Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Interesting Links from November 2021


A Party Embraces Vulgarity - by Dan Rather and Elliot Kirschner - Steady (substack.com)


'Theology of Periods’: Author shares women’s silent struggles | Living News (christianpost.com)


Indebted - Columbia Journalism Review (cjr.org)


Relevant Magazine Features Pro-choice ‘Unitarian Universalist’ On Why the 'Bible is an Idol' - Protestia


Blessing Biden | John Murdock | First Things


Twitter Locked My Account for Saying a Man is Not a Woman - The Stream


Scandalous Silence About China's Christians - The American Conservative


Diana Butler Bass Frets Youngkin 'Anglican Roots' and 'Literalist Faith' - Juicy Ecumenism


A Christian Cosmology (religionnews.com) (for information purposes)

November 6


Google Censors Emails Critical of Red China's Concentration Camps. NBA Prohibits Protest - The Stream


Washington Post Reports On Demonic Energy Behind Left's Culture War (thefederalist.com)


My Word | Domestic violence and choice – Times-Standard (for information purposes)


Does It Really Matter Whether Adam Was the First Man? (thegospelcoalition.org)


They, Them, Godself? Human Pronouncements and Divine Pronouns - CBMW


Marilyn Manson at Kanye's Sunday Service divides Christians | Entertainment News (christianpost.com)


‘Colin loved the church’: Powell recalled as Episcopalian at cathedral funeral (religionnews.com)

November 10


The Courage, Creativity and Charm of GK Chesterton - The Stream


‘It Was Like Hell’: Some Claim Ties to ‘Satanism’ Following Deadly Mob at Astroworld Concert – Faithwire


While Losing Wars, U.S. Military Celebrates Pederast Harvey Milk (thefederalist.com)


Gay GOP Leader Attacks Reformation Charlotte, Calls Us "Fringe" For Rejecting "Gay Pride" Movement


Please Don’t Clown Around When It Comes to Abortion - The Stream

November 11


United Methodist pastor dives into HBO drag-queen culture, drawing joyful RNS applause — GetReligion


Lawmakers Demand U.S. Punish Finland For Criminalizing Christianity (thefederalist.com)


Azusa Pacific Proves Gender Insanity Has Also Invaded Christian Schools (thefederalist.com)


Trump’s GOP Has a New ‘Murderers’ Row’ of Accused Abusers (thedailybeast.com)


The Holy Land Experience Never Made It to the Financial Pr...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

EWTN's Critics Misunderstand Catholic TV Network | National Review

November 13


Finnish bishop facing prosecution over Christian values | U.S. News (christianpost.com)


Objective and Subjective Justification: How Shall We Be Judged? | The Daystar Journal (for information purposes)


Trump Defends Capitol Rioters’ ‘Hang Mike Pence’ Chants: ‘People Were Very Angry’ (thedailybeast.com)


‘I Thank the Lord’: Magic Johnson Praises God for Decades of Health with HIV – Faithwire


'Depart Haiti now,’ State Department warns Americans of risks | World News (christianpost.com)


What is a young man worth? | WORLD (wng.org)

November 15


House Republicans condemn Finland's prosecution of Christian MP | Politics News (christianpost.com)


North Dakota Bans Critical Race Theory in Schools (breitbart.com)


‘Nonbinary’ ODU Professor Calls for ‘Destigmatizing’ Pedophilia – Faithwire


How Anti-Science Are Materialists? If They Saw Another Mt. Rushmore Floating in Space, They’d Attribute it to “Evolution” - The Stream


Cleveland priest gets life. Victims’ mother: ‘God is with us' - by JD Flynn - The Pillar (pillarcatholic.com)


Think piece that's tissue worthy: The Pillar goes inside one family's clergy sex-abuse hell — GetReligion


Annals Of Media Gaslighting: Gender Queer Edition - The American Conservative


LGBT influence in conservative and GOP circles is growing. Here’s why that’s deeply problematic - LifeSite (lifesitenews.com)


'Let's go, Brandon' insults President Joe Biden in vulgar fashion (jconline.com)


CCM industry stays silent on LGBTQ inclusion as queer artists carve inroads (religionnews.com)


Why 'Let’s go Brandon' has no place in a Christian’s life | Opinion News (christianpost.com)


Opinion | A newly disclosed memo reveals Trump’s plot to turn the military into his personal goon squad - The Washington Post

November 18


Editorial: Republicans must stop defending an ex-president who defends death threats | Editorial | stltoday.com


The Kindness of Constructive Criticism: How Input from Others Can Rescue You from Reckless Words - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries (epm.org)


Trump Endorses Mike Lindell’s ‘Very Good’ Idea of Melting Down Voting Machines to Build Prisons (thedailybeast.com)


Democrats Like Me Are Furious With Our Party Pushing Gender Insanity (thefederalist.com)


‘The View’ Co-Hosts Attack Jedediah Bila Over Her Vaccination Status – Faithwire


Donald Trump Downplays 2024 Talk: 'We're Not Going To Have a Country in Three Years' (newsweek.com)


Kim Jong-Un, Taliban & Nigeria Named Worst for Christians - Juicy Ecumenism


Trump’s Mutant GOP Freaks Assemble Into an Evil Voltron (thedailybeast.com)

November 19


Totally "Not Marxist" Seminary Head Wants to Censor Film Critical of Southern Baptist Convention (reformationcharlotte.org)


Greenway calls on Mid-America to cancel premiere of film containing ‘slander’ | Baptist Press


The Climate Change Cult Wants Us to Drink a Half-Trillion Dollars in Kool-Aid - The Stream


The Catechesis Problem | Gene Veith (patheos.com)


Good Teachers Don’t Preach Critical Race Theory - Current (currentpub.com)


What are God's pronouns? How the church today is (or isn't) gendering God (religionnews.com) (for information purposes)


Warnock, Sewell discuss ‘sacred’ voting rights — and whether God is Black (religionnews.com) (for information purposes)


Rashad Hussain faces Senate committee on historic nomination (religionnews.com) (Biden appoints Muslim to promote international religious freedom)


Pop Christianity is on life support | Voice (christianpost.com)

November 21


Gutenberg, meet Gruenewald. App builder's YouVersion puts Bible in half-billion phones. (religionnews.com)


Capitol Riot: QAnon Shaman Sentenced to 41 Months in Prison | National Review


The Bad News: National Review Actually Still Exists. The Good News? It Doesn’t Matter - The Stream (for information purposes)


‘God Is Weeping’: Faith Leaders React to Rittenhouse Verdict | Sojourners (this unhinged reaction is offered for information purposes)


A Message From the Gay Community - The Stream


Megachurch pastor coerced girls, women to have sex with him | U.S. News (christianpost.com)

November 23


Thanking the Dutch for Liberty & Thanksgiving - Juicy Ecumenism


Evan Neumann, the Jan. 6 Rioter on the Run in Belarus, Sucks Up to Moscow on RT (thedailybeast.com)


Sean Feucht's Charity Raises Afghan Relief With No Plan For How To Use It (julieroys.com)


Authorities in India impose ban on Christian gatherings, worship | World News (christianpost.com)


Former SBC President Promotes 'Gospel Sermon' of Openly Sodomite Son - Protestia


Conversion Therapy Bans Strike at the Gospel - Juicy Ecumenism


Remembering Trans Deaths Rightly - The American Conservative

November 24


With Global Implications, Finland Puts Christians On Trial For Their Faith (thefederalist.com)


Lutherans in Spain welcome new bishop - International Lutheran Council (ilc-online.org)


STATEMENT: Promoting homosexual preachers is not loving, biblical, or Baptist - Conservative Baptist Network

November 27


Hoping for Roe’s reckoning | WORLD (wng.org)


Call The #WaukeshaMassacre What It Is - The American Conservative


I was editor of Christianity Today. How did I end up as a Catholic? - Catholic Herald (for information purposes – VERY shallow)


Is God a pacifist? | The Resurgence (theresurgencereport.com)


Interfaith: The Musical celebrates our diversity and shared humanity (religionnews.com)


Trump Should Steer Clear of New GOP Gay Pride Coalition - The Stream


Waukesha Car Attack: Progressive Bail Reform Failure | National Review


America Vulnerable to Space War | National Review