Monday, October 02, 2023

Interesting Links from October 2023

 Newsom is exporting California's insanity nationwide - Washington Times


Laphonza Butler's Non-California Residence Raises Questions (


Jesus Cares More About Saving You Than Saving America (

October 3


Wide is the way | WORLD (


Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Can’t Save the GOP from Trump (

October 4


To Pastor Andy Stanley: Jesus drew circles and lines | Voice (


Go and sin no more | WORLD (


Former Mars Hill Pastor Mark Driscoll Finds A Safe Space In Arizona (

October 6


Columbus was a White Christian Nationalist ( (for information purposes only)


Abortion and Pro-Life Politics: A Conversation, Part II (


‘Duck Dynasty’ Family Stuns Hollywood: With ‘The Blind’ Becoming Box Office Hit, Robertsons Reveal Film’s Real-Life Inspiration – Faithwire

October 7


Love compels us to drop the transgender terminology | Voice (


Pastoral Meanderings: How to appreciate your pastor. . .


Columbus Day celebrates an ongoing threat to American democracy ( (for information purposes only)


Nicaragua: Where religious persecution continues unabated | Voice (

October 10


‘Mobilized For War’: Hamas’ Deadly Terror Stuns World as Israel Fights Back Against ‘Brutality’ – Faithwire


What’s behind the Washington, DC murder spike? | Opinions | Al Jazeera


On Columbus Day - The American Conservative


What We Can Learn From The Great and Flawed Columbus (

October 11


I Left LA for Bismark North Dakota. I've Enjoyed It, but I Don't Plan to Stay. (

October 12


World Evangelical Alliance criticized for Vatican prayer vigil | World News (


How Andy Stanley unhitched himself from New Testament theology | Voice (


Christianity Today Staff Made Extensive Campaign Donations Between 2015 And 2022…All Went To Democrats | The Daily Wire


Screens of Satan - The American Conservative


Evangelical pastor John MacArthur in 1998: "When a ruler is given to lies, he will accumulate around him people who can tolerate lying." (


Evangelical Statement in Support of Israel - Juicy Ecumenism


Evangelical Statement in Support of Israel (

October 13


A Biblical Perspective on the Suicide Rates Among "Transgender" People (


The Wolf Is Out of the Closet: Mark and Avoid Andy Stanley | G3 Ministries


‘One of the most athletic people we have in this entire school’: Zorina Johnson blitzes a trail for Ida B. Wells girls on the gridiron - (lead story in the Portland Oregonian – hard for me to believe this is credible)



Pray for Peace (


Pastoral Meanderings: Jesus the therapist and social worker. . .

October 14


Israeli Rave Survivors Recount Hellish Escape from Hamas | National Review

October 17


Start Giving Before You Inherit (


Evangelicalism’s response to Andy Stanley will determine its future, analysts say | Baptist Life |


An Assessment of Andy Stanley’s Unconditional Conference (


Correspondent Lara Logan Blasts Pastors for Hiding their Faith | Truth Nigeria


Enemies in all directions | WORLD (

October 18


‘The Chosen’ convention brings thousands to Dallas, announces theater rollout for Season 4 (


David C Cook continues string of national bestsellers (

October 19


Derek Webb Attends Dove Awards in Drag - by Greg Smith (


Why Andy Stanley shouldn't use the label ‘LGBTQ children’ | Voice (


Gaggle of Queers and Queer Activists Crash the "Christian" Dove Awards (


Global Methodists Do Annual Conference Differently - Juicy Ecumenism


Is It Wrong to Have Sex Before Marriage? | Kevin DeYoung (

October 21


Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Andy Stanley’s ‘God-Forsaken Conference,’ LGBTQ Teaching (


Maui churches continue ministry amid slow recovery | Baptist Press


Bombed Gaza hospital formerly led by Southern Baptists | Baptist Press


Rosaria Butterfield Blasts Andy Stanley’s ‘God-Forsaken Conference,’ LGBTQ Teaching (


'Inciting Insurrection' - The Stream

October 23


Worship Round the World: Pressing On and Nearing the End | Tim Challies


Son of Hamas leader breaks silence on decision to denounce terror group: ‘They don’t care’ about Palestinians | Fox News


Kathryn Burgum, wife of Gov. Doug Burgum, opens up about mental health advocacy, struggle with addiction - ABC News
And there was a point in time where I just, I had faith that there is God, but I wasn't part of an organized religion. And I was out walking. I always get emotional when I tell this story, but I just said, ‘If there's anybody out there, I need help.’ And I've been sober since I uttered those words. 


Petition · An Open Letter from Palestinian Christians to Western Church Leaders and Theologians ·


A Reprehensible Statement From Palestinian Christians - The Stream

October 24


Televangelists Say Trump is Saved Because He’s Said the Sinner’s Prayer on FIVE Different Occasions and ‘I’m sure one of ’em stuck’ (


Gaza Hospital Confusion - Juicy Ecumenism


Pastoral Meanderings: Laws don't change minds. . . or hearts


October 25


The Saturday Night Massacre at 50 - The American Conservative


Pastoral Meanderings: It must be true. . .

October 26


Southern Baptist Mike Johnson elected speaker of U.S. House | Baptist Press


Mike Johnson, pedigreed evangelical, suggests his election as House speaker ordained by God (


‘Duck Dynasty’ Family’s Movie ‘The Blind’ Shatters Theatrical Record, Blows Past ‘The Chosen’: ‘We Knew How Special This Film Was’ – Faithwire

October 28


Media Decry Johnson’s LGBT Predictions As They All Come True (


Speaker Mike Johnson Thinks Creationist Museums Reveal Truths | HuffPost Latest News

October 30


A Crucified Ronald McDonald? An Exhibit of Humanity's Grand Theatre of Depravity (