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Interesting Links from April 2023

 Who Is Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg? A Devoted Man of Faith | Sojourners


Transgender acquaintances a factor for some North Dakota lawmakers as bill votes loom (

 North Dakota State Senator Dick Dever, also an elder at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church (Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod), Bismarck, North Dakota, voted AGAINST limiting K-12 girls sports to biological females, as reported in the above front page story in the Bismarck Tribune.

Why The World Looks at the Trump Case and…Yawns (




10 Key Bible Verses on the Divinity of Jesus | Crossway Articles


4 Points of Evidence for the Resurrection | Crossway Articles


Left-Wing Insurrectionists Storm Tennessee Capitol, DOJ Is Silent (


Christians Must Learn To Hate Evil Again – Gab News


Asa Hutchinson: Trump should ‘step aside’ from 2024 race after indictment | The Hill



Day of Horrors - by Bethel McGrew - Further Up (


Nancy Pelosi ridicules her archbishop for not being LGBT advocate | Politics News (


What C. S. Lewis Got Wrong About the Cursing Psalms (


NBA Drops Marijuana Testing, Penalties Under Tentative Labor Agreement | The Daily Wire



MP Päivi Räsänen facing second trial over biblical beliefs | World News (


“The Man on the Middle Cross Said I Can Come” (


Faith-Based Movie ‘His Only Son’ Stuns Entertainment World, Scores Top Spot at Box Office – Faithwire


Who Is Alvin Bragg? | Judicial Watch



We Are All Made In The Image Of God, Not Made Into It (


Donald Trump Literally Lists All His Grievances in Post-Arraignment Speech From Florida Club Mar-a-Lago (


Trump speaks to court evangelical "emergency prayer call" (


Jesus Christ’s Resurrection, the Best-Documented Event of Ancient History, is True for All Time - The Stream



Transgender pastor compares treatment of 'marginalized' Nashville shooter to Jesus being crucified | Fox News


A nation on trial | WORLD (


Former Homosexual Faces Serious Prison Time for Sharing Conversion Testimony in Malta (


Why Did Jesus Institute the Lord’s Supper on the Passover? (


Beware of Those Who Make a Virtue of Doubt – Denny Burk


Apostasy and how it happens | Voice (


Who is Chicago mayoral candidate Brandon Johnson? From church youth group leader to the runoff. - Chicago Sun-Times (



Transgender Suspect With Communist Manifesto Arrested For Planning Shootings At Schools, Churches: Police | The Daily Wire


What happened in Wisconsin? | WORLD (


BREAKING: Trans male arrested for planning Colorado school shooting, had anti-Trump manifesto | The Post Millennial |


Disdaining the Crucifixion? - Juicy Ecumenism


Atonement ( (for information purposes)


9 Children On When They Heard Their Parents' Marriage Was Over (


The Oberammergau Passion Play’s evolution ( (for information purposes – simply accurately quoting the Bible is what should be done)



Riley Gaines Assaulted by Trans Activists at San Francisco State University | National Review


How Marian Anderson Shaped The Civil Rights Era With A Song (



Bragg's Indictment of Trump Is Just the Start | National Review


The Gospel Message of Transformation vs The Godless Message of Tolerance and Transitioning – Gab News


Yet Another God — Daniel Jonce Evans (for information purposes)


Easter: God's Message of Grace and Justice (


Belief in the Resurrection Should Be Life Changing | National Review


Crowdfunded Christian Film 'His Only Son' Stuns at Box Office (



SFSU Responds to Alleged Assault on Riley Gaines . . . By Praising the Protesters – JONATHAN TURLEY


The Same Power That Rolled the Stone Away is Available to Us Today - The Stream


Pastoral Meanderings: A sad change . . .


The Case for Banning Children from Social Media | The New Yorker


‘Did This Just Say PEACEFUL?’: Riley Gaines Unloads On San Francisco State’s Response To Assault | The Daily Wire



Maine Voices: Consider Jesus’ preferred pronouns, and true regard for the other - Portland Press Herald (for information purposes)


Jesus came to save us from Jesus | Voice (


So, Now My Beer is Gay and I’m Mad! - The Stream


Welcome to $$$$$$$ Easter: Lots of candy, booze and Jesus-free fun for half of America — GetReligion


The Dishonesty of the ‘Antiwar’ Left - The American Conservative


After Decriminalizing Drugs, Oregon Hits Rock Bottom (



They Will Know Us By Our Love (and Hate Us For It) | The 96th Thesis (


Millie Bobby Brown Is Engaged At 19? Good For Her! (


Pastoral Meanderings: Doubt your doubts, Christian. . .



Trump Shocks Tucker by Talking Up Friendly Relationship With Gavin Newsom (


The New York Times’ “Come to Jesus” Moment ( (for information purposes – NYT is still very far from reliable in my book)



Ten Ways to Pray for Your Wife | Desiring God


Al Sharpton compares VP Kamala Harris to biblical Queen Esther | Politics News (


Abortion-Bans Work - The American Conservative


Everything Trump Said About Mass Shootings in NRA Speech (


Donald Trump Jr. Urges Right-Wingers to End Boycott of ‘Conservative-Leaning’ Bud Light ( (language warning – and yes, it was still wrong to have that type of advertising campaign)


The LCMS and Gatekeeping Conservative Christians - RVIVR



New Hampshire GOP Gov. Chris Sununu, a potential presidential candidate, says a win 'ain't gonna happen' if Republicans can't attract independents: 'I get nervous about 2024' (


Why Does Creation Groan? Christianity Today Gives a Very Wrong Answer | Answers in Genesis


Women in combat: Progress since 2013 shows opportunity for US military ( (very biased take on this)


Pastoral Meanderings: We welcome everyone. . .


A District Judge in a Den of Robbers - The American Conservative


Originalists Against Satanism - The American Conservative


Trans Teacher Threatens to Shoot Students – Keeps Job at the School (


The priest broke his vows, she says. She’s breaking the silence. - Portland Press Herald



Oregon’s Ban On Christians Adopting Violates First Amendment (


Speaking out: God, politics and the Legislature ( (shocking that the author rejects the cross of Christ)


Pastoral Meanderings: Are we raising our children to be fragile?


Filial Impiety - The American Conservative



Trump Turns on His Old Lawyer Jenna Ellis for Ron DeSantis Disloyalty (


How We Saved WORLD Millions of Dollars (



Repenting of trans pronouns: True love requires true language | Voice (


I don’t hate my sin like I know Jesus calls me to. | Theology Along the Way


The Left Mines For Votes in America’s Prisons - The American Conservative


Pastoral Meanderings: Pulpits are made for preaching. . .



14 Reasons Prager Is Wrong About Porn As Adultery Prevention (



Kristin Kobes Du Mez Joining Rank Heretics for Pagan ‘Freedom Rising’ Conference (


Christians prepare for SatanCon: 'A harvest of lost souls' | U.S. News (


Bruce Jenner is Not a Woman, Dave Rubin is Not a Father, and These Clowns are Not Conservatives (


'Duck Dynasty'-backed Gen Z Jesus musical ‘His Story’ to debut in Texas (


There's Nothing New About Worshiping Abortion, or Linking Feminism to Satan - The Stream


RedeemTV shares the Asbury University Revival in a new Documentary! (


The Sins of Wokeness - The American Conservative


Flesh of my flesh | WORLD (



Dobbs Dealt a Blow to the Supply Side of Abortion; Now Pro-lifers Should Focus on the Demand Side (



Tucker Mocks NPR's Totenberg Over Her 'Intimate Relationship' with RBG | Newsbusters


Kids YouTube Star “Blippi” Previously Made A NSFW Viral Harlem Shake Poop Video ( (heavy language and content warning – commentator Matt Walsh has recently criticized “Blippi.”)


Tucker Carlson’s legacy at Fox News is that he was a giant phony | Opinion | The Independent


Ex-Satanist, Ex-Witch React as SatanCon Arrives: ‘The Enemy Is Waging All Out War Right in Our Faces’ – Faithwire


SatanCon, poking at religion and government, opens this weekend in Boston ( (for information purposes)


The Courage of Tucker Carlson - The American Conservative

Hope amid hate | WORLD (



Fox may not want Tucker Carlson, but Bryant Pond does - Lewiston Sun Journal


Letter to My Christian Conservative Aunt on Moral Depravity of Today’s GOP (


The Worst People On Earth Are All Celebrating Tucker’s Ousting (


Denying The Sexes Is About Forcing All Of Us To Live A Lie (


Bishops Stand Courageously Against Gender ‘Transition’ for Kids - The Stream


Two sexes, created to be distinct | WORLD (


Will you be allowed to enter Heaven? | Voice (


2024 Will Be Different, Even If It's the Same (



Here's What Corporate Media Won't Tell You About Lifelong Communist Harry Belafonte (


Thousands gather in Portland to remember iconic drag queen Darcelle XV - (for information purposes)


Maine Voices: For those in need of it, any restriction on abortion is extreme - Portland Press Herald (for information purposes)


MaineHealth drops COVID-19 masking requirement - Portland Press Herald (just now dropping the requirement that North Dakota dropped many months ago)



A Theological Conflict - The American Conservative


The Sin of Partiality Explained | The 96th Thesis (


Brittney Griner: It’s A ‘Crime’ To Stop Biological Males From Competing Against Women | The Daily Wire


How King Charles' coronation will be unlike any seen in England (


Should You Accommodate an LGBT Person’s Requests? (



Ron DeSantis Flies To Israel To Destroy Free Speech In Florida – Gab News


‘We’ll Get Something Done’: Trump Pledges Pro-Life Action If Re-Elected President – Faithwire


America's Greatest Threat: Not Transgenderism, Not LGBTQ, Not Progressivism, but God Himself (


Release the Tennessee Shooter's Manifesto - The American Conservative


A dangerous precedent for Christian parents | WORLD (

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