Thursday, July 01, 2021

Interesting Links from July 2021


Prominent LGBTQ-Affirming Activists: Time to “Depart” from UMC - Juicy Ecumenism


Is the Devil Really in the Details? - When the House is QuietWhen the House is Quiet (


10 Reasons to Read the Bible Aloud in Church by Aaron Shryock (


Concordia University Portland campus sold to church fund lender - OPB


Financial arm of parent church buys Concordia University campus in foreclosure sale -


After Moral Failures, R.C. Sproul Jr. Launches College to ‘Train Godly Men’ (

July 2


U of I College of Law in Boise to take over former Concordia campus | Local News |


Roe Must Go | Robert P. George | First Things


I’m an Ordinary Woman | The Stream


Loving Gay People While Rejecting Gay Activism: Reflections on the Meaning of Stonewall | The Stream


The Chinese Communist Party’s violent legacy | WORLD (


PCA General Assembly Offers Crushing Curb Stomp to Revoice, Bans 'SSA Christians' from the Pastorate - Protestia (article was not written by Ed Litton – that is a joke)


Methodist Panel Advocates Reparations - Juicy Ecumenism

July 3


Do Flags Belong in Churches? Pastors Around the World Weigh In. | Christianity Today


Church of England bishop calls for 'gender neutral marriage canon | World News | The Christian Post


Supreme Court rejects case of florist who refused gay wedding | U.S. News | The Christian Post


Dr. Anthony Fauci named 2021 Humanist of the Year (


Worse than You Thought: Details of British Methodist Church Shift on Marriage, Cohabitation - Juicy Ecumenism


Presbyterian Church in America leaders say those who identify as gay are not qualified for ordination (


Pastoral Meanderings: I don't like it. . .

July 4


Dr. June Hee Yoon to serve as the Louisville Institute’s Postdoctoral Fellow at United Lutheran Seminary - UNITED News


PCA endorses Lifeline Children’s Services as 'preferred' agency | Church & Ministries News | The Christian Post


Supreme Court rejects case of florist who refused gay wedding | U.S. News | The Christian Post


‘As a Believer in Christ, That’s What I’m Here for’: Phoenix Suns Coach Monty Williams Leads His Team to NBA Finals – Faithwire


Conservative SCOTUS Betrays Barronelle | The American Conservative


Supreme Court realism on overturning Roe v. Wade | WORLD (

July 5


The Difference Between Harsh and Foul Language – Theology & Life (


Let the kids say it’s boring (the adults think it anyway) – Building Jerusalem


Sacrificing Wealth and Freedom for His Beliefs | Gene Veith (


Meet The Self-Made Billionaire Who Is Sacrificing It All For God (


Faith Leaders Speak Out Against Christian Nationalism : NPR


'Revoice' Founder Calls Own Denomination 'Rampantly Homophobic' for Rejecting LGBTQ Clergy - Protestia


Evangelicals Repudiating America? - Juicy Ecumenism

July 7


Burying Barronelle Stutzman | Steven D. Smith | First Things


The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was a kind of Christian revolt. Just not in a conventional way. - The Washington Post


FBI Releases 11 New Videos of Capitol Riot Assaults on Six-Month Anniversary (


AME Church bishops address COVID-19, critical race theory as major meeting opens (


PCA Votes: No Ordination for Those Claiming Gay Identity - Juicy Ecumenism


Pastoral Meanderings: The means to heaven. . . (for information – a significant number in Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod have joined Antiochian Orthodox Church)


The Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was a kind of Christian revolt. Just not in a conventional way. - The Washington Post


The Left Smears The Bible As Racist So They Can Spoon-Feed Evolution (

July 10


Catholic Bishops Promote Countercultural Religious Freedom Week - Juicy Ecumenism


It is OK for Christians to not be happy all the time – Written for our instruction


At the PCA General Assembly, the Little Guys Stood Up | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


Conservative Justices Warn Kavanaugh and Barrett Lack 'Fortitude' | Opinion (


New Museum Stakes Claim for the Bible in US History—Right ...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Trump Is Liable for Ashli Babbit’s Death (


What is a mainline Christian, anyway? (


Panel Discusses New Sexual Ethics for United Methodists - Juicy Ecumenism


Bethel 'Prophet' Who Falsely Prophesied Trump's Victory Headlines Prophetic Conference - Protestia


Montana Roman Catholics Clear Hurdle to See Tram to Pagan Shrine - Protestia


Capitol Hill Baptist Church Reaches Settlement with DC After Bowser Blocked Churches from Worshipping | CBN News


DC Settles Baptists’ COVID Lawsuit with $220,000 Payment - Juicy Ecumenism


ELCA Bombards Members with Gay Pride Month Messages - EXPOSING THE ELCA


5 Reasons Why Woke is Broke - For the Gospel


James Altman, Priest Who Said Catholics Can't Be Democrats, Removed From Posting by Bishop (


Barronelle Stutzman’s Long Obedience and the Failure of the Court | The Stream


The History of Canada's Residential Schools | Douglas Farrow | First Things

July 12


‘How Could All the Prophets Be Wrong About Trump?’ | Christianity Today


Church of England bishops criticized for ‘lavish lifestyles’ | World News | The Christian Post


Prominent Anglican Bishop On Leave Amid Allegations He Mishandled Abuse ( (sorry that the ACNA is facing this)


Should Christians Cuss? – Denny Burk




Understanding Bad Words | Blog & Mablog (

Cubans stage largest protest against communist regime in decades | World News | The Christian Post

July 15


Why the Enneagram Still Doesn't Belong in Church | The Stream


The death of Ashli Babbitt offers the purest distillation of Donald Trump’s view of justice - The Washington Post


'Who Will Speak for the Trees?' Asks United Church of Christ Resolution - Juicy Ecumenism


Anti-Christian Hysteria Is Causing Church Burning. People Might Be Next (


God Strikes Down Idol of Woke Cult, George Floyd Mural Destroyed by Lightning (


ACNA leaders to take over abuse investigation in Upper Midwest diocese (


Methodist Bully Bishop Escalates North Georgia Crisis, for "Love" - Juicy Ecumenism


Radical Transgender Activism is Proof Positive That We Have Lost Our Collective Minds | The Stream


Black Lives Matter: Commies | The American Conservative


July 17


BLM comes out in support of the Cuban communist regime—'condemns the US' | The Post Millennial


Black Lives Matter Blames U.S. For Cuban Unrest Because They Hate Freedom (


The Brazen Hypocrisy and Intolerance of the So-Called Tolerant | The Stream


At Least 45 Christian Churches Set on Fire In Canada as Attacks Escalate – Faithwire


Promise Keepers says it has changed. The times have changed more. (

July 18


Why Preachers Shouldn't Steal | The Stream


A Most Urgent Task - by David French - The French Press (


'You Are One Step Away from Complete and Total Insanity' - by David French - The French Press (

July 23


Once an evangelical pastor, a transgender woman is on a mission to empower women - The Washington Post (for information purposes)


Beth Moore Trashes Southern Baptist Leaders for Not Promoting CRT More Than They Already Do (


Why Is Violent Crime In DC Soaring? The Reason Is One Muriel Bowser (


United Methodist Drag Queen Gets Star Treatment from UMNS - Juicy Ecumenism


Megachurch pastor David Platt warns of a disinformation campaign and takeover attempt at his evangelical church - The Washington Post


Rex Murphy: Desecration of 48 churches is a national tragedy, yet government seems to care little about Christians | National Post


Mary Magdalene Was The First Person To See Christ’s Resurrection (


The Touch | Tim Challies


The Comfort of Samson (


Feeding On Christ > Preaching Preferred Pronouns


André Mendonça, President Bolsonaro’s ‘terribly evangelical’ Supreme Court justice (


The New Western Sexual Imperialism - Juicy Ecumenism


Msgr. Burrill & The 'Droit Du Monseigneur' | The American Conservative


The Biden Administration’s Invitation to UN Investigators Is Disgraceful | American Center for Law and Justice (

July 24


How to Pray for Your Teenager’s Sexual Purity | Crossway Articles


10 Things You Should Know about the Biblical Covenants | Crossway Articles


New York becomes 6th state to ban child marriage | U.S. News | The Christian Post (comment: not biblical to say you have to wait until 18 for marriage – increasingly pagan American culture at work here – if couples aren’t that mature before 18, try to harder to get them ready for marriage)


As Canadian Churches Burn, Americans Call for Investigation Into Similar Native American Abuses – Faithwire


Canada Shows What Marxists Could Do to America | The Stream


NBA Champion And Finals MVP ‘Greek Freak’ Credits Faith, Family (


Sean Hannity is Right: Take COVID-19 Seriously | The Stream


At Tokyo Olympics, even faith events look different as COVID spikes. Here’s how. (


In Japan, Greek-influenced Olympics meet another kind of pagan heritage ( (Japan may be under-recognized as a significant mission field)

July 27


Pastoral Meanderings: Why not just drop Ascension and Epiphany?


J.D. Vance Blasts Left For Having 'No Physical Commitment' To Our Future (


NFL salutes woke culture - Washington Times


North Korean officials complicit in torture, murder, slavery | World News | The Christian Post


The Unmaking of Biblical Womanhood | The New Yorker (for information purposes)


America's new religion: Fake Christianity - Washington Times


Family of Tennessee talk-radio host urges vaccine after covid-19 battle - The Washington Post


What Ken Starr’s Alleged Affair Means for Republicans | Washington Monthly


A Sad Exchange with a Compromised Organization | Answers in Genesis

July 29


Alaska strip club transformed into Baptist church | Church & Ministries News | The Christian Post


For insurrectionists, a violent faith brewed from nationalism, conspiracies and Jesus (


TikTok's Hottest Trend Is As Old As Demonic Possession (


Mississippi abortion ban in line with most European laws | Politics News | The Christian Post


CT’s “The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill:” An Inquiry – Samuel Parkison ( (much can be said but it’s definitely wrong to hold up Tony Jones as a paragon)


Michael Gungor, Atheism and the Great Falling Away — Charisma News


Drafting Our Daughters | The American Conservative


The Case for Compassion for Simone Biles – Faithwire


Saving Our National Hyde | The Stream


Distracting Ourselves to Death – The Fight of Faith (


A Protest and Call for Free Religious Speech in Finland - International Lutheran Council (