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Interesting Links from September 2021


Once Again the Left Is Comparing Christians to the Taliban | Ask Dr. Brown (


US Government Sends a Not-So-Friendly Back-to-School Message | The Stream


Meet Rev. Bos, first out lesbian Evangelical Lutheran bishop ( (for information purposes)


Evangelical Christianity on Georgetown's Campus - Juicy Ecumenism (Jim Wallis accepted a position at Georgetown)


Donald Trump Is Not John Wayne - Current (

September 3


Why Harvard’s Atheist Chaplain Matters Less, and More, than You Think - Juicy Ecumenism


Raised by 3 gay parents, man vowed to never become a Christian | Living News | The Christian Post


Texas heartbeat ban takes effect, breaks barrier | Baptist Press


Algerian Christians Face Increasing Peril from Persecution - Juicy Ecumenism


As Christians in Afghanistan fight for their lives, US Christians to march, pray in Washington, D.C. (


Do Hurricanes Just Happen? - CCW - Christian Communicators Worldwide (


Does the Bible Limit Gender to Just Male and Female? (

September 4


Buckle-up Pro-lifers. They will say anything to silence us. – Denny Burk


The Proud Boys came to Portland. Here is what I saw. (


‘Devout Catholic’ President Biden Says He ‘Doesn’t Agree’ Life Begins at Conception – Faithwire


NRB defends firing of Dan Darling over vaccines comments | U.S. News | The Christian Post


After Mars Hill And John Wayne: A Brief Reminder of What The Bible Actually Says About Marital Sexuality - The Gospel Coalition | Canada


Abortion-Rights Movement: Pseudoscientific Arguments | National Review


To address climate change, address gender inequity ( (ridiculous commentary)


Harvard: From promoting Christ to promoting an atheist chaplain | Voice | The Christian Post


Why I Voted For the Atheist President of Harvard’s Chaplain Group | Christianity Today (horrendously bad editorial that demonstrates how CT has deteriorated)


The Leftist Christian Twitterati Hatch Plan to Destroy Longstanding Christian Organization | The Stream


Trump and his religion advisors launch new National Faith Advisory Board (

September 5


Can an atheist chaplain glorify God? | Voice | The Christian Post


Spiritual Anarchy Soundtrack Vol 1 — Protect Your Noggin (Popular Concordia University Irvine professor Jeff Mallinson praises radical atheist communists who strongly support homosexuality, broadcasting songs that use the f-word and other obscenities.  He’s like Matt Becker on steroids.  Concordia University Irvine has a big problem.)


Texas and the Cracked Idols | The American Conservative


Religious exemptions to vaccine mandates could test 'sincerely held beliefs' (


Pete Buttigieg and his husband Chasten announce the birth of their twins - CNNPolitics (at least CNN wrote an accurate headline for this development praised by Jen Psaki and Jill Biden)


Pete and Chasten Buttigieg share first photo of new babies - The Washington Post


The Story Behind Gov. Kristi Noem’s Weird Mount Rushmore Gift to Donald Trump (


'First Nations Version' Bible Translation Released: Is It The Worst Ever? A Review - Protestia


The Texas Law is a Disaster for Conservatives Who Oppose Abortion (

September 7


Franklin Graham Meets With Leaders in Russia (


The Mar-a-Lago evangelicals are back with something called the "National Faith Advisory Board." Let's break it down! - Current (


Iconic San Francisco cathedral requiring vaccine passports | Living News | The Christian Post


Why America Deserves to Fall (


Why Satanists may be the last hope to take down Texas's abortion bill | Fortune


Mormon gay rights: A shocking speech by Jeffrey Holland at BYU sparks a new LGBT fight. (


Persecution of Christians in Nigeria Continues to Need Attention and Action - Part 1 - Juicy Ecumenism


Worship Leader Releases 'Pray for the Saints: A Song for Afghanistan' | The Stream


NRB Executive Committee investigates a recent staff dismissal (


These 10 religious universities earn high marks for LGBTQ inclusivity ( (for information purposes)


Harvard's 'atheist chaplain' is no contradiction. It's a chance to grow as a nation. - The Washington Post


Harvard University Atheist Chaplain President: Leftism as Religion | National Review


Satanic Temple argues abortion is religious right | U.S. News | The Christian Post


U.S. Goal to 'Save Afghan Women' a 'Lie of White Saviorism,' says Presbyterian Group - Juicy Ecumenism


The Real Attacks Against Our Children | The Stream


Legal Docket - Biden brings another fight to Christian schools | WORLD (


California Department of Education Sued for Curriculum That Has Students Praying to Aztec Gods - Thomas More Society


Texas lieutenant governor slams ‘dumpster fire’ Portland and its ‘depraved’ leaders for planned boycott over state’s abortion law -


September 8


‘A Private Matter’: Joe Biden’s Very Public Clash With His Own Church - POLITICO


Transgender "Man" is New Assistant to the Bishop - EXPOSING THE ELCA


The Satanists are right: Texas' abortion ban is a direct attack on freedom of religion |


He Was Raised by 3 Gay Parents and Vowed to Never Become a Christian — But His Quest to Disprove the Bible Changed Everything | The Stream


Our 'Devoutly Catholic' President Is Neither Devout Nor Really Catholic (


Vaccine Passports for Churches? | R. R. Reno | First Things

September 9


The sinking ‘LGBT inclusive’ Protestant churches, Evangelical Focus


Sean Feucht to Hold ‘Worship Protest’ In D.C. On 9/11 | Sojourners


Conspiracy Theories and Human Psychology | The University of Chicago Divinity School (


Mexico: Evangelical families threatened with forced displacement | World News | The Christian Post


Christian college sues Biden admin. to keep single-sex dorms | U.S. News | The Christian Post


Don’t celebrate the Buttigieg twins’ mother-loss | Them Before Us


Pursuing 'COVID Zero' Has Turned Australia Into An Authoritarian State (


9/11 became a catalyst for interfaith relations and cooperation (

September 10


Twenty years later, ‘In Christ Alone’ still inspires millions to sing (


The Persecuted Pastor Becomes a Bishop | Gene Veith (


Public Health Hypocrites - The American Conservative


Progressive Catholics Smear Catholic School for Dis-enrolling Occult Transgender Student - Juicy Ecumenism


Texas ban spotlights Democrats’ generational divide on abortion and trans issues - POLITICO


Pastoral Meanderings: Where are all the people? (Father Larry Peters repeats the same thing over and over.  If the LCMS truly made a fully clean break with the ELCA, then it could make a more convincing case to be confessional, conservative Lutherans.  As it stands, liberals remain in the LCMS and everyone who is honest knows it.  The ALPB is basically universalist or at least tolerates universalism – which means that the words of Christ are denied.)


Donald Trump to join Sean Feucht worship concert on 9/11 at National Mall (


September 12


FAQ — National Lutheran Choir ( (The National Lutheran Choir explains how it is staying relevant.)


'Christian Band' Crowdfunding to Create 'World's First Worship Album Focused on Climate Crisis' - Protestia


San Diego Church Co-Pastor is also an Active Porn Star - Protestia


Sean Feucht’s ‘Super-Spreader’ Road Show Returns to Washington, D.C.  | Right Wing Watch


Evangelical Lutheran church installs 1st transgender bishop - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper


The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America makes history by installing first openly transgender bishop (


Biden Administration Orders Ideological Purge Of U.S. Military Academies (


Transcript of George W. Bush's 9/11 anniversary speech - CNNPolitics (for information purposes)


Taliban: Women can study in gender-segregated universities (


Greg Laurie: As We Remember 9/11, May We Return to the Lord – Faithwire


George Bush Delights Democrats, Infuriates MAGA World With Veiled Jan. 6, 9/11 Comparison (


Press — SEAN FEUCHT (Great commentary – 2021 Will Be a New Beginning for the Body of Christ)


As Long As Vaccines Are Tied To Abortion, Christians Need Exemptions (


China: Police raid Christian music school, arrest principal | World News | The Christian Post


Christian Worship Event Held on Portland Waterfront Didn’t Receive Permit From The City (


Does the Bible Limit Gender to Just Male and Female? | The Stream

September 13


What's Wrong With Bishop Spong? -


John Shelby Spong, liberal Episcopal bishop, dies at age 90 - Washington Times


Asbury Sermon on ‘Therapeutic Self’ Prompts LGBTQ Twitter Rage - Juicy Ecumenism


Under the Spell of Stupidity - Current (


Bishop John Shelby Spong, firebrand who championed LGBTQ inclusion, has died (…denied Christian doctrines like the virgin birth or the resurrection of Jesus.”

September 15


The only vaccine with a lifetime guarantee | Voice | The Christian Post


Bishop Spong: Theology without limit or bound (


'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' Christian movie review | Entertainment News | The Christian Post


Comedian Norm Macdonald Unexpectedly Dies at Age 61 – Faithwire


ELCA becomes first mainline denomination to install trans bishop | Church & Ministries News | The Christian Post


How Harvard's atheist chaplain-in-chief fits into the school's long religious tradition (


The 4 Biggest Problems with Biden’s Vaccine Order | The Stream


Greg Locke Permanently Banned from Twitter - Protestia (sounds like one should think carefully before choosing to support Locke)

September 17


‘A New Thing is Happening’ Hails Transgender Lutheran Bishop - Juicy Ecumenism


BBC World Service - Newsday, First transgender bishop: My appointment is 'bizarre and wonderful'


Mainline Christian church installs first openly trans bishop (


Bishop is transgender, but where's the reporting on Megan Rohrer as a 'Lutheran'? — GetReligion


Pastoral as well as radical, Bishop Spong gave priests 'room to exist' (


First transgender bishop hopes election promotes 'safe lives' for peers - Washington Times


Dubya, We Hardly Knew Ye | The Stream


Former President of Lutheran Church of Australia passes on to glory - International Lutheran Council (


18 Signs of Apostasy (


Getty Sing! Worship Conference meant to ‘Reset. Restore. Reunite.’ | Baptist Press


Rep. Lauren Boebert: ‘I don’t give a darn about mask mandates' | Politics News (


Excited ELCA Leaders at Lesbian Bishop Installation - EXPOSING THE ELCA


Beware False Teachers with Good Doctrine and Bad ... | Christianity Today  The author of this article says that Mark Driscoll “denies the full humanity of women in both word and deed, advocates for profane views of gender and sex, rages with unrepentant pride, engages in habitual self-promotion, and manipulates and abuses others. Why, then, for so long was he able to avoid being denounced as a false teacher?  My answer: because maybe he doesn’t really do any of that stuff.  Actually read his books and watch his videos and not just take a few items of context.  Christianity Today is wobbly at best in being conservative.  Frequently it is just downright liberal.


UMC Pastors Alledge “Handmaid’s Tale” Scenario in Texas - Juicy Ecumenism


Preach Progressive Climate Policy, Ecumenical Group Advocates - Juicy Ecumenism (ridiculous activism by religious liberals who basically reject the Bible)


Tony Dungy Defends the Unborn, Reacts to Biden’s Backtrack: ‘I Want to Know What Factors Changed His Mind’ – Faithwire

September 19


First Baptist’s Robert Jeffress: ‘There is no credible religious argument against the vaccines’ (


The Historical Adam by William Lane Craig | Articles | First Things (sad to read that this influential professor, who is sometimes considered conservative, talks about Genesis 1-11 as mytho-history)


President Bush’s 9/11 speech: A model of presidential leadership | Opinion News (


Clarence Thomas and His Friends Are Coming for Your Uterus ( (for information purposes)


Donald Trump gave his adult children 6 months of Secret Service protection after he left office, at the taxpayers' expense, says report (


John Shelby Spong, liberal Episcopal bishop and LGBTQ advocate, dies at 90 - The Washington Post (false teacher predictably gets favorable coverage in The Post)


‘I’m Doing It for God’: New Saints QB Jameis Winston Stuns with 5 Touchdowns in NFL Season Opener – Faithwire


Op-Ed: An Open Letter to Christians Using Preferred Pronouns - Protestia


Do pronouns matter? | Voice (

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