Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Interesting Links from February 2023

 Jinger Duggar Vuolo on 'disentangling' the truth from upbringing | Family News (


Andy Stanley to host conference for Christians with LGBT kids | Church & Ministries News (


From the Gospel to Gay Sex: Tracing the Evolution of the Church of England's Theology (


MAGA Radio Host John Fredericks Tells Trump ‘Nobody Cares’ About Your ‘Grievances’ (



Minnesota first to codify abortion as ‘fundamental right’ post-Roe | Baptist Press



Two Congregations Force LGBT Debate on Evangelical Covenan...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


The Satanic Temple Opens New Abortion Clinic to Murder Babies in Satanic ‘Ritual’ (


Satanic Temple launches clinic for 'religious abortion ritual' | U.S. News (


The case for modern Christian parents to pass down their faith | Voice (



Omar Screams 'Islamophobia' ... But There's Nothing 'Irrational' About Fearing Islam - The Stream


Why Does Omitting God Matter? - The Stream


Who Killed the Prayer Meeting? | Crossway Articles


Don’t Go to Church Carelessly | Crossway Articles



A Trial Balloon? - by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner (


Reflections on the Life of Adventurer and Creation Scientist Dr. John Morris | Answers in Genesis


Dante Bowe on his split from Maverick City Music, new album | Entertainment News (


A Plea for Ministerial Clarity - The Stream



How far can apologetics take a non-Christian? | Voice (


FORUM: Why Review Books? - Current (


DC's Gun Ban Enabled The Deadly Metro Shooting (



Jinger Dugger Vuolo Takes on Bill Gothard… and Wins – Denny Burk


If You Do Church Right, Some of the Unchurched Will Love You and Some Will Hate You - The Stream


(6) Trans woman arrested for attempted murder in Vermont - NGOGO ZONE Community (


Illinois Rep: I Won’t Attend Biden’s SOTU To Listen To Him Lie And Get Applauded | The Daily Wire



What are They Conserving? - by Rev. Larry Beane (


Sarah Sanders: Left wants Americans to worship 'false idols' | Politics News (


Ex-gays respond to Andy Stanley’s remarks on gay churchgoers | Church & Ministries News (


Lutherans in Turkey ask for prayer following devastating earthquake - International Lutheran Council (



LeBron may be the king, but he's not THAT King - Current (


To be ordained, would-be PCUSA pastors had to interpret the worst story in the Bible ( (nothing in the Bible should be ignored – totally okay and good to develop an interpretation)


Abortion and the State of the Union address - Current (


Satan is beginning to show his hand more clearly | Voice (


Help for Earthquake Victims - by Mindy Belz - Globe Trot (


Enes Freedom Accuses LeBron James of Having ‘0 Morals’ and ‘Bowing Down to China’ – Faithwire


Church of England considering gender-neutral pronouns for God | Church & Ministries News (



Should We Downplay the Sinfulness of Homosexual Behavior? (


Super Bowl win couldn’t mend SBC chaplain Darius Holland, but Jesus did | Baptist Press


Church of England Considers ‘Gender-neutral God’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Is it time to question the morality of football? | WORLD (



Dismantling the Fortress – Machaira Action (


Pastor's son Kirk Cousins gets Bart Starr Award before Super Bowl | Sports News (



Pastoral Meanderings: Charles in Charge. . .


Parliament of the World’s Religions welcomes faith leaders to Board of Trustees ( (for information purposes)


Steve Bannon Ran Up Huge Legal Bills and Stiffed His Lawyers (


By Blessing Sin, the Church of England Will Keep People From God - The Stream


Jesus Super Bowl Commercial Connected to Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Group (


‘The Chosen’ Star Says Role in Show Has Sparked Her Own ‘Love for Jesus’ – Faithwire



'He Gets Us' Ad Campaign Doesn't 'Get' Jesus - The Stream


Trailblazing Episcopal priest Pauli Murray to be featured on US quarters (


What Does Christianity Today Believe the Bible Says about LGBTQ? • Pastor Gabe (


Apparently 'Love Your Enemies' Is Now 'Fascism' | National Review


Pour One Out For BLM Believers Finally Discovering The Scam (


The Beauty of Marriage in Gigi - Juicy Ecumenism


Longing for revival | WORLD (



North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park Raises Alarm Over Leftism (


A message to the Church of England | Voice (


Friends Who Fell Away: When Apostasy Comes Close to Home | Desiring God


Pastoral Meanderings: Punished with a baby. . .


Five Critical Questions about Living Together Before Marriage (and Chastity) - World Wide Wolfmueller



I didn’t marry the woman of my dreams | Voice (


First openly transgender pastor called to guide Lutheran church in North Dakota - InForum | Fargo, Moorhead and West Fargo news, weather and sports


9 In 10 Trans Women In Canada’s Prisons Are Violent, Nearly Half Convicted Of Sex Crimes: Study | The Daily Wire


WWIII?! Charismatic Prophetess Says Canada About to Join Iran in Attacking USA (


Fascist or facile? The 'He Gets Us' Super Bowl ads | Voice (



Standing Rock protesters leave behind thousands of tons of garbage (


Asbury University Draws Criticism for Maintaining Christian Sexual Ethics - Juicy Ecumenism


Over 4,800 child victims in Portuguese church sex scandal: report | Church & Ministries News (


Donald Trump's Ron DeSantis Insults Fall Flat | National Review



Patricia Heaton, 64, lists accomplishments in response to Don Lemon's 'prime' comments about women over 50 | Fox News


Jimmy Carter Doesn't Own a Seaside Mansion - The Stream



KUOW - SPU trustees ask judge to dismiss LGBTQ hiring lawsuit


Children Don't Benefit from Having Promiscuous Parents | National Review


Value and True Femininity - Juicy Ecumenism



Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod president calls for excommunicating white nationalists (


Biddeford man charged with assault during Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection - Portland Press Herald


Answering Objections To Saddleback’s Removal from the SBC – Denny Burk


John MacArthur & “We” vs. “They” - Juicy Ecumenism


Ding Dong, The Witch Is ... A Ding-Dong - The American Conservative


World’s Grossest Lutheran ‘Pastor’ Says More Really Gross Things About ‘Heteronormative Marriages’ (


(John T. Pless said on Facebook on 2-23-23 that the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is confronting neo-Nazism.)


Woke LCMS President Works With Antifa To Dox and Excommunicate His Own Members For “Racism” | Politics | Before It's News (


‘Many’ Of Guidepost Team Members Support Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Choice Orgs (



Jill Biden talks safe sex, condoms with Kenya's young adults (


Chicago Tribune's insane attack on pro-lifers | Voice (



Transgender Athletes: Christian School Forfeits Girls Basketball Tournament because Opponent Has Transgender Athlete | National Review


‘Holy Queer’ author seeks Black church inclusion beyond singing with choir ( (for information purposes only)


“Unchristian Teachings”: Unresolved Questions About Alt-Right Beliefs In Lutheranism – Occidental Dissent


L.A. County Removes 1.2 Million Ineligible Voters From Rolls (