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Interesting Links from January 2024


Berlin Balances Budgets while Washington Drowns in Debt - The American Conservative


Darnella Frazier Filmed George Floyd's Murder. Read Her Anniversary Statement : NPR (for information purposes)


Mike DeWine Veto of Bill to Protect Children from Gender Surgeries Wrong | National Review


Dobbs & Abortion Controversy: A Plea to All People of Good Will | National Review

January 3


Pastoral Meanderings: Sadness. . .


The transgender revolutionaries want our children | WORLD (


January 4


Taking on the Revolutionary Program of Ibram X. Kendi – Denny Burk


Friends in High Places | Christianity Today


Moral seriousness and the post-Christian right | WORLD (

January 5


Preston Sprinkle Hosts Webinar on Why We Need More Homosexual and Queer "Christian Leaders" (


Sadie Robertson Huff kicks off Passion 2024 with powerful message | Church & Ministries News (

January 8


Why George Floyd wasn’t a martyr - The Spectator World


Biden, Did You Know? (Song Parody) ( (for information purposes)


Ex-psychic says Fox News pushed 'demonic agenda' with tarot cards | Entertainment News (


Parents, Discipline Your Little Children - Reformation 21


Dr. Carol M. Swain joins the Institute for Faith & Culture as a Senior Fellow   (


World Vision and Sexual Criteria in Religious Employment - Juicy Ecumenism


Judge dismisses Muslim couple's lawsuit against school where daughter converted to Christianity (

January 9


The Shootings Media Don’t Hype Are By Gender-Fluid Murderers (


Ashley Carter: Taylor Swift is not the role model you want your daughter to emulate (


Politicos Who Smeared Tuberville's Protest Are MIA On Austin's Absence (


Democrats Set The Stage In 2023 For An LGBT Onslaught In 2024 (


Lutheran Pastor Sides With The 5 Foolish Virgins AGAINST Jesus+ Has Harsh Words for the Groom and 5 Wise Virgins (

January 11


What the 'Hall of faith' teaches us about fear | Voice (


A Legitimate Justice System Would Jail 'Intifada' Vandals, Not Pro-Lifers (


The DeSantis vs. Haley Debate Didn’t Give Us a Single Human Moment (

January 12


Canceling William Penn | WORLD (


Purity of Arms  (


Did Fani Willis Hire Her Unqualified Lover To Prosecute Trump? (


Trump’s ‘Terrible’ Damage to the Pro-Life Cause - John McCormack - The Dispatch

January 15


Ten Reasons Why I Am Supporting Ron DeSantis Instead of Nikki Haley or Donald Trump (


North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum throws support behind former President Donald Trump | Fox News Video


Life Without Romans 8:28 | Tim Challies


State prosecutor appeals acquittal of Finnish MP Päivi Räsänen | World News (

January 16


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.'s Heresy, Denial of Christ's Deity and Physical Resurrection (


Should Christians Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.? (


Kyle Rittenhouse and the ConInc Carousel (


Nikki Haley Refuses to Say a Man Cannot Become a Woman During Campaign Event – Megyn Kelly


Refuting the Call for Unity in Compromise: The Importance of Upholding the Biblical Truth of the Flood Narrative (


Famous Author’s Claim Bible Is a ‘Work of Fiction’ Ignites Social Media Furor – Faithwire


Is Our View of Satan Too Small? | Biblical Preaching


Deacon calls for Immanuel Baptist Pastor Steven Smith to resign | Church & Ministries News (

January 17


What Did You Plan To Be Hated For? - by Rhys Laverty (


God Made a Dictator ( (for information purposes)


Why We Can’t Just Shrug Off the Fani Willis Scandal (


A new kind of “evangelical”? | WORLD (


The Roman Pope Embraces a Heretical Universalist View of Hell and Eternity (


Biden Administration Relentless Push for Abortion Continues | National Review

January 18


Christian group blasts eHarmony for ‘glorifying sin’ | Business News (


Religious Persecution & Human Freedom - Juicy Ecumenism


After 20 years, Terry Mattingly bids farewell to GetReligion (

January 19


Alistair Begg Caves to LGBTQ Movement, Suggests Christians Attend LGBTQ Wedding Ceremonies (


Pastor Alistair Begg Says Christians Should Attend Gay Weddings So They Don’t Come Across as ‘Judgmental, Critical’ (

January 20


Should I attend the same-sex “wedding” of a friend or family member? – Denny Burk


The Slaughter in Nigeria Continues - Juicy Ecumenism


FBI's Role In The Whitmer 'Kidnap Plot' Is Bigger Than You Think (

January 22


Beware the Devil’s Normal Schemes – Aliens and Pilgrims (


Don Wildmon: A Heaven-sent blessing for America | Voice (


Why isn’t Lenin as condemned as Hitler? - The Spectator World


India reclassified as ‘restricted nation’ by Voice of the Martyrs | World News (


Anglican Watch - More on the Susan Elzey/Liam Goligher debacle


Revealed: Citation for Liam Goligher Shows SEXUAL ACTIVITY as Cause for Arrest (

Trump/Burgum 2024? | The Hill

January 23


Alistair Begg, gay weddings, and love | Voice (

January 24


PCA petitions Biden protesting trans surgeries for minors | Church & Ministries News (


Speaker Mike Johnson: Biden's election 'must've been God's will' | Politics News (


‘I Did Kill My Son’: Women Share Powerful Testimonies of Forgiveness After Abortions at March for Life – Faithwire


Pastoral Meanderings: A big fine. . .


Ambassador Sam Brownback on the Lack of Concern for Religious Persecution Abroad - Juicy Ecumenism

January 25


Greek bill on marriage for LGBTQ couples tests Orthodox Church's historic influence (


Abortions Have Declined Since Supreme Court Overturned Roe v. Wade | National Review


ERLC Endorses Pathetic Pro-Life Legislation While Snubbing Prominent Abolitionist Bill (


Bishop Gene Robinson on why "God called me out of the closet" - CBS News (provided for information purposes)


January 26


For NBA teams, religion can be unifying or divisive (


Fani Willis Fallout Proves The Fulton County Indictment Is Garbage (


American Family Radio Drops Alistair Begg Following Controversial Remarks About LGBTQ+ Weddings (


Can Christians Attend Gay Weddings? | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


Trump idolatry is a real thing. And it must stop | Voice (


Is ‘Gentle Parenting’ Biblical? (


Maine Gender-Affirming Care Bill Stifles Conventional Gender Views | National Review


Tucker Carlson wanted a fight with Team Trudeau. He got one. - POLITICO


The Price of a Soul | The Mighty 790 KFGO | KFGO

January 28


Why God never forces anyone to love Him | Voice (


Americans Spend More Weekend Time With Screens Than People (


Hollywood’s profanity problem | WORLD (


Evel Knievel - Faith Testimony at the Crystal Cathedral (

January 29


Will you receive Jesus or reject Him? | Voice (


Former Prez. of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards is Still Fighting for Abortion, Following Diagnosis of Incurable Brain Cancer (

January 30


Alistair Begg: 'I'm not ready to repent over' gay wedding advice | Church & Ministries News (


Rep. Ilhan Omar Is An Indictment Of Our Immigration System (


Pritzker the pot pusher - Washington Examiner

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