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Interesting Links from April 2024


Holi Saturday? CUW Employee Doubles Down (


Father Hollywood: Holi Saturday? CUW Employee Doubles Down


Father Hollywood: Holi Week?


Cartoon Network Goes All In On Trans ‘Day Of Visibility,’ Makes No Mention Of Easter | The Daily Wire

April 4


WILL Announces Settlement Involving Professor Suspended for Criticizing Woke Policies at Concordia University | Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (


South Carolina Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Staley Might Be Violating Her Players’ Religious Freedom ( (for information purposes)


Is Telegram a National Security Threat? | Opinion (


Marco Rubio: TikTok Parent Company Poses a National Security Threat | Opinion (


Catholics Are Debating the Celibate Priesthood Again ... and We Should, Too - The Stream


UConn Basketball Star Paige Bueckers: ‘I’m a Living Testimony’ of God’s Power (

April 5


FFRF files complaint over basketball coach's 'proselytizing' | Sports News (


Our Delicate Dance With Donald Trump (


April 6


Melania Trump is back, set to hold event for Log Cabin Republicans - POLITICO


Caitlin Clark: How The Catholic Star Captivated A Nation And Rewrote The NCAA Record Books (


UConn star Paige Bueckers says she's 'a living testimony' | Sports News (


April 7


How Martin Luther and Moses failed anger management 101 | Voice (


North Korea’s rejection of reunification seals Christians fate | Voice (


April 8


Vietnam’s New Religious Decree Further Burdens Local Churc...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Six months on – all eyes are on Gaza while children’s plight remains in the shadows | Jerusalem – West Bank – Gaza | World Vision International (


Prominent Christian Author And Theologian Has Become Gay-Affirming: We Think We Know Why (

April 9


Trump draws criticism, praise from pro-lifers for abortion stance | Politics News (


Everything Wrong With Trump's 2024 Abortion And IVF Messaging (


Anti-Abortion Voters Should Have Dumped Trump When They Had the Chance (


Ex-psychic blasts Fox News for divination segment with astrologer | Entertainment News (

April 10


Ukrainian Christians facing torture at hands of Russian soldiers | World News (


Why the pro-life cause is a political liability to the GOP – Denny Burk


Trump fumbles badly on abortion | WORLD (


Kari Lake Blasts Abortion Ban She Once Was ‘Thrilled’ About (

April 11


Conservatives Turn on Tucker Carlson (


Pro-lifers put Trump in the White House. He can't betray them now (


Reconciling Christian Love and Hatred Toward Enemies of God (


4 Reasons Why the Bible Does Not Support Transgenderism | Clearly Reformed


Hannity Backs Trump’s Call to Reverse Arizona Abortion Ban (

April 12


Does Donald Trump want to make abortion gettable again? | Voice (


Tucker Carlson’s Shocking Interview with Palestinian Propaganda Pastor (


We’re all incrementalists now | WORLD (

April 13


An Episcopal seminary found a solution to its fiscal woes. Then 7 bishops intervened. ( (could be a good thing if this seminary closes)


Popular MAGA Arizona Senate Candidate, Kari Lake, Comes Out as Pro-Choice (


Why is Cornel West broke? (

April 14


TA NEA: Interview with Archbishop Elpidophoros (English Translation) - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America ( (for information purposes – recently publicized by Rod Dreher)


Pro-life society responds to GOARCH March for Life speech and tweets / OrthoChristian.Com (recently publicized by blogger Rod Dreher)


Uh-oh, the Greek Orthodox archbishop of America is a liberal ( (for information purposes – recently publicized by blogger/author Rod Dreher – sad that the archbishop is a liberal)


Pastoral Meanderings: Just as good. . .


Kari Lake: Worst of the Contemporary GOP | National Review

April 16


Beverly LaHaye, prominent Christian activist, dies at 94 | U.S. News (


Died: Beverly LaHaye, Pastor’s Wife Who Led Religious Righ...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Planning a Wedding? You Don't Have to Drain the Piggy Bank - The Stream


Scottie Scheffler dedicates second Masters win to God | Sports News (


How A Small Evangelical Seminary In Mississippi Is Growing And Defying The Odds (

April 21


Alex Magala says he has no children , wasn't saved 10 years ago | Church & Ministries News (


Pastoral Meanderings: But you won't what?

April 22


Christian Music Artist ‘Mandisa’ Passes Away at 47 (

April 23


Why this pro-lifer is not celebrating the Roe v. Wade reversal | Voice (


Satan Hates Your Pastor - by Mitch Chase (


The CIA’s Man in Constantinople - The American Conservative


Melania Trump Quietly Emerges From the Shadows—at a Sparse Event for Log Cabin Republicans (

April 24


James River Church Paying Money to Promote Lie-Filled Sermon about Driscoll and Sword-Swallower (


The Absolute Looniest Trump Trial Takes on Fox News So Far (


Finnish Bible Trial: Supreme Court will hear appeal against MP and Bishop - International Lutheran Council (

April 25


Why Americans are losing their religion (


Methodists attempt to stay united by agreeing to disagree | WORLD (


National Organization for Women's unintentional self-satire | Voice (


Charlotte Megachurch Pastor Blasts Trump Bible, Christian Nationalists - RELEVANT (

April 26


Tucker Carlson criticized for 'pro-Hamas' Munther Isaac interview | U.S. News (


The Gospel of 'Blessed Assurance' According to Johann Sebastian Bach - The Stream


"LGBTQ Conservatives" Need to Stop Calling Themselves "Conservatives" (


Biden’s New Title IX Rule is the Beginning of the End for Free Speech - The American Conservative


Abortion Tourism Is the Next Frontier  - The American Conservative


The Tailspin of American Boys and Men | The Heritage Foundation

April 27


Taylor Swift's new album mocks God, Christians, critics say | Entertainment News (


NC pastor calls Trump's 'God Bless the USA' Bible 'blasphemous' | Politics News (


National Council of Claunches launches effort to mobilize voters | Church & Ministries News (

April 30


ELCA Creates a Year-Long "Queer Confirmation" Curriculum for Homosexual Youth (

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