Monday, October 03, 2022

Interesting Links from October 2022

 If You are a Christian Leader, You Should Have a Target on Your Back - The Stream


The myth of the Republican church | WORLD (


October 4


Drag Queen Conservatism is the Real Threat to Religious Freedom  - The American Conservative


Country Music Icon Loretta Lynn Dies at 90 — Her Post About ‘What Christ Did for Us’ Says It All – Faithwire

October 7


Herschel Walker Is Proof Character Doesn’t Count in Today’s GOP (


What Will It Take for the GOP to Condemn Donald Trump’s Death Threats? (


Four Ways to Preach Like Jesus (


A duel for the ages in California | WORLD (

October 8


What if you are wrong about God? | Voice (


‘Church hurt’ is not an excuse for apostasy | Voice (

October 10


Dr. Bernhard W. Lutz – Lutheran Society For Missiology ( (met him at breakfast in hotel in International Falls, Minnesota on the first morning of our recent vacation)


Widespread Corruption Wreaks Havoc on Religious Freedom in Nigeria - Juicy Ecumenism

October 11


SBC President Bart Barber featured on CBS’ 60 Minutes | Baptist Press


American Indians Should Blame The Government, Not Columbus (


Thank God for Christopher Columbus — Gottesdienst


Christian nationalism will lead to persecution: Bart Barber | U.S. News (


No, Not Everyone is a "Child of God" - Juicy Ecumenism

October 15


An unpersuasive abortion ad campaign | WORLD (


Mike Huckabee warns against legalizing marijuana in Arkansas | Politics News (


Australian Football Executive Forced to Resign, Prompting ...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Yahoo: Baby-Saving Pregnancy Centers Worsen Diaper Shortage (


Biden's Marijuana Power Grab - The American Conservative

October 17


There Are Different Kinds of Tired | Tim Challies

October 18


‘He Was Full of Life’: Wisconsin Pastor Killed in Crash Remembered for Strong Faith, Devotion to Jesus – Faithwire


Benny Hinn is Inviting You to His 70th Birthday Bash, and Tickets are Only $5000 - Protestia


Christian parents: Something wicked this way comes | WORLD (

October 19


Pride in the Pews honors Black LGBTQ+ faith leaders and allies ( (for information purposes)


How Do You Get to the Dove Awards? | Christianity Today (Amy Grant is wrong here, as is the slant CT seems to be giving in this article)

October 21


The Gospel Coalition Puts Out a "Touch Not My Anointed"-Like Article About Criticizing Pastors (


735 Days of Imprisonment in North Korea - Juicy Ecumenism

October 22


Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals. Is Anyone Surprised? (


Regina family calls out church for confronting daughter about her sexuality, calling LGBTQ community 'demonic' | CBC News (very biased take)


Scores of anti-trans candidates running in Ontario school board elections | CBC News (another very biased take from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)


Microsoft Releases New PRIDE Flag Ft. 40 LGBTQIA+ 'Communities',inc: Aceflux, Graysexual, Maverique and Trigender - Protestia

October 24


The Messy Home of Blessing: Why Children Are Worth the Chaos | Desiring God


News — NDFB


October 25


The haunting of Bishop Pike | Opinion News (


“The Truth Matters” : Matt Walsh Speaks At UW-Madison | The Daily Wire

October 27


Hulu’s ‘God Forbid’ Reveals Trump’s Ties to Jerry Falwell Jr. and His Wife’s Creepy Pool Boy Sex Saga (


How Not To Become a Celebrity Pastor - Canon Fodder (


Congress Must Confront the Abortion Drug Cartel - The Stream


My Freedom Day as a Female, Black and Queer Pastor by The Rev. Dr. Yolanda Denson-Byers - ELCA Racial Justice » ELCA Racial Justice - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Americas (for information purpose)


What Hungary Can Teach Post-Roe America - The American Conservative

October 28


Great Britain's first Hindu prime minister inherits a prominent role in Anglicanism — GetReligion


Honoring the Life of Theologian Dr. Gordon Fee — Charisma News


9 Things You Should Know About Chinese President Xi Jinping (


North Korea’s dangerous saber-rattling | WORLD (

October 29


Woman 'outraged' over use of her image in Prop 1 pro-abortion ad | Politics News (


Mark Driscoll Meets Up With Steven Furtick, Thanks Him for 'Preaching Jesus' - Protestia


October 30


The Covid Regime Still Clings to Power - The American Conservative


The left demands that we 'just yay gay!' | Voice (


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