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Interesting Links from August 2021


Why Liturgy Makes Better Preaching - Ad Fontes (


Targeting youth: Living Lutheran magazine’s “queerest” issue yet - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Biden and the Bishops - Current (


August 4


The Public Health Dictatorship Post-Christians Crave, and Deserve | The Stream


The Modern Church Needs to Get Out of the Sandbox | The American Conservative


Son of Former SBC President Comes Completely Out of the Closet, Admits He's a Homosexual ( (this was one of world’s least kept secrets but at least there is finally honesty here- his commentaries for years have been very biased in favor of homosexuality)


Republican Boycott 1/6 Panel Because They Support the Riot (


When Medical Schools Can’t Teach Biology | Gene Veith (


A Close Look at Life in a Communist Dystopia - Juicy Ecumenism


Op-Ed: My Tone Offends You? It’s Mutual - Protestia

August 5


Hillsong Church Founder Brian Houston Charged With Concealing Child Sex Offenses (


Former Lesbian: Netflix Documentary Claims It's God's Intention for Some to Be Gay — Charisma News


Rev. Barber Calls for ‘Continuous Moral Dissent’ & ‘Dangerous Folk’ - Juicy Ecumenism


Texas GOP Official H. Scott Apley Mocked COVID Days Before He Died of Virus (

August 7


An Open Letter to James Merritt Regarding 1 Corinthians 5 and His Homosexual Son - Protestia


Taiwan: a Beacon for Religious and Political Freedom against the Darkness - Juicy Ecumenism


Is Lauren Daigle's song 'Hold On To Me' a Christian song? | Voice | The Christian Post


Canadian Christians: Time to Flee? - LRC Blog (


Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ Seethes with Contempt for Christianity (

August 10


Pastoral Meanderings: The cross as political accident. . ..


Why Good Theology Matters in Prayer | Crossway Articles


Needles, Blades, Drugs Thrown on Stage at Worship Concert in Portland While Ex-Military, Ex-Police Protect Christians - Protestia


Antifa assaults kids, injures pastor at Portland prayer event | U.S. News | The Christian Post


‘We Didn’t Back Down’: Christians Respond to Portland Antifa Attack With Massive Worship Rally – Faithwire


"Lutheran" Pastor Says the Great Commission is the Source of Systemic Racism (


Obama's 60th Birthday Party Is Peak Democrat COVID Sanctimony (


'Current' and the #Exvangelical Dilemma - Current (

August 11


Antifa Attacks Crowds With Babies at Family Prayer Event in Portland, Ore. But Where Were the Police? | The Stream


Church “Tethered to Supremacy Culture” Alleges Duke Divinity Professor - Juicy Ecumenism


How Could Jonathan Edwards Own Slaves? Wrestling with the History of a Hero | Desiring God


Let’s avoid the temptation to ignore attacks on Canadian churches | Voice | The Christian Post

August 12


Lankford saves Hyde amendment with late-night move | Baptist Press


Followers of Christ, we must emulate the Berean Christians | Voice | The Christian Post


Netflix Film ‘Pray Away’ Has Agenda to ‘Demonize’ Ex-Gay Ministry (


Former Purity Culture Pastor Teaching Course on How Christians Can Apostatize Joyfully (


Oregon School Board Votes to Ban Pride and Black Lives Matter Flags (


'The Chosen' Jesus actor meets Pope Francis at the Vatican | Entertainment News | The Christian Post


Former trans-identified man slams film ‘Pray Away’: Not the truth | Entertainment News | The Christian Post


The Chosen, the Pope and going global (


By Selling $1000 Miracle Blanket, Jim Bakker's Ministry is Basically Being Held Together by Duct Tape, Chewing Gum, and Bottled Demon Tears - Protestia


'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' Apostate Author Teaches how to Deconstruct Your Faith for $275 a Pop - Protestia

August 14


Josh Harris’s Message Remains the Same | Carl R. Trueman | First Things


10 Defining Lyrics From Bob Dylan’s Gospel Trilogy (


Here Are Joe 'Moderate' Biden's 10 Most Insanely Radical Nominees (


What Makes a False Teacher False? ( (wrong to not openly call out Rachel Held Evans as a false teacher)


LCMS President greets WELS and ELS Lutherans - International Lutheran Council (


Mauritania's Apostasy Laws Threaten Religious Freedom - Juicy Ecumenism


Hate watch groups voice alarm about Sean Feucht's Portland security volunteers ( (grossly unfair slant to this article – Feucht’s people have every right to self-defense)


Return of the Taliban | WORLD (


Boring, predictable prayer will never save a nation. - John Burton | Conference Speaker | Author

August 17


Christian summer Bible camp destroyed by California’s Dixie Fire | U.S. News | The Christian Post


Jory Micah Announces she is Part of Antifa: Beats up Something Other than the Bible - Protestia


The GOP waves white flag in the same-sex marriage wars - POLITICO


Catholic Cardinal Raymond Burke, who was skeptical of vaccine, is on ventilator in Wisconsin - The Washington Post


New IVP Head Wants to Help More Diverse Readers Believe...... | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Afghan Pastors Ask for Prayer : 9Marks


Sean Feucht’s New Brand of Bethel Church-Inspired Radical Militant Christianity on Display in Portland –


The Taliban seizes power while taking names | WORLD (


August 19


Vaccine Mandates and 'My Body, My Choice': Exposing the Extent of Democrats' Hypocrisy | The Stream


Alaska Gov. Blasts Biden For Devastating Bans On Economic Progress (


How the Pandemic Radicalized Evangelicals - Los Angeles Review of Books (


Justice Department Drops Coercive Abortion Lawsuit from Catholic Nurse - Juicy Ecumenism


Leftists Love The Pandemic And Want You To Learn To Love It, Too (


CBN News Exclusive: Church Leader Warns ‘The Taliban Are Going to Eliminate the Christian Population of Afghanistan’ – Faithwire

August 21


BYU, other religious schools face pressure from students over gay rights - Deseret News (schools should not back down from biblical standards)


Public Apology for the Former Sierra Pacific Synod Logo ( (ridiculous pronouncement from the so-called bishop)


Woke Truth's Table Podcaster Michelle Higgins: 'The Trinity is Queer' - Protestia (too many are oblivious or unaware of the rampant extreme heresy running rampant)


Franklin Graham calls for a day of prayer for people of Afghanistan (

Taliban hunting for Christians, inspecting phones for Bible apps | World News | The Christian Post

August 23


9 Things You Should Know About the Taliban (


Why churches should stop paying hush money | Voice | The Christian Post


Pastrix Michelle Higgins Instructs Congregants to Reveal Personal Pronouns Before They Can Speak at Pulpit - Protestia


An Impossible Equality of Dreams - Juicy Ecumenism


Nadia Bolz-Weber installed as ELCA's first pastor of public witness ( (ridiculous that this unrepentant adulteress is promoted like this – also ridiculous that some are so judgmental about others who are generally conservative and at least trying to honor God’s Word)

August 25


Now I finally understand what really happened to Jim Bakker in the 1980s. He got canceled. - Current (


Bum or Liar? Jen Psaki’s Search for Happiness | The Stream


If Only We Could Court-Martial President Biden | The Stream


Misery upon misery in Kabul | WORLD (

August 27


PCA Pastor Praises and Preaches at Pulpit of Progeny Pastrix, Poorly - Protestia


In Texas, ‘Reproductive Freedom Congregations’ catch on as new abortion law looms ( (for information purposes)


ELCA Installs "Golden Female Genitalia Statue" Woman as "Pastor of Public Witness" (


The New Chief Chaplain at Harvard? An Atheist. - The New York Times (


An Atheist Chaplain? Say It Isn't So, Harvard University — Charisma News


Can You Be a Christian Without Believing in Jesus? — Charisma News


Afghanistan & The Failure Of The West | The American Conservative


Fr. James Martin Condemns Catholic Guidance on Transgender Ideology - Juicy Ecumenism


Biden Compares Military Mission to Prophetic Calling, Quotes Isaiah - Protestia


Olympian Sydney McLaughlin engaged; Commits to love as Christ | Entertainment News | The Christian Post

August 31


Former ERLC Vice President Fired From New Post at NRB For Pushing Leftist Causes at MSNBC (


Op-Ed: NRB was Right to Fire Dan Darling for his Sinful Pro-Vaccination Comments - Protestia


NRB fires Dan Darling for violating vaccine-neutral policy | U.S. News | The Christian Post


NRB CEO Responds to Dan Darling Firing: "Is it Wrong for the CEO to Expect his Employees To Follow Instructions?" - Protestia


Belief in immortality is reason Mississippi isn't afraid of COVID, governor says | (he’s right about the ultimate reality of this)


When Harvard Hired an Atheist to Be Chief University Chaplain | The Stream


Episcopal Diocese of Maine mandates vaccine for clergy (


From Whore to Helpmate - Current (

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