Saturday, May 01, 2021

Interesting Links from May 2021


Pastor Arrested for Saying That Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman (


Finland Persecutes Christian Lawmaker | The American Conservative


Why I’m #NeverJenner and You Should Be Too | The Stream


The Bizarre Afterlife of a Christine Blasey Ford Booster | The Stream


Canadian Court Empowers Police to ‘Do Anything Necessary’ to Disrupt Church, Find Pastor – Faithwire


Franklin Graham Suggests 'Cancel Culture' Is a 'Road Toward Communism' (


No Ralph Warnock, the early Church was not socialist - The Christian Post


Josh Duggar, Family Values Crusader and TV Star, Faces Child Pornography Charge (


Theologian Slams Methodist Church for Creating ‘Two Religions’ Over LGBT Issues – Faithwire


Finnish Bishop Elect charged over historic Christian teachings on human sexuality - International Lutheran Council (


Tennessee teen responds to viral video of dress, dispute with ex-CEO ( (ridiculous article)


Biden Isn’t A ‘Very Catholic President,’ He Openly Flouts Church Teaching (


About - Luther Classical College “…the Lutheran Church has the greatest theology, the best hymns, the most excellent music in the history of the world.


Christian MP faces prison for tweeting Bible verses on marriage - The Christian Post


'Ravi is not guilty': Wife of late Ravi Zacharias defends him against sexual and spiritual abuse findings (


Former reality star, Josh Duggar, arrested and charged with possession of child pornography, pleads not guilty (


Rachel Hollis's Problem Isn't Privilege, It's An Anti-Christian Gospel (

May 4


We Lost The Building and Kept The Church | Trinity Bible Chapel


Josh Duggar pleads not guilty to child pornography charges - The Christian Post


China shuts down Bible App, Christian WeChat accounts - The Christian Post


Finnish Christian politician Päivi Räsänen formally charged for hate crime against homosexuals, Evangelical Focus


Facing Woke Religion, the Gospel is Still Good News | The American Conservative


A Conservative Student's Experience at an ELCA Seminary - EXPOSING THE ELCA

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