Thursday, September 01, 2022

Interesting Links from September 2022

 When You Hear of a Scandal (


Mere Christianity in Today’s United States - Current ( (Valparaiso University professor says to promote liberal politics BECAUSE one is a Christian – Valpo is a nominally Lutheran college.)


California school must recognize Christian club: 9th Circuit | U.S. News (


Franklin Graham pays tribute to Mikhail Gorbachev | World News (


Pope Francis Reappoints Notorious Pro-LGBTQ-Priest to Major 5-Year Post - Protestia

September 3


Evangelical Report: Creation Care Is an Act of Worship, Ho...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today (some have rightfully criticized this direction from the National Association of Evangelicals)


Donald Trump Is Still a Lunatic | National Review


As The US Slept, China Captured Africa - The American Conservative

September 5


At Mercy Culture, the nations fastest-growing Christian movement is openly political and central to Trump’s GOP - The Washington Post (this article is alarmed by the fact that some Christians believe in “a world in which demons are real, miracles are real, and the ultimate mission is not just transforming individual lives but also turning civilization itself into their version of God’s Kingdom: one with two genders, no abortion, a free-market economy, Bible-based education, church-based social programs and laws such as the ones curtailing LGBTQ rights now moving through statehouses around the country.”)


Despite Opposition, Grove City College Doubles Down On Woke Educators (


Nondenominational pastors most likely to have biblical views: CRC | U.S. News (

September 7


Margaret Court exclusive interview: I admire Serena Williams – but she has never admired me (


How to Deal with False Teachers (


Why some pro-life centers offer “abortion consults” | WORLD (


What We Sing as Creation Cries Out | Christianity Today

September 8


VA hospitals will offer abortions despite state bans | Politics News (


We Need to Know Trump’s Motive For Taking Classified Documents (


Biden Defends Democracy - Current (


Ted Haggard Now Denies Any Wrongdoing in 2006 Scandal that Killed his NAE Presidency, Reputation - Protestia

September 9


Parents Beware! Peppa Pig Now Features Homosexual Couple, LGBTQ Propaganda! (


American Heritage Girls: A Faith-Based Alternative to Girl Scouts That's Reaching Gen Z - The Stream


Q&A: Anglicanism and the Monarchy - Juicy Ecumenism


Elizabeth II, longest to rule Britain and Church of England, dies at 96 (


Nearly 200 religious colleges deemed ‘unsafe’ for LGBTQ students by Campus Pride ( (conservative religious colleges should have the right to maintain their own (biblical) practices – any who feel “unsafe” can choose other of the many other colleges)


Queen Elizabeth Now with the King of Kings — Charisma News

September 11


Michigan judge declares abortion ban unconstitutional | U.S. News (


Faith Was Foundational for Queen Elizabeth II: ‘I Have Drawn Great Comfort in Difficult Times from Christ’s Words’ – Faithwire


Baptist News Global Says if You Don't Support Gay Sex Pill, You Don't Love Your Neighbor (


If Your Pastor Did Not Celebrate Roe Being Overturned, It Is Time To Find A New Church – Gab News


Refuting Unitarian Errors Regarding the Deity of Jesus | Answers in Genesis


A Crown Worn Well - The American Conservative


Pastoral Meanderings: The sound of the church bell . . .

September 13


Detransitioners share harms of transgender 'cult' in documentary | Politics News (


Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Tribalistic 'Gay Christians'+ 'Side B' Revoicers - Protestia

September 15


The Truth about United Methodist Seminaries - Juicy Ecumenism


Christian college continues fight against HUD LGBT policy | Politics News (


2000 Mongolians Get Saved At Historic and Unprecedented BGEA Outreach Festival - Protestia


The Royal Ascension - The American Conservative


Anti-Religious Violence in the Wake of the Dobbs Decision - Juicy Ecumenism


Steph Curry shares why he reads the Bible to his children | Sports News (

September 17


The Left's War On History Is Really A War On The God Of The Bible (


Sight & Sound Films debut movie ‘I Heard the Bells' | Entertainment News (


‘I Get My News From the Bible’: Actor Delivers Powerful Defense of Scripture, Shares Path to Christ – Faithwire


How Bill Gates and his partners took over the global Covid pandemic response - POLITICO

September 20


Churches Stand on ‘Burning Platform’ if Christians Don’t Disciple Children, Says Awana CEO – Faithwire


The Queen’s Funeral Sermon: some early thoughts – Thinking Pastorally

September 21


2022 World Conference: Bishop Pohjola elected as ILC Chairman - International Lutheran Council (


Conservative Theology Marks many new Canadians - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


King Charles III's Controversial Approach to Defender of the Faith — Charisma News (sounds like not really a correct approach.  Dr. John Warwick Montgomery expressed similar concerns about the King’s views.)

September 23


England adrift | WORLD (


Billy Graham and the queen of England: The unlikely friendship | Opinion News (

September 24


Ex-Porn Star Who Found Christ Talks Purity, Keys to ‘Fruitful Marriage’ - The Stream

September 29


Please, NPR, get serious -- professional, even -- when covering religion/trans debates — GetReligion


An unavoidable collision | WORLD (


Vanderbilt Divinity's Profanity - Juicy Ecumenism


The Left, Like its Father the Devil, Projects Its Sins Onto Us - The Stream


From silence to complexification to capitulation | WORLD (

September 30


Gavin Newsom's Deadly Blasphemy | Catholic Answers


Blog Post - An Open Letter to Governor Newsom (