Monday, January 02, 2023

Interesting Links from January 2023

 5 Myths about Porn | Crossway Articles


Pope Benedict XVI Dead at 95. Now Comes The Fiery Judgement (


Twitter reinstates Christian Post after 9-month suspension | U.S. News


Statements from Ignatius Press and its authors on the death of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (


President Biden signs bill to honor Thomas Paine ( (for information – Mr. Paine was a skeptic)


Pray For Damar Hamlin (



Op-Ed: New York Times Throws Their Boy A Bone: David French To Join Times As Opinion Columnist (


WaPo Activism Posing As Religion Journalism - The American Conservative



First Gay Immigrant Representative to Swear Oath to Constitution on Superman Comic - Valiant News


On the death of Benedict XVI - International Lutheran Council ( (weak commentary)


Major scientific study confirms what we all knew about sex | Voice (



The Satanic Temple Hosting ‘SatanCon 2023’, Billed as ‘The Largest Satanic Gathering in History’ (



Jack Hayford, 'Pastor of Pastors,' Composer of 'Majesty,' Giant of the Faith, Passes Away - The Stream


The Curse Under Our Breath: What Grumbling Sounds Like to God | Desiring God



Pastor Jack Hayford is with the Lord (


Jack Hayford, prominent Pentecostal pastor in Southern California, has died (


Is Christianity Misogynistic? | Crossway Articles


The Incarnation and the Value of the Human Body - Juicy Ecumenism


Minnesota Will Soon Make Teachers Endorse Child Mutilation (



America, Tear Down This Flag - The American Conservative


What I Want From A Church | Tim Challies


When preachers fail to warn | Voice (



Jack Hayford: In the Presence of ‘Majesty’ - The Stream


Minnesota To Ban Christians From Teaching In Public Schools (



Africa, the Prosperity Gospel, and the Problem of Unguarded Churches - TGC Africa (



DeSantis Hammers NHL Over ‘Discriminatory’ Job Posting: ‘Not Welcome In The State Of Florida’ | The Daily Wire


Good News: Decatur County Sheriff Oversees Dozens of Inmate Baptisms (


A historic meeting of Orthodox Christian scholars convenes to confront divisions and war (



Learning to Hate for All the Right Reasons | Crossway Articles


What is Fornication? It's Biblical Meaning and Definition (


Bills QB Josh Allen describes his recent 'spiritual awakening' (


God Disciplines His Children — Like This Mom — Because He Loves Them - The Stream


How 'Respect for Marriage' Turned into Presidential Praise for the Opportunistic, Cult-Supporting, Child-Molesting Harvey Milk - The Stream



Beth Moore Attacks Jonathan Edwards for Being Direct About God's Indignation Toward Sinners (


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.'s Heresy, Denial of Christ's Deity and Physical Resurrection (


It’s 2023 and We Need Blogs More Than Ever | Tim Challies



Norwegian Storting holds onto law that King must be Christian (


Trump Turns On Evangelical Leaders For 'Disloyalty' In Angry New Rant (


Don't Let A Bad Experience Keep You From Church (



Houses passes a resolution condemning attacks on anti-abortion facilities and groups - Current (


TAPES: We Investigated a Suburban LGBTQ Pedophile Ring. Here's What We Found. (


Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Statement from Dr. William M. Wilson, President of Oral Roberts University (


Man wearing ‘Jesus Saves’ T-shirt asked to leave mall | U.S. News (


Why United Methodist Tolerance of Conservatives Will Be Impossible - Juicy Ecumenism


Masculinity Isn't Toxic, Our Erasure Of It Is ( (the Western Correspondent for The Federalist is a gay man)



Christian NHL player refuses to join team’s LGBT celebration | Sports News (


Should We Call God Mother? - CBMW


‘I Respect Everyone’: Philadelphia Flyers’ Ivan Provorov Boycotts Pride Jersey Because of His Faith, LGBT Activists Furious – Faithwire


It Is Time to End the Pandemic Emergency - The American Conservative




Unglamorous grace | WORLD (

'The Chosen’ Jesus actor calls abortion satanic | Entertainment News (


‘We Are Under An Assault’: ‘The Chosen’ Star Jonathan Roumie Blasts ‘Media’ At ‘March For Life’ 2023 | The Daily Wire



Pastoral Meanderings: Tired of children?



After Disney Rejects The Divinity Of Jesus Christ During Their Candlelight Processional, Lutheran Leader Calls For Parents To Ditch Disney To Save Their Kids' Hearts And Minds - Bounding Into Comics


Tucker Carlson: Nixon Was Removed from Office Because He Knew CIA Was Involved in Kennedy Assassination - The Political Insider


Patrick Buchanan Retires: Consequential Conservative Voice | National Review



America Needs More Unapologetic Christians Like Tony Dungy (


State Religious Freedom Laws Vary, and Are Crucially Important - Juicy Ecumenism


Queer bars offer sacred space for LGBTQ community ( (for information purposes)


Stop Using the Bible to Dehumanize Transgender People | Opinion ( (for information purposes)



Churches Leaving Acts 29 Cite Issues with Financial and Organizational Transparency – MinistryWatch


Student wins right to wear ‘Jesus Loves Me’ face mask | U.S. News (


Loving Your Neighbor: It Doesn't Mean What Most People Think It Means (


Zelensky vs. the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - The American Conservative



Grace and Lies: A Mars Hill Story - Juicy Ecumenism


Andy Stanley: Gay churchgoers 'have more faith than a lot of you' | Church & Ministries News (


Ivan Provorov and the Pressure to Punish LGBT+ Dissent (


Why Birth Costs So Much - The American Conservative


Jonathan Merritt Calls Fundamentalist Christians ‘Gossipy, Gluttonous, Greedy Racists’ (



Americans' views on 35 religious groups, organizations, and belief systems | YouGov (Democrats have some radical views)


Did Andy Stanley do a 'great disservice' with LGBT comments? | Church & Ministries News (


How Does the Bible Define Sexual Immorality? - by Jeff (


Pastoral Meanderings: Thoughts of Light. . .


Is Andy Stanley affirming? | WORLD (

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