of Former Days (


In Quitting Church, Americans Gave Up More Than They’d Bargained For (


Trump proposes GOP platform that softens stance on abortion | Politics (


Sponsors of recreational marijuana measure submit signatures for verification • North Dakota Monitor

July 10


Cognitive Decline and Common Faults | Tim Challies


How the GOP Became Pro-Choice (


Oak Ridge Boys Tenor Joe Bonsall, a Self-Proclaimed ‘Light for Christ,’ Dies – Faithwire


GOP Can Learn Abortion Lesson from Methodist Infighting  - The American Conservative


‘I Was a Child’: Robert Morris Accuser Shares Her Story, Faith Journey – Faithwire


Barron Trump Gets Standing Ovation at Rally Appearance in Florida (


Michael Ian Black: Trump’s Veep Candidates Are All Impressively, Predictably Terrible (


The veepstakes and the sanctity of life | WORLD (

July 12


ENCORE: Ten Reasons Why the Bible is the Greatest of the Great Books - Christ Over All


Treat Her Like Your Sister — Courtney Reissig


Why I don’t get into mudslinging battles with destructive critics (


The priority of defending life | WORLD (


Doug Burgum is Trump's best VP choice to cement a historic legacy (


Prominent ‘queer affirming’ theologian facing trial by Church of the Nazarene (


Saying Goodbye to my Grandma - by Sean Feucht (

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