Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Interesting Links from June 2021


US Funds Queer Culture Warriors | The American Conservative


Scholars urge US to condemn Finland's prosecution of Christian MP | World | The Christian Post


Australian Lutheran bishop to retire - International Lutheran Council (ilc-online.org)


LCMS-Related Christians Charged for Teaching the Bible | Gene Veith (patheos.com)


Evangelical Theologian Russell Moore Says QAnon Has 'All of the Characteristics of a Cult' (newsweek.com)


Swedish Church declares itself trans inclusive (christiantoday.com)


How leading Christian camps are meeting kids' needs post-COVID | Living | The Christian Post

June 2


False Converts Are Not Your Concern | 1517


US Trolls Vatican With Pride Flag | The American Conservative


Burning Churches & National Redemption - Juicy Ecumenism


Patterson disputes allegations he improperly took items, used SWBTS’ donor list - Baptist Press

June 3


'Endless gratitude': Concordia College New York celebrates final commencement (lcms.org) (Glowing report that hardly told it like it is about problems that existed at the school.  Lecakes received an honorary doctorate that was meaningless and hardly deserved.  This is a great example of how bad a job the LCMS communications department does.  Many years ago, Dave Mahsman of LCMS communications did some semblance of two-sided journalism, but that has almost never happened in LCMS Reporter in recent years.  One can look at Baptist Press and even United Methodist News Service (and others) that do better.  The Christian Post is generally a very good independent news outlet.)


What evangelicals need to learn from the Josh Duggar situation | Voice | The Christian Post


Son of Prominent SBC Leader Wishes Southern Baptists a Happy Pride Month (reformationcharlotte.org) (Sadly, Jonathan Merritt has been way out there liberal for a long time)


Jesus Was Wrong! Say Progressive Christians. He'd Be One of Us Now | The Stream


Dr. Fauci Plays Dr. Frankenstein With Unborn Baby Parts, Says Students for Life Leader | The Stream


Leah Sharibu: Say Her Name | The Stream

For the Church | Is God for Us? (ftc.co)

June 4


The paradox of a celebrity pastor | Opinion | The Christian Post


Thus Saith the Lord? by Rod Rosenbladt (ligonier.org)


Calvin University's first gay student body president paves a path (religionnews.com)


Pastor Greg Locke Calls Mike Pence 'Judas' Following Speech on Capitol Riot (newsweek.com)

June 5


FIRST-PERSON: Pride month calls for a response of joyful truth from Christians - Baptist Press


Cru Divided Over Emphasis on Race...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


How White Christians turned syncretism into an insult | The Christian Century


Why Woke Christianity Is The Greatest Threat To Christians Today (thefederalist.com)


Is Grafting Dead Babies' Scalps On Lab Rats Better Than Child Sacrifice? (thefederalist.com)


The Inconvenient Truth About LGBTQ+ Activism | The Stream

June 6


Former Insider Urges Megachurch Pastors To Stop Mark Driscoll's Abuse (julieroys.com)


Biden’s Budget Replaces the Phrase ‘Pregnant Women’ with ‘Birthing People’ - Michael Foust (christianheadlines.com)


Prophetic Standards Statement – A Unified Call for Prophetic Accountability


Wayne Grudem, Mark Driscoll, Michael Brown Sign Joint Statement Affirming False Prophets (reformationcharlotte.org)


Christian Leaders Issue Prophetic Standards Statement Following Controversial Prophecies About Recent Elections : Church : Christianity Daily


Right or Wrong in the Creation/Evolution Debate | Answers in Genesis


DEAR PASTOR MARK (deardriscoll.com)


Right-Wing Pastor Denise Goulet Declares That Trump Is the Apple of God's Eye | Right Wing Watch


An Open Letter to the Seattle Times | The Stream


Pastors, for the Love of God and Your People, Use Your Authority! | The Stream


Acts 29 to Mark Driscoll: Resign and seek help | WORLD (wng.org)

June 7


‘My world fell apart’: Chaplain accused of terror for LGBT sermon | World News | The Christian Post


CCP warns 7 Hong Kong churches over Tiananmen Square mass plans | World News | The Christian Post


ELCA Elects their First Openly Lesbian Bishop - EXPOSING THE ELCA


'One Month Isn't Enough' – Canada Declares Pride SEASON All Summer (breitbart.com)


'Rainbow revival': Freedom March declares move of God for ex-LGBT | Church & Ministries News | The Christian Post


Let Passing Controversies Pass: When Wise Pastors Choose to Say Less | Desiring God


Accomplishments as High as Heaven, Character as Low as Hell | Tim Challies

June 8


Nigerian preacher TB Joshua deletes prophecy of Clinton win - BBC News


Africa's "Kenneth Copeland," T.B. Joshua, Struck Dead by God at 57 (reformationcharlotte.org)


'Rainbow revival': Freedom March declares move of God for ex-LGBT | Church & Ministries News | The Christian Post


Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua dies at 57 | World News | The Christian Post


United in anguish | WORLD (wng.org)


A Heretic has Passed: One of World's Richest Pastors Dead at 57 - Protestia


Why is the country moving left? The social gospel | Opinion News | The Christian Post


Larry the Cable Guy's wife on exclusivity of Christ, evangelism | Living News | The Christian Post


What's Wrong With Virtual Church? | EFCA


Matters Too Important for Social Media - Terms of Service w/ Chris Martin


Transgender woman thought to be first ordained by Baptist denomination (heraldtimesonline.com)


Baptist pastor who is transgender woman begins her ministry (heraldtimesonline.com)


Baptist Church in Indiana Ordains Laura Bethany Buchleiter, the First Trans Pastor in Its Denomination (churchleaders.com)


Shock, tears greet T.B. Joshua’s death a week to 58th birthday | Tribune Online (tribuneonlineng.com)

June 10


'Serenade' album celebrates LGBTQ youth ahead of Queer Youth of Faith Day (religionnews.com) (for information purposes)


Amy Coney Barrett and the Cult of Fecundity - Current (currentpub.com)


Rhode Island governor signs bill banning child marriages | Politics News | The Christian Post


Biden Justice Department says its interests align with conservative Christian schools concerned about religious liberty - The Washington Post


Catholic League Slams Biden For 32 Violations Of Core Church Teachings (thefederalist.com)


TD Jakes: White Evangelicals Have Lost Sight of 'What would Jesus Do?' - Protestia

June 12


Pastoral Meanderings: Retiring bishop. . .


A Statement on the Legacy of the Residential School System - The Canadian LutheranThe Canadian Lutheran


Jesus, "The Fixer" - Reclaiming Hope Newsletter (substack.com)


NYC Public Transit Posts Signs Threatening to Kill People Who are Disrespectful to Trans People (reformationcharlotte.org)


Liberation Theology Professor: Historic American Christianity Embodies White Supremacy - Juicy Ecumenism


Zahid Quraishi confirmed as first Muslim federal judge (religionnews.com)


Allegations of Sexual Assault at Concordia Preparatory School — Protect Your Noggin (discusses concerning media reports which are still in the process of investigation and resolution – not endorsing everything that is discussed in other episodes of this podcast)


The Lord Does Not Despise the Day of Small Things – He Must Become Greater

June 15


MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell’s MAGA Rally Rouses ‘Stop the Steal’ Truthers With Corn Dogs and Hate for Fox News (thedailybeast.com)


A lukewarm defense of religious liberty | WORLD (wng.org)


Trump Says Senate Would Be 60 Dems vs. 40 Republicans if Not for Him, Rips McConnell (newsweek.com)


Reporter who broke story on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting found dead | Washington Examiner


Before suicide, ex-youth pastor Steve Austin came out as queer | Church & Ministries News | The Christian Post


'Am I the worst thing a person can be?': Witches fight media bias (religionnews.com) (witchcraft remains a sin)


Truths My Newspaper Didn't Want Their Readers to See | The Stream %


Biden’s DOJ Threatens To Abandon Protections For Religious Colleges (thefederalist.com)


Florida youth pastor charged with child porn possession | U.S. News | The Christian Post

June 16


God Trumps Man: Why Biden-Harris are Perfect for the Church — Truth + Fire (truthandfire.com)


"Black Lives Matter! Wait...Where is the Church?" — Truth + Fire (truthandfire.com)


Southern Baptist Seminaries Are Choosing Whiteness Over Witness | Sojourners (for information purposes)


Casting Out Demons - Current (currentpub.com) (for information purposes)


'What Is God Like?' Late author Rachel Held Evans' first children's book invites questions (religionnews.com) (for information purposes)


Hong Kong’s disappearing documentaries | WORLD (wng.org)

June 17


Union Seminary’s Pride Month Denounces Religious Liberty - Juicy Ecumenism


Ibram X. Kendi: Antiracists Fundamentally Reject 'Savior Theology' And Embrace Liberation Theology - Protestia

June 18


Now Let Us Sing! Juneteenth 2021 | The University of Chicago Divinity School (uchicago.edu)


Chicago Tribune's take on Moody Bible student lacks some tough, logical questions — GetReligion


Pitiful Pride | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


Week of June 12th Newsletter - The Trinity Church (church pastored by Mark Driscoll retains law firm to possibly act against “malicious and defamatory statements”)


SCOTUS sides with Christian foster agency in Philly LGBT case | Politics News | The Christian Post


NEA responds to Supreme Court ruling in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia | NEA


The Supreme Court Sets a Good Precedent in Fulton, But Questions Remain | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer (christianitytoday.com)


The Supreme Court’s Unanimous Fulton Ruling Is a Victory for Children | National Review


Court Unanimity Important in Fulton Case | National Review


Supreme Court sides with Catholic foster care agency that refused to work with same-sex couples - CBS News


Free Indeed? - Current (currentpub.com)


America Needs Southern Baptists - Juicy Ecumenism


Behind The Aspen Institute's Upcoming Report On Silencing Dissent (thefederalist.com)


2021 Summer Reading - Meet, Write, & Salutary: Conversation & Community for Lutheran Writers (maryjmoerbe.com) (she could do a lot better in reading choices – I offer my own list through good reads, as well as a list on Amazon for books I’m considering purchasing and reading)

June 19


Monogamous Marriage Isn’t A Product Of The Patriarchy, It’s A Guard Against It | Evie Magazine


A new Southern Baptist leader in a contentious age | WORLD (wng.org)


Juneteenth is a Day to Celebrate True American History | The Stream

June 21


LWF elects Estonian Anne Burghardt as new General Secretary | The Lutheran World Federation


New President for Japan Lutheran Church - International Lutheran Council (ilc-online.org)


Christian artist shares journey from the occult to ministry | Living News | The Christian Post


Thinking about 1962: Catholic politicos, an archbishop, excommunication, doctrine and race — GetReligion


My Anchor Holds | Tim Challies


Jen Hatmaker quits “church” and invites you to join her – Joshua Rogers


Lutheran Catholicism vs. Roman Catholicism vs. Anti-Catholicism | Gene Veith (patheos.com)


On Being Christian in Our Strange Secular, Neo-Pagan Society - Juicy Ecumenism

June 22


China’s state churches to celebrate Communist Party’s centennial | World News | The Christian Post


Huckster Jim Bakker Makes Desperate Plea for $1000, Will Give Blanket and Mug in Return - Protestia

June 23


Beijing’s attempt to stop the press | WORLD (wng.org)


Ben Zobrist, World Series hero for the Cubs, sues former pastor for alleged affair with his wife (religionnews.com)


U.S. Catholic Bishops Aren’t Playing Politics With Communion, Biden Is (thefederalist.com)


It’s been a journey (thegospelcoalition.org)


Why We Opposed an Anti-Abortion Resolution at the Southern Baptist Convention - Public Discourse (thepublicdiscourse.com)


Vatican opposes Italian draft law to combat LGBT hate crimes - The Washington Post


“Even North Korea Isn’t This Nuts” | Gene Veith (patheos.com)


Biden White House officials hold first meeting with atheist, secular groups (religionnews.com)


Mike Lindell Says Donald Trump Will Be Back in Office 'By This Fall, For Sure' (newsweek.com)


Dana Hall McCain: Southern Baptist Convention’s problematic abortion resolution - al.com

June 24


FIRST-PERSON: Theological liberalism in the SBC? | Baptist Press


God's Mandate for Righteous Anger (cognosceveritatem.com)


Former megachurch pastor and presidential adviser Kirbyjon Caldwell enters prison (religionnews.com)


Jim Bakker, his church settle lawsuit over COVID-19 claims (religionnews.com)


UChicago Divinity School Marty Center for the Public Understanding of Religion names Executive Director (religionnews.com)


Why Leftwing Regimes–from North Korea to American Academia–Don’t Allow Freedom | Gene Veith (patheos.com)


Nashville's 1st queer female Lutheran pastor tells LGBTQ faithful, 'God has not let go of you' (nbcnews.com) (for information purposes only)


Biden ‘Dear Educator’ letter issues trans-discrimination warning | Politics News | The Christian Post

June 27


Our Rainbow Regime | R. R. Reno | First Things


What Are Bodies For? Beyond Bathrooms and Women’s Sports - Public Discourse (thepublicdiscourse.com)


Shutdown Of Hong Kong's Free Press Is An Indictment Of Western Fools (thefederalist.com)


The Normalization of Sin: NFL Player Comes Out as Gay | The Stream


What Would Jesus Say About Gay Pride? | The Stream

June 28


Does Jesus welcome all sin into the church? | Voice | The Christian Post


Why Haven’t More People Seen ‘The Chosen’? - The Atlantic


Exposing the false religion of the Great Awokening | Opinion News | The Christian Post


Trudeau: Pope must apologize after nearly 1,000 graves found | World News | The Christian Post


Pope sends letter praising priest who ministers to LGBTQ Catholics (religionnews.com)


Presbyterian Pastor: LGBTQIA+ “Saved the Church” - Juicy Ecumenism


Francis Cheers 'Pastoral Zeal' Of LGBT Crusader | The American Conservative


U.S. senator requests Canada investigated for religious freedom violations over Alberta pastors arrests | Globalnews.ca

June 29


Christian Marxist Commends God to 'Apostate' Conservative - Juicy Ecumenism


For the Church | Jesus and The Reality of Hell (ftc.co)


Pastoral Meanderings: Mr. Biden, we hope you are listening. . .


Mike Lindell Urges SCOTUS to 'Immediately' Reinstate Trump and 'Get Rid of Communists' (newsweek.com)


Matthew West Gets Canceled For … Promoting Morality? | The Stream


Meet The Flyover Women Pop Culture Ignores (thefederalist.com)


Non-Binary Methodism - Juicy Ecumenism


Episcopal Official: Fulton Supreme Court Decision ‘Disguising Homophobia’ - Juicy Ecumenism

June 30


Evangelical Covenant Church joins list of Protestant denominations rebuking Doctrine of Discovery (religionnews.com)


Virginia Theological Seminary pays first round of reparations | Church & Ministries News | The Christian Post


We need more sound biblical doctrine in the American church | Voice | The Christian Post