Friday, September 08, 2023

Interesting Links from September 2023

 Ask Chuck: How to have a frugal but beautiful wedding | Voice (


This Year’s Abortion Numbers Are a Wake-Up Call - The American Conservative

September 9


Making Amends (


The Curse of a Godly Wife | Tim Challies


Hate Speech Trial in Finland Evaluates Expressions of Christian Faith (


U.S. Missionary Group De-Banked - Juicy Ecumenism


9 Things You Should Know About the Prosperity Gospel (


Deconversion is Apostasy – Aliens and Pilgrims (


Why are Pro-Life legislators REPEALING laws criminalizing abortion? » Abolish Abortion Texas (

September 11


Homosexual former Trump appointee Ric Grenell attacks DeSantis as 'homophobic' - LifeSite (


Ron Filipkowski on X: "Things go a bit off the rails at the SD Trump rally tonight as the pro-Trump interviewer talks to a man in line who then starts to pin a cross on his lapel while saying that Doug Burgum is going to beat Trump in the primary." / X (


Nike permanently closes iconic Portland store amid 'theft and safety issues' | The Post Millennial |

September 12


Was 9/11 The Beginning Of The End Of The American Empire? (


Full List of Capitol Rioters Jailed So Far and the Sentences They Are Serving (

September 13


5 things to know about GOP presidential candidate Doug Burgum | Politics News (


Apple’s Kowtowing To Chinese Communists Is Starting To Backfire (


At Sing! Global, a faithful pushback to the spread of megachurch praise music (

September 14


Disciples Suffer Massive Membership Drop Post-2019 - Juicy Ecumenism


Sen. Bill Cassidy Is The Left's Useful Idiot On Abortion (

September 15


The Deadly Ongoing Crisis for Christians in Nigeria - Juicy Ecumenism


Paula White Praises Deranged Moonies Cult Leader: ‘She Loves the Lord’ (


Tricky Dick and Don (

September 16


A Church Without God Is Dead On Arrival (


Ron DeSantis vows to restore 'full religious freedom' in the US | Politics News (

September 17


Trump, DeSantis take shots at one another at Pray Vote Stand | Politics News (


2024 GOP Candidates on Trans | National Review


NEW: Doug Burgum Asked What He'll Do If He Doesn't Make Second GOP Debate - YouTube

September 18


Christians in Iraq: What Are You Doing to Help? | National Review


What do seminaries do, in an age in which many believers are afraid of 'theology'? — GetReligion


Something as Flimsy as Stone | Tim Challies


Evangelist killed for leading Muslims to Christ in Uganda | World News (

September 19


China Cracks Down On Online Christian Content - Permission To Post Required (


The train is leaving the station | WORLD (


Rep. Bryan Steil hosts safety meeting for congressional lawmakers, staffers amid D.C. crime wave - Washington Times


The Strong Woman of Proverbs 31 — Beautiful Christian Life

September 20


Sinners in the hands of an angry goddess | WORLD (


Trump, abortion and the pro-life movement | Voice (


Beware of false believers | Voice (


September 21


Donald Trump, Covid Vaccine Conspiracy Theories, Continue to Hurt GOP in Elections | National Review


Pastor sues for $1.5M after he's defrocked for infidelity | Church & Ministries News (


Is Donald Trump retreating on abortion? | WORLD (


Sen. Tim Scott presented the Distinguished Christian Statesman Award (


ORU celebrates the 10th anniversary of President William M. Wilson (


You Just Have A Cold. Don’t Give Covidians Numbers By Testing (

September 22


What It Says That Abortions Increased After Roe Was Reversed (


Andrew Brunson Offers a View of Impending Persecution - Part 1 - Juicy Ecumenism

September 23


Pope Francis Re-Crucifies Christ on the UN's Globalist Cross - The Stream


Ask Chuck: How to prepare my teenagers for real life | Voice (

September 25


Don't Argue with Trump On Pro-Life Limits, Argue With Voters (


National Cathedral windows shift from themes of Confederacy to racial justice ( (for information purposes)


Andrew Brunson Offers a View of Impending Persecution - Part 2 - Juicy Ecumenism

September 26


The largest Hindu temple on American soil will soon open its doors ( (for information purposes)


Luther Seminary preacher tells us to repent of climate catastrophe, homophobia, anti-trans laws, sexism, and banning books - EXPOSING THE ELCA

September 30


Exclusive — North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum: Biden’s EV Push ‘Doesn’t Make Any Sense,’ U.S. ‘Not Anywhere Close to Being Prepared’ (


The Presence of God is a Dangerous Place to Be for Sinners (


Doug Burgum Rips Fox/Univision Debate: The American People Lost Tonight (


Fact Check: Burgum Claims China Controls 85% of Rare-Earth Minerals (


Dana Perino Just Kept Hurting Doug Burgum’s Feelings at GOP Debate (


Wounds From a Friend: Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s critique of Lutheran antinomianism – Old Lutheran Synod


Subverting Protestantism - Chronicles (


EXCLUSIVE: GOP Presidential Candidate Doug Burgum Blasts Fox Business Debate Moderators: Why Did They Threaten to Shut off My Microphone When All I'm Trying to Do 'Is Answer the Questions That the Other Candidates Weren't?' - Tennessee Star

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