Wednesday, November 02, 2022

Interesting Links from November 2022

 Steve Douglass, former president of Cru, dies at 77 | Church & Ministries News (


Sometimes, We Need to Read Graciously: 3 Pieces of Counsel for the Christian Reader - Soli Deo Gloria


Satan Hates Him | Biblical Preaching


Signaling You Are Safe - Lower Susquehanna Synod ( (for information purposes only)

November 3


Mark Driscoll: The ‘Trap’ & The Truth | The Roys Report (


Kanye West loses $2B in one day, but did he also lose Jesus? | Voice (


Pastoral Meanderings: Managing our death. . .


How Christians can think about the epidemic of online gambling and sports betting - Jason Thacker


Gloria Gaynor Shares Miraculous Moment the Lord Saved Her From Life of Sin, and How It Changed Her Career Forever – Faithwire


November 4


NPR Broadcasts Audio of Woman Getting Abortion | National Review


Port: Abortion ban injunction is an egregious act of judicial activism and the judge ought to be recalled (


Evangelical Pastor Convicted of Sedition in Hong Kong for Openly Criticizing Verdict in Activist's Trial | CBN News


Robert Jeffress is Right: It’s Time to Embrace Christian Nationalism (Correctly Defined) - The Stream


Cowards! Calvin University Caves to Pro-LGBTQ Faculty, Allows them to Affirm Sodomy and Sin - Protestia


This Sunday, it's time to leave your church ( (for information purpose)

Gene Robinson Takes Victory Lap at Falls Church Episcopal - Juicy Ecumenism


Pastoral Meanderings: Why did we so easily shift to screens. . .

November 6


Mark Driscoll: The ‘Trap’ & The Truth, Part II | The Roys Report (


Revealed: Laid-off Twitter employee attended Antifa Portland riots, lied about police | The Post Millennial |


The great evangelical deconstruction | WORLD (


United Methodists Elect Another Gay Bishop, Set Liberal New Direction - Juicy Ecumenism


‘I Don’t Believe in God’: Congressman’s New Proclamation Sparks Secularist’s Claim Others in Congress ‘Will Be Following in His Footsteps’ – Faithwire

November 7


On Hoarding Wealth and Fostering Gifts | Tim Challies

November 8


Mary Magdalene actress says ‘The Chosen’ has been life changing | Entertainment News (

November 9


North Dakota Voters Reject Marijuana Legalization (


MSNBC's Chris Hayes tells Republicans that Trump is to blame for midterm failures: 'He screwed you today!' - TheBlaze


Trump Celebrates Republicans LOSING Key U.S. Senate Race | The Daily Wire


Michigan, California, Vermont Enshrine Abortion Rights- Now in the State's Constitution - Protestia


Sadie Robertson Huff Evangelizes Being Submissive: Should You Listen? (


As Long As You Know You're Nobody Very Special (


UMC body elects openly gay bishop in defiance of denomination | Church & Ministries News (

November 10


A pro-abortion ballot initiative sweep | WORLD (


Here Are All the Fox News Stars Who Promised a Red Tsunami (

November 11


Russia targets Ukraine's believers - by Mindy Belz (


When we are consumed by hatred | Voice (


Four Midterm Realizations Conservatives Must Learn To Swallow (


Minnesota Governor Promises Marijuana Legalization Will Be One Of First Bills Passed Under Newly-Flipped Legislature | The Daily Wire

November 12


Op-Ed: Independents may not like Biden, but they abhor Trump - Los Angeles Times (


Post-Midterm: Donald Trump Claims Credit for Glenn Youngkin's Election | National Review


Doug Mastriano's Christian nationalist fantasy met some reality (


Trump Makes His Indictment a Certainty | National Review

November 13

 Jan. 6 rioters don't represent us. They are not us. | Voice ( (I often agree with Dr. Brown and this may well represent him personally, and some of the leftist voices WERE hysterical, but to say that the rioters are totally distant isn’t that simple, I’m afraid.  There remain those on the charismatic end that seem to lack some touch with reality.)

November 14


Hey Pastor, Online "Church" is Still a Sinful Deception - Protestia


Nice Work, America - Current (


'The Chosen' Season 3 shows the struggles of Christ's followers | Entertainment News (

November 16


Kari Lake Experienced Spiritual Reawakening During COVID: Bible Source of Truth, Not Media (


Election Denier Kari Lake Casts Doubt on Election Loss With ‘BS’ Tweet (


Exposing the False Prophets of the Mid-Terms #1: Hank Kunneman (


List of False Prophets Who Prophesied Trump Would Win 2020 Election Keeps Growing (


Is the U.S. Senate really going to redefine marriage? | WORLD (


GOP Senators Are Helping Dems Kill The Meaning Of Marriage (


Let’s Hear It For the Failures | Tim Challies

November 17


Senate takes step toward codifying same-sex marriage | Baptist Press


Lummis votes to advance same-sex marriage protections (


‘I Lost 9 Years of My Life’: She Lived as a Trans Man — Until a Stunning Encounter With Jesus Exposed the Truth – Faithwire


November 18


These 12 Republicans Just Voted for Radical 'Respect for Marriage Act' (


4 reasons why I refuse to support Donald Trump's candidacy | Voice (


OP-ED: No One Ever Deconstructs into a More Faithful Christian - Protestia


Canada's Suicidal Prayer - Juicy Ecumenism


The (Dis)Respect for Marriage Act advances | Voice (


There is No Justification for a Conservative Senator to Sign the ‘Respect for Marriage Act' - The Stream


“Respect For Marriage Act” Vote Is a Betrayal by 12 Senate Republicans — NRB

November 19


The Collapse of Consent in Canada - The American Conservative


“Respect For Marriage Act” Vote Is a Betrayal by 12 Senate Republicans — NRB


3 Steps Christian Institutions Take from Orthodoxy to Sexual Immorality (

November 20


Craig Groeschel lists 5 red flags for dating Christians | Living News (


Abortion Dilemma: How to Avoid It | National Review


Michael Gerson & Pride Month - Juicy Ecumenism (Mr. Gerson died recently.)


David French Is Unduly Bullish about Religious Liberty Protection in Marriage Legislation | National Review


An Open Letter to Fellow Believers Who Have Concerns About Online Polemics/Discernment Ministry - Protestia

November 21


Against Secular Thanksgiving - The American Conservative


Irish priest dares to preach on sex and sin -- creating a hellish media firestorm — GetReligion


Talk of 'Abrahamic' Religions is an Ecumenical Farce - The Stream


November 22


The third season of The Chosen debuts in theaters | Baptist Press


Christianity Today Praises Same-Sex Marriage Bill, Calls it a "Good Day's Work" (


Mike Pence’s Memoir Doesn’t Shy Away From His Faith and Trump’s Election Insanity (


The parable of David French | WORLD (


Can Christians Date Nonbelievers? | Desiring God


Hollywood elites crack down on Candace Cameron Bure, Elon Musk, Dave Chappelle, all in name of 'tolerance' | Fox News


The 'Respect For Marriage Act' Is An Exercise In Tyranny (


Christian Social Compromise vs Apocalypse - Juicy Ecumenism


America's Soviet Election System - The American Conservative


Instead of 'deadnaming,' police take bold step of verifying Colorado shooting victims' names, pronouns (


A Christian petition against Donald Trump's 2024 bid has amassed thousands of signatures ( (this petition was organized by a liberal group)


Hunter Biden's Laptop Is Still Real - The American Conservative

November 23


Colorado Springs Massacre: Against Politicization | National Review


Defense: Colorado gay club shooting suspect is nonbinary | AP News


Colorado Springs & The Left's Blood Libel - The American Conservative


The ‘Respect For Marriage Act’ Disrespects Faithful Americans (


Club Q shooting: Anti LGBTQ speech causes harm (


State election recap: Pro-life victories | WORLD (


How to Fail a Wife: Learning Marriage from a Bad Husband | Desiring God


 November 25


It Has to Be Said. - by Frank Schaeffer ( (Frank Schaeffer is way out there.  Sometimes he has some legitimate observations, though.)


Christian Ministers Combat Drag Queen Reading Craze with 'Pastor Story Hour' - Protestia


Retired Cardinal Joseph Zen, 90, Convicted in Hong Kong Over Pro-Democracy Protests (

November 27


Focus on the Family Vandalized After Club Q Shooting: 'Blood on Your Hands' (


Why Branson, Mo.'s entertainment scene is so popular - The Washington Post


On Thomas Achord | Alastair's Adversaria ( (never heard of this guy before but he needs to tell the truth about online accounts, it seems)


Vermont Coach and His Teen Daughter Fight Back After Alleged Suspensions For ‘Misgendering’ Trans Student Who Used Girls Locker Room – Faithwire


In Plenty and In Want - The American Conservative


Real Leaders - Talking Transgender - Real Leaders by Mark Driscoll | Podcast on Spotify

November 28


When Christians Capitulate On Marriage, Children Suffer (


LIZ WHEELER: Twelve Republican Senators Betrayed The Institution Of Marriage | The Daily Caller

November 29


Massive protests in China after 10 deaths due to Covid lockdowns | World News (


Cambridge sermon claims Jesus’ wound is a vagina; Savior is trans | World News (


When old friends like Reader's Digest go off the rails - Washington Times


If Senators Value Freedom, They Must Amend Anti-Marriage Bill (


Arizona Certified Its 2022 Midterm Election Results But Out-Of-State Kooks Are Still Demanding a Redo (


David Sills, former seminary prof accused of abuse, sues SBC and Guidepost (


Dean of Cambridge's Trinity College Defends Sermon Claiming Jesus Was Transgender - The Stream


The ghost of Mario Cuomo returns—on marriage | WORLD (


Even Pat Boone Is Praying Donald Trump Doesn’t Run in 2024 (

November 30


North Dakota transgender women to flee US, form group to help others do the same - Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, East Grand Forks news, weather & sports (


Cochise County supervisors prove that Katie Hobbs really stinks at cheating (


St. Mark's Evangelical Lutheran Church welcomes LGBTQ community ( (for information purposes)


Fact-Checking 7 Claims by Defenders of Democrats’ Same-Sex Marriage Bill | The Heritage Foundation


Kennedy Center honoree Amy Grant did more than conquer Christian music - The Washington Post (she and her husband will be hosting a same sex wedding)