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Interesting Links from February 2024


Street evangelist returns to church after being shot in head | Church & Ministries News (


Catholic U. fires professor who invited an 'abortion doula' | Education News (


Does Alistair Begg have a point about gay weddings? | Voice (


Disgraced Dem Senate Staffer Escapes Charges For Gay Sex Tape (


Washington D.C. Crime: Local Government Must Enforce Law, Punish Criminals | National Review

February 2


Farewell, after 20 years: Why we did what we did — GetReligion


Super Bowl LVIII Preview: Inside Sin City’s Christian Quarterback Dual (


We Need More Repellently Attractional Churches - Stephen McAlpine


The Gospel Is About Going to Heaven When You Die (


Why Male Athletes Should Not Compete with Females | National Review


‘Harvard of Christian Schools’ Fires Back After Fox News Column Claims It Has Become ‘Woke’ – Faithwire


Pastoral Meanderings: My moral fiber is sufficient. . .


Jesus and My OCD | Christianity Today

February 4


Are you eagerly anticipating Christ's return? | Voice (


A pastor's response to Alistair Begg's gay wedding advice | Voice (


Is Trump trying to lose? | The Hill


7 signs that your sinful nature controls you | Voice (


February 5

February 7


The Prophetic Voice You May Not Have Heard ( (for information purposes)


Rosaria Butterfield Rebukes The Gospel Coalition for Supporting Preston Sprinkle's Heretical Teachings (


Wheaton College Fires Back After Fox News Accuses Them of Being Woke, But Were They Right? (

February 8


10 Bible Verses about Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage (


Fond Farewell to John Lomperis - Juicy Ecumenism


Classical College Brings On 'Exiled' Pastor Who Prayed At Trucker Convoy (


Trump Is Undermining Conservatives' Anheuser-Busch Boycott (


Soldotna church to host LGBTQ story time for kids, after library drag show cancelled - Alaska Watchman


Pastoral Meanderings: A parody of ecumenism. . .

February 9


Super Bowl QB Brock Purdy reads this Bible passage every day | Sports News (


Worst Persecutors of the Church Named for 2023 - Juicy Ecumenism


Homosexual Son of Former SBC President Publishes Pro-Homosexual Children’s Book: “My Guncle and Me” (

February 11


The Leftist Kidnapping Of Anne Of Green Gables (


Worse Than Any Affliction: Why I Refuse to Grumble | Desiring God

February 12


Lesbian Methodist Bishop: Prioritize Reconciliation Over Redemption - Juicy Ecumenism


America's embrace of legalized gambling is a sporting proposition - Washington Times


Pastoral Meanderings: Christianity's gift -- the value of life. . .

February 13


Does Hell have various degrees of punishment? | Voice (


Learning from Methodist Hymnals, Elitists and Common People - Part III - Juicy Ecumenism


Greek Church Leads Hateful, Twisted Campaign Against Gay Marriage ( (ignore the biased rhetoric in this report – legalizing same-sex marriage in Greece is a bad thing)

February 14


The age of glorifying Greta Thunberg is over - The Spectator World “Thunberg is a leader, and an icon — for the immature and the idiotic.”


Pastors Who Won't Call Out False Teachers by Name are Most Likely False Teachers (


When Goodbye Is Forever | Tim Challies


Tucker Carlson Is Wrong About Moscow — And The United States (


"He Gets Us" Doesn't Get Jesus (

February 16


Greece becomes first Orthodox Christian country to legalize same-sex civil marriage (


When ‘He Gets Us’ Presents a Jesus Who is Too Much Like Us - The Stream


Five Marks of a False Convert - by Jeff - The Dissenter (


Lech Walesa & Transcendent Truth - Providence (

February 17


He Gets Us Takes a Big "L" in the Superbowl (


Is marijuana legal? Why feds are taking so long to change old rules. ( (for information purposes)


Not trans, but just gay or lesbian? | Voice (


Think You're Immune to Adultery? - CCEF

February 19


Pastoral Meanderings: Is your home a holy place?


MS Society Stands By Decision to Kick 90-Year-Old Volunteer Out for Not Understanding ‘Preferred Pronouns’ – Faithwire


In The Bible, Lincoln Found The Antidote To Slavery And Despair (


New Report Reveals That Persecution Against Christians In Iran Continues To Grow (

February 20


Even Believers Need to Be Warned: How Hell Motivates Holiness | Desiring God


PRAY: Ex-Muslim Couple in Uganda Reportedly Murdered After Converting to Christianity – Faithwire


Transgender Funeral At St. Patrick's Is An Attack On The Church (


Meathead, Meet John Q. Adams, 'Christian Nationalist' - The Stream

February 22


Pastors, don’t tie your reputation to a political leader | Voice (


Erasing Jesus from Israel - Juicy Ecumenism


Kansas City Parade Shooting: Christians Love The Chiefs, But Hate The Violence (


By the Way | What Happened to My Father’s Evangelicalism? - Good Faith Media


The Insurgency News Blast | Protestia | Substack


Crime skyrockets in the nation’s capital | WORLD (


Prayers for Children and Grandchildren - Lutherans For Life

February 24


Canadian Politicians Introduce Bill Removing Christianity, Bible as ‘Hate Speech’ Defense (


Pastoral Meanderings: A schizophrenic church. . .

February 27 removed from App Store in China | World News (


Transgender Basketball Player Injures 3 Female Players, Team Forfeits Game (


John MacArthur defends Michael Cassidy for toppling satanic altar | U.S. News (


Putin Critic Alexei Navalny Found Christianity Before His Death (


When your preconceived notions collide with Christ | Voice (

February 28


Slaves of white people, slaves of Christ | Voice (


Jimmy Lai and the Plight of Hong Kong Christians - Juicy Ecumenism


If GOPers Are Pro-Life, They'll Stop Dems' IVF Bill Condemning The Unborn (


Climate Cultists Will Do Anything To Save Earth, Except Stay Home (


Considering History: National Parks Help Us Grapple with Our Hardest Histories | The Saturday Evening Post

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