Monday, August 01, 2022

Interesting Links from August 2022

 Beyoncé invites church girls to celebrate their freedom ( (for information purposes)


Lutheran Theologian: Gun Laws, Death Penalty Evince ‘White Supremacy’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Pope Pitter-Patters Around Indigenous Pagans - Protestia


African Christians face martyrdom | WORLD (

August 2


Trump Sides with Russia Over Brittney Griner (


National Conservatism: A Statement Of Principles - The American Conservative


Against Public Atheism - The American Conservative


Their Party’s Call - The American Conservative


Pastoral Meanderings: Bronze Age Missourians. . .


This is sooooo New York Times? Cannibalism is hip, which raises zero religious questions — GetReligion


UMC Funded Seminary Offers ‘LGBTQ Studies Concentration’ - Juicy Ecumenism

August 5


Our president and my church: An evangelical Christian on the president’s damage to his faith community – New York Daily News ( (for information purposes)


Is Brittney Griner Worth It? - The American Conservative


Indiana Congresswoman and Staff Killed in Tragic Car Crash - The American Conservative


The Reign of Terror Begins: Russell Moore Promoted to Editor-in-Chief of Christianity Today - Protestia

August 6


Foursquare Abuse Response Ignites Fight over Transparency...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


The evangelical left loses its prophet | WORLD (


Is Taiwan's Independence Worth War? - The American Conservative


Wisconsin megachurch pastor Stuart Briscoe, lifelong broadcast evangelist, dies at 91 (


The Gospel Coalition Says We should Affirm the Right of Homosexuals to Marry? - Protestia

August 7


Apologizing for the Gospel - The American Conservative


Who Deserves Death by Divine Judgment? - The Stream

August 8


Impatient Democrats hear the clock ticking - Washington Times


If I Was the World’s Only Christian… | Tim Challies


Bible shortage in Hong Kong tied to China's communist crackdown | World News (

August 9


Orlando’s Holy Land Experience Closed in 2021 after 20 Years: Does it Matter? - April Online


The Tyranny of the 'Current Thing' - The American Conservative


CCCU refutes claim that biblical view of marriage is 'homophobic' | U.S. News (

August 11


Convention for 'Christian DragQueens' Gets New Speakers - Protestia


David Berkowitz, ‘Son Of Sam’ Killer, Serves Six Life Sentences By Serving Others (


Christian Reformed Church Stands Strong for Biblical Sexuality - Juicy Ecumenism


Christian Nationalism Is Biblical And America-First, But Not White (


Congresswoman remembered for a life of Christian service | WORLD (

August 12


Beth Moore Says Jesus is Trying to Get Her to Have a 'Crush' on Him - Protestia


Apologies Abound at Lutheran Assembly - Juicy Ecumenism


I’m a Conservative, and I Don’t Know What the GOP Stands For (

August 13


What is a Woman? - The American Conservative


What Sentences Trump Could Face Under Espionage Act and Other Violations (


U.S Department of Justice Investigating SBC Over Sexual Abuse Scandal - Protestia


Major Denomination Passes Resolution Supporting Sex Changes for Children+ Child Abuse - Protestia


A Trump Indictment Over Mishandling Classified Documents Is Now a Very Real Possibility (


Now They Are Literally Bowing Down And Worshipping Baal Right In Front Of Our Eyes (


Ichabod, The Glory Has Departed: Pastor Paul Rydecki and His Congregation Withdrew from ELDONA - Letter (

August 15


Blissfully unaware in Vermont or knowingly radical? - Washington Times

August 16


Abuse allegation against Pastor Bruxy Cavey involves minor | Church & Ministries News (  (Bruxy Cavey is a religious liberal.)


Mississippi abortion ban author talks post-Roe strategies | Politics News (

August 17


Joy is Contagious - The Stream


Russian State Media Declares ‘Our Agent’ Donald Trump Is Irreversibly Screwed (

August 18


How Women Get Men to Heaven - The American Conservative


ELCA opens door to nixing protections for gay marriage opponents | Church & Ministries News (


Rethinking Salman Rushdie - The American Conservative


Best Historical Analog For Cheney Isn't Lincoln, It's Kaepernick (


Matt Walsh Has ‘A Real Easy Solution’ For Children’s Hospital Worried About Angry Messages Over Transgender Treatment | The Daily Wire

August 20


Pastoral Meanderings: The Church of the Holy Meme. . .


Australian Anglicans split over same-sex marriage (


Kathie Lee Gifford Tells Powerful Story of Forgiving Howard Stern After 30 Years of Cruel Comments – Faithwire


Incense for the Emperor - The American Conservative


Protecting Witch Doctors - The American Conservative


The Transgender Movement Is Coming For Your Children (

August 22


A letter to my unrepentant friend | Voice (


Republicans Are Playing Into Democrats' Hand On Gay Marriage (

August 23


Roe v. Wade was Overturned and I’m Sad | A View of the Lake (


Christian groups step up harassment of pagan festivals ( (bad spin evident in this headline and content)


Roy Moore Defeated Defamers And The 'Actual Malice' Standard (


Donald Trump’s Legacy Is Convincing Idiots That They Should Run for Office ( (for information)


Florida Christian school says it will only refer to students by 'biological gender,' asks gay and transgender students to leave ( (nothing wrong and a lot right with churches and schools upholding biblical standards)

August 24


Recalling Randy Rembert, The Church Wrecker - The American Conservative


Inside Costi Hinn’s growing Arizona church plant | Church & Ministries News (

August 27


Former Alabama church secretary admits to embezzling $209K | U.S. News (


Homeward Bound: There’s a Reason We Call Them “The Lost” (


Pornography Is ‘Open Door’ to Demonic Evil That Can ‘Infiltrate Our Lives’: Bible Teacher’s Warning – Faithwire


Ron DeSantis and Dr. Mehmet Oz Embrace Their Inner Pricks (


GOD TV Humbly Apologizes on Social Media for Criticism of Sean Feucht — Charisma News

August 28


Surburg's blog: Mark's thoughts: Roe v Wade has been overturned - give thanks, but don't be naive


Want to Lower Abortion Rates? Look to Canada’s Example. (

August 29


How Americans Got Away with Abortion Before ‘Roe v. Wade’ | Christianity Today


Lutheran Pastor Promotes Hookups, Polyamory, and Premarital Sex - Protestia

August 30


'Trump Derangement Syndrome' Goes Both Ways - The American Conservative


Trump Demands Either New Election ‘Immediately’ or Make Him ‘Rightful’ President Now (


Evading Jesus | Opinion News (


Evangelical and LGBT+ Ally: Why You Can’t Be Both (


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