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Interesting Links from April 2021


Conservative Episcopal Bishop: Out! - Juicy Ecumenism


Black religious leaders, stand with our LGBTQ family ( (for information purposes – Union Theological Seminary is WAY out there leftie)


Pastors in $5,000 Sneakers | Gene Veith (


Crybullies Sue Christian Colleges | The American Conservative


When America Put the Bible on Trial: The Scopes Monkey Case a Century Later | Desiring God


Which God Is Served At Duke Divinity? | The American Conservative


The Good Friday Appeal — Word Fitly Spoken


A Victory for Reality | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


Evangelical Left: American Christianity “Exported Patriarchy Around the World” - Juicy Ecumenism


North Dakota passes law protecting churches during pandemics - The Christian Post


No, Sophia Bush, kids do not tell their parents who they are - The Christian Post


When a Lutheran denomination becomes radically liberal - The Christian Post

April 4


Lessons from the Downfall of Ravi Zacharias | Mere Orthodoxy


Doubt Is a Sin, and Jesus Never Sinned – Denny Burk


Over 70 Canadian churches vow to defy lockdowns, will fully open for Easter services | News | LifeSite (


How Christians Have Honored Good Friday For Centuries (


Americans Must Never Throw in the Towel | The Stream


On this Good Friday, let us reflect on the 7 last words of George Floyd ( (for information purposes only – all kinds of messed up thinking expressed here)


British council unlawfully discriminated against Franklin Graham - The Christian Post


For the Church | When It’s Time to Leave a Church (


MLB Boycott Calls Grow After Donald Trump Hits Out Over All-Star Game (


The Uneasy Alliance of Evangelicals and Conservatism | The American Conservative


Australian Denomination Ordains First "Transgender" Person as a Minister (


The Capitol Rioters-Pro-Life Extremist Connection Is Real (


Bishop Love Joins Anglican Church after Release from Episcopal Church - Juicy Ecumenism


Death Has Died | The American Conservative


April 5

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow - The Christian Post


Why Should We Remember what God Forgets? | Tim Challies


"Jesus and Resurrection? What's This Babbler Trying to Say?" (


Show Up! : 9Marks


‘Top Chef’ Host Padma Lakshmi: People Who Reject Trans Agenda ‘Have No Business Being’ Parents – Faithwire


Joe Biden’s Liberal American Catholicism | The American Conservative


CNN Versus Biological Reality | The American Conservative


'I Love Jesus, But I Want to Die' -- A sobering message to church leaders on mental health — GetReligion

April 6


Report: Communist China Is Throwing Christians Into Torturous 'Brainwashing' Camps (


Raphael Warnock and the Ongoing Legacy of Black Liberation Theology | The University of Chicago Divinity School (


Rev. Warnock claims people can save themselves in Easter tweet - The Christian Post


Report: Communist China Is Throwing Christians Into Torturous 'Brainwashing' Camps (


God Gets a Lap Dance on Saturday Night Live — Where are the Tears? | The Stream


Stained Glass Rainbows: Sexual Minorities in Conservative Christianity — Protect Your Noggin


Pastoral Meanderings: It is political. . .


Hans Kueng, dissident Catholic theologian, dies at 93 (

April 8


Culture of 'Jesus, Others, Yourself' leads to Baylor’s 1st men's basketball championship - Baptist Press


'Physically closed': Alberta health officials shut down GraceLife Church west of Edmonton (


Canadian Police Barricade Church Entrance, Place High Security Fences to Keep Worshippers Out | CBN News


Beth Moore apologizes for her role in elevating 'complementarian' theology that limits women leaders (


A Prayer for the Trans Day of Remembrance - Campus Ministry | Augsburg University


Beth Moore Unravels as She Begins to Reveal Her True Views on Biblical Doctrines (


Conservative Radio Host Gordon Liddy's Obituary Headlines Harsher Than Fidel Castro's | Newsbusters


George Liddy Obituary - Joseph J. Darrow Sr. Funeral Home Inc. ( (I used to listen to “The G. Gordon Liddy Show” on the radio.  Although he was far from good in all ways in in influence, I preferred him as a talker over Rush Limbaugh because Mr. Liddy (while far from perfect) was more of a family man, had a far wider range of life experiences, and was more diverse in the topics he addressed.  He was frequently laugh out loud funny too.


Matt Taibbi: The Sovietization of the American Press | National Post


Soviet-style Journalism Comes to America | Gene Veith (


Obesity: COVID’s Third Rail | The American Conservative


Hans Küng, the theologian who wanted to stand tall ( (he was strongly criticized in Christian News notwithstanding the fact the CN also strongly opposed the papacy)

April 11


Beth Moore, You Owe Godly Men an Apology - Protestia


Hans Küng, theologian censured by John Paul II, dies at 93 - The Christian Post


Girl, Follow Jesus (


Goodbye to My Brother — for Now | The Stream


Christian Left Rallies Against Filibuster in DC, Links Senate Rule to Fascism - Juicy Ecumenism


Professing 'Christian' DMX Dead at 50 - Protestia


'Church' With a Gay Unicorn Logo Issues Press Release Against GraceLife Church - Protestia


Pastoral Meanderings: The cult of personal safety


Is Complementarianism a Man-Made Doctrine? - CBMW


Statement — Sarah Bessey (for information purposes)


President Biden: “There’s Not a Single Thing a Man Can Do That a Woman Can’t” | Answers in Genesis


Canadian church shut down, fenced off for violating health orders - The Christian Post


Pastoral Meanderings: Dealing with demons. . .

April 14


Pro-life Democrats rally nationwide to save Hyde Amendment - The Christian Post


Overwhelming Police Presence Descends on Canadian Church as Protesters Tear Down Barricade – Faithwire


Susan Heck Says Beth Moore is On Her Way to Hell Unless She Repents (


Contributors Defend Devotional Book Asking God for Help to 'Hate White People' - Protestia


Another ELCA bishop takes a stand for transgenderism - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Do you know what happens to you after you die? – Denny Burk

April 15


Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Comes Out As Gay, Says It’s Made Him ‘Closer to God’ – Faithwire (“The Bachelor” has never been a show that has upheld godly standards.)


Christian Colleges fight lawsuit to block Title IX exemptions - The Christian Post


Justin Bieber Slams 'Pedestal Pastors' While Talking up Heretic - Protestia


Op-Ed: Why Is the Fruit of John Piper's Loins So Rotten? - Protestia (Whatever Pastor John Piper’s faults are, Abraham Piper is ultimately accountable for his own sad actions.  Not sold that this take is fair to John Piper.)


The Disruption — Gottesdienst (we have been watching “The Chosen.”)


ELCA Advocates for 'Equality Act' - EXPOSING THE ELCA


The Rev. Elle Dowd of Illinois Joins Planned Parenthood Clergy Advocacy Board To Advocate for Sexual and Reproductive Health Care Access | Planned Parenthood of Illinois


Sam Rodriguez slams 'lukewarm Church': 'Race just became God' - The Christian Post


April 18


First drag queen certified as a candidate for United Methodist ministry 'speaking in a new way to new people' (


Liberty sues Jerry Falwell Jr., seeking millions in damages (


Liberty University sues Jerry Falwell Jr. for $10 million - The Christian Post


Vatican Invites Abortion Advocate Chelsea Clinton To Talk About ‘Health’ And The ‘Soul’ (


Why the Churches Will Help Quash Religious Freedom | The Stream


Much of Africa Will Join Global Methodist Church - Juicy Ecumenism


Lecrae, Bieber appear at prison events as ministries return to correctional facilities (


Sexual abstinence and 'purity culture' are not the same - The Christian Post


This Progressive Pastor, Who Hates Oppression, Preaches Beliefs That are Certain to Create It | The Stream

April 19


Obituary: Ole Anthony, our president, pastor, friend, and longtime nemesis of televangelists, dead at 82 | Trinity Foundation (


Churches without Members, Christians without Churches | Gene Veith (


Ole Anthony, longtime critic of prosperity gospel televangelists and head of Trinity Foundation, dies at 82 (


Remembering Judith Reisman: Anti-pornography crusader and a woman of uncommon courage - Washington Times

April 20


Skip the Movie, Read the Book - Emmanuel Baptist Church (


Gay "Christian" Music Artist Nominated for GLAAD Award in 2020 for Outstanding Digital Journalism (


Baylor coach credits 'Christ-centered program' after championship - The Christian Post


The Legacy of Hans Küng | The University of Chicago Divinity School (


Nancy Pelosi Says Maxine Waters Should 'Absolutely Not' Apologize for 'Confrontational' Comment (


AiG’s Message Deplatformed . . . at a Church? | Answers in Genesis


Yoga can leave you injured, psychotic and a Hindu, Christian groups claim | Alabama | The Guardian


Pastor fraudulently got $1.5M in PPP loans then splurged on cars - The Christian Post


35 Reasons Not To Sin - CCW - Christian Communicators Worldwide (


North Dakota governor signs law allowing Ten Commandments to be posted in public schools |


Pastoral Meanderings: If. . .


The Post-Truth Coalition - Current (


How The Left Is Answering Ibram Kendi’s Call For Racial Strife (


Lesbian Hairdresser who Received Ex-communication Letter From Church Makes International News - Protestia

April 21


Church under fire for threatening to expel lesbian mom - The Christian Post


God Detests the Worship of the Wicked | The Cripplegate


Lutheran Church to Host "Queer Camp" This Summer for LGBTQ Teens (


Abortion Activist Dies Days After Getting a Legal Abortion in Argentina (


Gay Pastor Says Jesus Doesn't Desire Our Worship Because Only Gospel of John Says He Does (


Seattle Police Chief Cancels Department Dinner With Franklin Graham Because He's Not Pro-Gay (


Seattle police chief rescinds dinner invitation sent by evangelical group known for anti-LGBTQ stance | The Seattle Times


Biden Has Already Betrayed The Christians Who Voted For Him (


Why say gay? A response to “Yes to Gay Identity, No to Gay Sex?” - Juicy Ecumenism


Seattle Pacific University faculty vote no confidence in board over LGBTQ exclusion (


Zero objectivity: Seattle Times report on Franklin Graham-backed police dinner hits new low — GetReligion

April 23


4 Reasons Why ‘The Chosen’ Works (


Cardinal Dolan Is Right: It's Time To Get Yourself Back To Church (


Ravi Zacharias' Wife Breaks Silence- Says all Accusations Are Bogus + Takes Shot at John MacArthur - Protestia


Fayetteville church to host 'Queer Camp' this summer (


Gordon College introduces next president (


When Liberals Championed Religious Liberty - Current (


Protestants & Pot - Juicy Ecumenism


Christian university criticized for upholding hiring policy - The Christian Post

April 26


Montana passes Religious Freedom Restoration Act amid opposition - The Christian Post


Ravi Zacharias' Wife Breaks Silence - Says all Accusations Are Bogus + Takes Shot at John MacArthur - Protestia


UCC Pastrix Makes 'Queer Clergy Trading Cards' - Protestia


Satanist TikTokker thanks progressive Christians - The Christian Post


Purity Culture Isn’t Wrong For Loving Chastity, But For Weaponizing It (


Surburg's blog: Mark's thoughts: What does it mean to "Love Your Neighbor"?


Formerly incarcerated, this Unitarian Universalist minister is dedicated to abolishing prisons ( (Unitarian Universalism is a denial of Christianity, as it denies the words of Christ.)


Pastoral Meanderings: Easter's surprise. . .


Why So Many Evangelicals are Susceptible to Qanon Craziness (


LGBTQ Groups, Kardashian Family Haven’t Supported Caitlyn Jenner’s Run for California Governor (


Why kids need God and summer camp this year more than ever - The Christian Post


Ghana’s Lutherans Reelect President - International Lutheran Council (


Eastern University has served as the evangelical left’s laboratory | The Christian Century (for information purposes)


Veggie Tales Creator, Phil Vischer, Says Christians Shouldn't Oppose Transgenderism (

April 29


Defending the Biblical Doctrine of Marriage as Binding for the Church Today - Part 1 - Juicy Ecumenism


Christian University Faculty Revolt After Board Votes to Affirm Biblical View of Sexuality – Faithwire


Nikki Haley defends picture with Caitlyn Jenner amid backlash - The Christian Post


Detransitioner says gender dysphoria is mental health issue - The Christian Post


'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' Author Trashes Book with 'Bull-Dyke' Pastrix - Protestia


College of the Ozarks Stands Up to Biden’s Transgender Executive Order | The Stream


Matt Gaetz May Be the Only Man Who’s Too Gross for Newsmax (


Skillet's John Cooper: Moral relativism 'wrecking Christianity' - The Christian Post


Elliot Page Gives Oprah Winfrey Interview to Fight Anti-Trans ‘Misinformation and Lies’ ( (Page’s birth name was “Ellen Page.”)


Defending the Biblical Doctrine of Marriage as Binding for the Church Today - Part 2 - Juicy Ecumenism


Four reasons church discipline matters – Building Jerusalem


Christ as Our Substitute | Gene Veith (


Russian politics spark division among Christians | WORLD (

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