Wednesday, May 01, 2024

Interesting Links from May 2024


The Methodist sexual revolution | WORLD (


How can you be loved yet also under God's wrath? | Voice (


More than 16,000 hear the gospel at Christian event in Mexico as border crisis continutes (


Here’s the Speech Trump Should Give at Barron’s Graduation (


Church Shopping, Hopping, and Should It Be Stopping? | The Cripplegate


President Truman Advocated Reading The Bible — Not Profiting From It (


United Methodist conference begins to drop contentious rules restricting LGBTQ clergy (


Nigerian Pastor’s Murder Sparks Sobering Response to Horrific Christian Persecution: ‘We Can No Longer Bear This’ – Faithwire


Homosexuals Sing and Dance Hallelujah as UMC Passes Petition to Remove Non-Affirming Clergy (

May 2


John MacArthur says there is no such thing as mental illness | Church & Ministries News (


Fewer Americans Are Reading The Bible: Why It Matters (


75 Christian leaders urge president, Congress, churches to act on racism, poverty ( (for information purposes)


Rescuing North Koreans: An Evening With Pastor Seungeun Kim - Juicy Ecumenism


UMC General Conference Leaders Warn Attendees To Avoid “Exclusively Male Language for God” (


Marijuana's Reclassification Is Wrong | Opinion (


Sociologist’s Advice to Young Americans: Get Married - Juicy Ecumenism

May 3


Houses Passes Antisemitism Bill Making it Illegal to Quote Scripture (


The House Passes H.R. 6090: A Threat to the Christian Faith and an Affront to Free Speech – Gab News


Global Methodist Church reacts to UMC's LGBT votes | Church & Ministries News (


Why is the US turning a blind eye to Nigeria’s genocide? | Voice (


It’s Time For Young People To Take Sweat Equity Literally (


To Be Happy, Women Must Do The Opposite Of What Culture Says (


Against Brokenness Theology - American Reformer


USCIRF Report Calls Out Azerbaijan Violations - Juicy Ecumenism


Liberal Church Groups Cheer Gaza Campus Protests - Juicy Ecumenism


I Don’t Believe American Students Suddenly Care Deeply about the Palestinians - The Stream


United Methodists Sing an “all faiths lead to God” Hymn at the 2024 General Conference (

May 4


The Deadly Cost of Lesbianism and Feminism | Articles | The Line of Fire | Your voice for Moral Sanity and Spiritual Clarity | The Line of Fire


African Methodists: 'General Conference Did Not Listen to Us' - Juicy Ecumenism


Callously Breaking Covenant: Reflections on UMC General Conference  - Juicy Ecumenism


Did the House of Representatives Just Outlaw Quoting Parts of the New Testament? | Articles | The Line of Fire | Your voice for Moral Sanity and Spiritual Clarity | The Line of Fire


Conservative Methodists, Unite | Christianity Today


Every State Facing Deceptive Abortion Ballot Measures This Year (


Five Ways to Pray for America - The Stream


UMC passes historic changes for our LGBTQ+ family ( (for information purposes)


With a final flourish, United Methodist conference eliminates all anti-LGBTQ policies ( (for information purposes)

May 6


Pastoral Meanderings: Its Easter!


Caught on Live Stream, Man Attempts to Murder Pastor During Worship Service, But Gun Jams (


The Emergence Of A Different Kind Of Clergy In Ireland (


Randy Frazee on difference between joy and 'toxic positity' | Living News (


A response to Dr. John MacArthur’s statement on mental health — faithandmedicinefoundation


Imperative of Wesleyanism in America Today - Juicy Ecumenism

May 7


Pastoral Meanderings: What "God bless you" can also mean. . .


Is it antisemitic to say Jews killed Jesus? | Voice (


The Antisemitism Awareness Act is a big problem | WORLD (


Well, that didn’t take long | WORLD (

May 8


The despicable habit of taking the Lord’s name in vain | Voice (


Did the Jews Kill Jesus? | Clearly Reformed


India Is Becoming More Hostile to Christians - The American Conservative


Man claims God told him to shoot pastor | U.S. News (

May 10


Witch "Pastor" Complains that Nurses Try to Save Babies Who Survive Botched Second-Trimester Abortions (


Pastoral Meanderings: It was a banner day in the ELCA. . .


The Trinity Forum and the National Association Of Evangelicals (NAE) Platforms PRIDE-Celebrating ‘Pastor’ (


Union Theological Seminary votes to divest from companies profiting from Gaza war (


Prominent Progressive "Pastor" Says That Jesus Endorsed Pederasty (


Biden Sides With Satan | The Daily Wire

May 11


PCA Invites Polarizer David French To Lecture On Getting Along (


Canada's ‘Mass Graves’ Of Indigenous Children Was A Hoax (


"Family Friendly" Drag Clown "Pastor" Compares Himself to Peter While Complaining The Church Has Harmed Queer People (

May 16


Theological compromise and spiritual catastrophe on display (


Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty is a Gospeler. His New Book Shows How You Can Be One, Too - The Stream


June 2024: Part II "Pride," Really? - The Dissenter (


Trump Needs An Unusually Likable Running Mate Like Doug Burgum (


We need more sermons against laziness | WORLD (

May 17


Over 100K demand Kansas City Chiefs release Catholic kicker | Sports News (


NFL’s Attack On Harrison Butker Is Rank Anti-Christian Bigotry (


We've Been Duped Into Trading Womanhood For The Workplace (

May 18


Will God orchestrate the construction of another temple? | Voice (


Abortion-Funding Charities Sponsor Vatican’s Climate Change Summit, Underway Now - The Stream