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Interesting Links from November 2020


 November 4

November 6


November 8 (for information purposes)


November 9

November 10

November 11 (Comment: As I read the Scriptures, the Lord said to partake often but He didn’t say how often the often should be.  Some people give little to no indication that they would have supported Martin Luther had they lived at the time Luther did.  Some things that Luther emphasized are not emphasized.) (Comment: doesn’t sound like he upholds Biblical Christology, the teaching the Jesus is the only way to heaven, or Biblical Evangelism, despite being affiliated with a denomination with a theologically conservative reputation)

November 14

November 15 (clickbait) (not helpful if one is kooky in pressing one’s case.  Could lose some votes for conservatives in the future.  Best to use common courtesy in arguing one’s case too.)

November 17

November 18 (Mrs. Evans was extremely theologically liberal and everyone who is honest knows it.  Her totally unexpected death was unusual.) (any cheating that exists will be judged by God even if it isn’t in this life)

November 21 “My assortment of charms grew steadily: a miniature Buddha, an Ohio buckeye, a laminated four-leaf clover, a tiny bronze likeness of Hanuman the monkey god, all manner of angels, rosary beads, crystals and rocks,” former President Obama said. (Sojourners is extremely theologically liberal.)


Isn't love just love? - The Christian Post


November 26


Eric Metaxas Promotes Donald Trump’s Last-Ditch Effort to Destabilize Election – Warren Throckmorton (


Out Of Office, Trump Could Face Significant Legal Peril : NPR


'Transhood': New HBO Max show 'more exploitative than Cuties - The Christian Post


Transgender Pakistanis find solace in a church of their own ( (for information purposes)


Finnish Lutherans enter into fellowship with the LCMS - International Lutheran Council (


Those Dern Lutherans: An Interview with Paul T. McCain ( Although little known outside of the LCMS, McCain was a prominent leader in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for many years.  Mary Ann McCain wrote in a wonderful tribute on Facebook on November 26, “My dad suddenly passed last night. Although this is a shock to us all, this is not a shock to God. My dad was a man of incredible faith; strong, determined, devoted. He was a pastor, a writer, an avid gun collector, and a very loving husband. To me, he was my hero. He gifted me with a new Bible on Tuesday and I kissed him goodbye yesterday. We are also blessed to have pictures from a recent family photoshoot. My dad is now in the loving arms of our Heavenly Father, whole and free. I love you, Dad.

“The Lord has given, the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord” Job 1:21.

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4

Dad’s Favorite Verse: “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Galatians 2:20”

November 27


DC archbishop will serve Biden communion despite abortion stance - The Christian Post


A Day of Reckoning: Victorian Government pushes to ban Christian practices with threat of 10 years in prison |


 November 28


Obituary: Rev. Paul Timothy McCain, publisher and executive editor, Concordia Publishing House (


The Election May Never Be Over for White Supremacists | Time


November 30


Episcopal Church will be dead in 20 years, researcher says - The Christian Post (for information purposes)



Police block Canadian churchgoers from drive-in worship service - The Christian Post

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Ongoing Critique of Christian News

Video of the Editor of Christian News -

Christian News ( is a conservative Lutheran newspaper, published since 1962, that has a blog at  I recommend reading the newspaper and the blog.  A recent book, Love Him for Us, by Barbara Marquart Johnston, was also interesting and good.  I gave it four stars.  It was published by Lutheran News, Inc., parent organization of Christian News.

Since the beginning of this year I have done some brief, not exhaustive at all, comments on the published issues (which are not on the Internet unless you subscribe).  They are below.  I intend to continue to add comments for future issues as each one comes out.  There is far more in each edition than what I discuss below but I offer some thoughts.  Additional comments from others are welcome.




Didn’t mention Baal or God


Discussion of WELS was weak


Clint Poppe failed to recognize good in CN.




Reprinted report of abuse allegations


Left out Cascione – good


Why stay in LCMS if Voelz is that bad




Left out Cascione – good


Good to hold up sexual conservatism




Protecting life, against suicide



Strong statement on Kobe, shows unimportance of sports, prophetic


Inviting comments.


Defending hell, good to review book on the topic, something I missed.  Aaron Rodgers off base.




Strong statement on cremation


Harris more critical than Otten.  Hard to see why Harrison bent out of shape.  Is LCMS using the book?  It’s still LCMS approved.


Great rebuttal of Mark Surburg on marrying non LCMS-Lutherans



Willow Creek’s Dr. B. disputes allegations.


Don’t have problem with Gettys


Good to defend Finnish Lutheran, quote Pat Boone’s comments


Necessary to blast Greg Jackson?




What is a Christian essay is good.


Nobody else talks about canon issue.




Harrison discussed




Good to raise questions about Concordia Portland


Political idolatry – good points




Criticizing Greg Jackson – should it be priority?


Good articles on long ending of Mark, Larry Peters, climate change, Matt Richard on Devil, publicized Portland problems, mixed gender preaching




Slavery, not all immoral, abortion supporter at Concordia New York, Rupprecht on Lent, review of descend to hell book




Museum of Bible – Orthodox Church




Good articles on effects of coronavirus




Rob Bell, Charisma News, etc.




Norman Vincent Peale – Trump, good to not idolize Trump




Burfiend lead article good, article on evangelical sermons



Abstinence from worship


Washington Post blasts in person worship



Taking issue with Jonathan Merritt




How Baptism Saves




Strong opposition to suicide


Why can’t the LCMS preach?


Merritt on Mohler




Lutherans Going East, Taking Issue with Texas Church Growth


Leave the ELCA, Must Engage Roman Catholicism



Antiracism, Hale Catches a Shark with his boys




Good essay on anarchy




Great issue.  Juicy ecumenism on racism, why of pandemic, come back to church, Reu Beck, Joe Bill Dixon




Good to be against Black Lives Matter and Marxism, might be well to read Woke Church, which shouldn’t be condemned simply on the basis of its title



Good to support freedom of speech, good article against interfaith prayers which I also linked to.  I also linked to America the Beautiful?


Interesting to cite the church doesn’t need online watchmen, without comment.


Although I’m concerned about these issues too, not sure totally fair to Greg Seltz.  Great article by Micah Hill.




Good commentary by Larry Peters.  Is it safe.  Good to give space to John MacArthur’s arguments.  Possibly could have printed a counter argument.  Sojourners supported reparations but so did an LCMS Pastor in Lutheran Forum, something not mentioned in CN.   Author of Defending Boyhood review not named.  Great photos on exercising.



Strong sermon by Wille.  Good to challenge legalism on masks, though I’m sure some STRONGLY disagree.  Well argued and well written.  Well done.  Great response to writer defending black lives matter.  Critic of MacArthur exposed for being wrong.



Failure to cope with mortality good point.  We saw “Greyhound” and enjoyed it.  Good to reprint what’s wrong with consulting the dead. J.I. Packer inconsistent.  NBA sickeningly hypocritical.



Be a German Lutheran – great points!  Blasting Cowboy Church.  Hmm.  Rightfully criticizing LWF for promoting climate change.




Not sold that all actions against racism are wrong.  Depends on what is truly said and done.  Good to call for submissions.  Good to critique Andy Stanley.  Also defending Son eternally begotten.  Pless says decline anniversary of ELCA ordaining women.




Satan’s press secretary – great points.  Also great commentary on politics and political parties, though some conservatives may take exception.  Great commentary on idolatry of the Lord’s Supper.  However, many LCMS Lutherans have been teaching and practicing the opposite for years.  Former Lutheran Witness editor Adriane Heins was big on the opposite.  Worship protest in Seattle.  Great to strongly oppose Pete Buttigieg.  Spiritism in black lives matter.  Facebook censoring “Exposing the ELCA.”  Horowitz defends South Dakota.  All in all, a very strong issue.



Good analysis on what confession is and isn’t.  To me, many have given the impression that repeating preset words in a robotic way is what confession is.  I don’t think that’s what it is biblically.  Also rightly taking issue with a robotic approach to communion.  California dream house is in ashes.




Marriage is man and woman based on Adam and Eve.  Good to take issue with some high church Lutheranism. Tim Challies on public schools.  Cultural Marxism grinding Christianity down.  Good points in why Christians are turning on their parents.  Sorry to read about financial problems at Camp Trinity.  We actually considered vacationing there but chose the Black Hills in South Dakota instead, mostly because it was closer to us.




Not a particularly impressive issue.  Some good articles and some okay articles but I referenced better ones on my web site. Pretty good comment on political position, a very controversial subject.  Some might push back but I think merit to position.




Some good articles, commentaries and sermons.  Probably good to avoid the overtly political.  The reprinted interview with Mark Galli was educational but I would not have printed it without comment.  He should not basically get a pass for becoming Roman Catholic after having been an editor of an Evangelical magazine for many years.




As I’ve previously argued, not sold that being adamant on using the word “Lutheran” is good or essential, especially in today’s context.  “Risky Christianity” article and Brent McCracken’s Gospel Coalition apologetics commentary were good.  Robert Preus’ essay on Bible authority from over 25 years ago was good but it seemed a little puzzling as to why it was reprinted again, right now.



Good to see Rev. Mark Surburg oppose Roman Catholic doctrine of purgatory, something an LCMS pastor was shaky at best in doing in First Things a few months ago as was reported in Christian News.  Good commentary by Wayne Grudem on the election.  Why is Rev. Lincoln Winter in the LCMS if it is as bad as all that and what about those in the LCMS who are shaky?  How does that fit in?  Poland opposes abortion.  Good to learn about persecution and martyrdom in Vietnam and Haiti.



Courageous major expose in the lead article titled “Legally Married Lesbian Leader at Concordia College New York.” It has far reaching implications for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  CCNY’s president, John Nunes, has a long history of not being that conservative (if conservative at all) as I commented myself in the 11-12-18 CN.  There was other documentation (which seemingly went nowhere) about Nunes then too.   Other excellent articles included a pastoral letter on the ongoing pandemic and again taking issue with Gottesdienst for its Roman Catholic doctrine of the mass.



Good devotional articles to start the issue.  Shows problems in the LCMS with prayer in New York City many years ago, a very weak article by a Concordia College New York professor, and administrative problems, and building on the egregious problems exclusively reported last week.  If little to nothing winds up being done, as seems likely, raises questions as to why one should be in the LCMS even though there are conservative writings and actions that can also be pointed to.  The “’Justification by Faith’ Is a Slogan” headline shows a questionable emphasis, possibly totally wrong.  It’s much more than a “slogan.”  It’s an essential truth: grace alone, faith alone, Scripture alone, Christ alone.  Much more could be said in terms of analysis.



Lead article is by a decades-long Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod theology professor defending himself.  He says that the accusation that he is theologically liberal is totally wrong.  Whatever the merits or lack thereof against him, it is hard to imagine that anything officially will be done, given his many years of service.  A commentary rightfully blasting Nadia Bolz-Weber indicates that nothing officially has been done at Concordia College New York, which has had close associations with Valparaiso University (nominal at best in terms of biblical fidelity).  As long as LCMS maintains a connection with Valpo, however lukewarm it may or not be, there will be problems.  It seems unlikely that the LCMS will ever totally dump Valpo, even though the living Lord warns us to not be lukewarm (Revelation 3:14-22).  These are vital issues that should be addressed WITHOUT DELAY.



A front page article again (rightly) took issue with the lesbian same-sex married deaconess who has been preaching at Concordia College New York, a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod-affiliated school.  The LCMS opposes homosexuality but somehow this slipped through the cracks.  No apparently public indication that anything is being done even now.  The deaconess is a supporter of the late Rachel Held Evans, who died totally unexpectedly at only 37 in spring 2019.  CN was on top of this and published articles about the facts of Mrs. Evans in its 4-29-20 and 5-13-19 editions.  Some were extremely opposed to calling Mrs. Evans a false teacher (which she was—and unrepentant false teachers by definition do not inherit the kingdom of God).  Other articles rightly support a traditional non-sacramental interpretation of John 6 and rightly oppose a Lutheran Forum article (written by an LCMS pastor) on racial reparations.  CN is right on both of those matters, but will CN’s viewpoint go anywhere?  It would go good if so but also extremely surprising if so.  It would require Concordia Publishing House and other prominent church officials to publicly acknowledge being wrong.

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